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Applications include third party programs, software packages and software suites that run on your computer.

What Is Your Most Trusted Method of Backing Up?

Backing up is important. Knowing which tools, techniques, services, and even advice to trust can be a challenge.

This Is Why I Back Up

Here’s another example of why going digital enables a level of backup safety that single originals simply can’t achieve.

Back Up Smartphone Photos Using Dropbox

Smartphones are a popular way to take snapshots and videos. Tools like Dropbox are great for making sure those are backed up automatically.

Will a Scheduled Backup Wake My Machine Up If It’s Sleeping?

Some backup programs can wake up a sleeping machine, but there are still things that could go wrong and cause a backup to fail.

Can I Use Office 2003 with Windows 10?

Installing 14-year-old software on current operating systems is likely to create problems. Office 2003 and Windows 10 is one such match.

Adventures with Image Backups and Secure Boot

I loaned my laptop to my cousin for several weeks. Here are the steps I took to give her a clean machine, while restoring the machine to my configuration on her return.

Restoring a File from an EaseUS Todo Image Backup

Even though an image backup contains everything, that doesn’t mean you need to restore it all if you only need one file.

Restoring an Image Using EaseUS Todo

You have an image backup and an emergency disk. Here’s how you restore that image to your computer.

Recovering from Ransomware with an Online Backup

People often cite ransomware as a reason to avoid automated online backups, thinking that those backups will be impacted. OneDrive provides an answer.

Creating an EaseUS Todo Emergency Disk

Before you can restore a backup image created using EaseUS Todo, you’ll need an emergency disk.

Creating a Backup Image Using EaseUS Todo Free

Microsoft is apparently removing image backup capability from Windows 10. We’ll make an image backup using a third-party alternative.

Recover Deleted Files in OneDrive

If you’re using OneDrive for your regular work, its Recycle Bin provides an extra layer of backup and protection.

Restoring Files with File History

File History, when properly enabled and configured, can restore deleted files or previous version of files that have changed.

Restore Individual Files from a Windows Image Backup

Image backups are good for more than restoring entire images; you can use them to restore individual files as well.

Restoring an Image Backup Using Windows 10’s Built-In Backup

We’ve backed up an image, and we’ve created our recovery drive — it’s time to restore an image using Windows 10’s built-in backup program.

Enable File History in Windows 10

File History is advertised as Windows 10’s backup solution. In reality, it can be a useful component of a larger strategy. I’ll show you how to set it up.

How do I Copy Photos from My Phone to My PC?

Copying photos from your phone to your PC is simple with a few readily available tools.

How Do I Repair Microsoft Office?

Occasionally, Microsoft Office programs can become damaged for a variety of reasons. Fortunately, you can repair Microsoft Office.

Why is My Backup Program Saying There’s Not Enough Space on System Reserved Partitions?

Your computer’s system reserved partitions should have nothing to do with backing up (other than needing to be backed up themselves). I’ll review what they are, and how a back-up program might be mislead.

What Should I Back Up?

Backing up is incredibly important. Knowing what to back up, where to back up, and how often to back up are just as important.

EaseUS Todo Gave Me An Error on an “Unknown Partition”. What Should I Do?

EaseUS Todo will throw an error if one of the partitions you want to back up has an error, or isn’t in an understandable format. I’ll walk you through your options.

How Should I Back Up My Hard Drive with Several Partitions to an External Drive?

Backing up to an external drive is an easy way to make sure you’re covered in event of failure. But how should that external drive be configured?

A Peek Behind My Backup Curtain

I talk about backups a lot. So how do I back up? It’s not for the faint of heart, and you may be sorry you asked…

What about Windows 10 backup?

While Windows 10 backup is included as part of the operating system, I consider it to be barely adequate, and prefer a more full-featured solution.

Is an Online Backup Service a Good Idea?

Backing up data using an online backup service can seem to be an effective solution, and it can be an important part of an overall strategy, but there are important limits and considerations.

Why Are My Incremental Backups so Large?

Understand why incremental backups can sometimes be much larger than expected.

Are Backup Image Files more Fragile than just Having Copies of All the Individual Files?

I’m often asked if backup images as one large file are more susceptible to failure than storing the contents as individual files. My take: not really.

Do You Back Up?

For the past several weeks I’ve been asking new subscribers, “Do you back up?” The responses have been a little depressing.

How Do I Schedule Automatic Backups?

Next to simply making an image backup, scheduling those backups to happen automatically is one of the topics most people find confusing. Depending on the backup software that you’re using, it’s typically not hard at all. I’ll show you by walking through the steps of scheduling a monthly full backup, using the free version of the backup … Read more

How Do I Create a New Machine Image?

When you get a new machine, creating a new machine image backup as soon as you can is a convenient way to reinstall should you ever need to.

How Do I Make an Outlook PST File Smaller?

The the Outlook PST file or Personal STorage file can easily grow to an extreme size. Here’s a 4-step plan to managing that size and getting it back under control.

Should I back up to DVDs?

In the past it was common to back up to DVDs. Today, the landscape has changed, and backing up to an external hard drive is more appropriate.

Is Excel 2003 a Security Threat?

Running older versions of software invariably increases your risk of security issues. The practical questions are ‘by how much?’ and ‘how do I reduce risk?’.

How Can I Manage a Lot of Scanned Documents?

Over the years I’ve put together a system that requires just a push of a button to scan and store all my documents.

What Repair Discs Do I Need?

You may not need every kind of rescue disc possible, but you should certainly have one from your backup program.

Will Backing Up My Computer Back Up My Email?

In order to figure out how to back up your email you first have to figure out where it lives. It might be on your computer; it might be out on the internet.

How do I protect the files on a portable hard drive?

The answer to this is simple. If it’s only in one place… it’s not backed up!

Why do you prefer Macrium Reflect over Windows 7’s backup program?

Macrium Reflect is clearer than Windows 7, it’s easier to understand what it’s doing, and ultimately, I trust it more.

Is an external hard drive better for backing up than DVDs?

DVDs can be a clumsy solution for backing up – especially if you want to take a full system image. It’s much better to go for an external hard drive.

Can my backup programs restore my settings to a new machine?

Programs and settings aren’t easily migrated to a new machine. For the most stable upgrade you’ll want to work from scratch.

Can I Just Keep Making Incremental Backups After I’ve Made a Full-image Backup?

Incremental backups, in a practical sense, have a limited shelf life. I’ll explain why a full backup once a month is just about right.

Can my image backup of Windows XP be used on my Windows 8 computer?

Backing up, particularly with backup image software, is for recovering from a disaster. It can also be handy when moving to a new machine, but probably not in the way you are thinking.

Is application-provided encryption secure?

Lots of people keep their passwords and sensitive information in documents or spreadsheets sporting a password. Is that really safe?

If External Hard Drives Can Fail, Should I Bother with One?

Certainly any hard drive can fail. Failure is a fact of life – data loss does not need to be.

What’s in your toolkit?

It’s useful to have a set of tools ready to be used for debugging, diagnosing, and resolving system problems of various sorts. This is called a toolkit. I’ll show you mine.

How do I restore my backup to a new machine?

More than likely, you will want to keep the new operating system on your new machine. All that you need from your image backup is the data that has luckily been preserved.

Do I need all these Office 2007 updates if I also have Office 2010?

Even if you don’t use all the software on your computer, malware might! So it’s best to always accept updates when they are offered.

Why can’t I restore my AppData folder from a backup?

Trying to restore Windows Live Mail through the AppData folder is not going to be clean or pretty. But with that image backup, there is an easier way…

If I Use a Cloud Sync Program to Back Up, Won’t Accidental Deletions Delete the Backup?

Backing up to auto-syncing cloud services is very convenient. But what happens when it syncs your mistake?

How do I save individual Outlook messages to a flash drive?

Copying messages out of Outlook is easy – as long as you’re willing to live with the restrictions that Outlook places on what you can do with those messages later.