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Applications include third party programs, software packages and software suites that run on your computer.

A cloud hovering above a desktop computer. From the cloud, a visible representation of an email message is being moved into the computer, symbolizing the transfer of data from online storage to local storage.

How Do I Save Emails Locally in Outlook?

You can store email offline in Microsoft Office Outlook using PST files. I’ll show you how to set that up.

A detective with a magnifying glass, peering closely at a computer screen on one side, and a cloud icon on the other.

Will Backing Up My Computer Back Up My Email?

To back up your email, you first have to figure out where it lives. It might be on your computer, or it might be on the internet.

Fixing something Microsoft related.

How Do I Repair Microsoft Office?

Occasionally, Microsoft Office becomes damaged. Fortunately, you can repair it.

Images versus Files and Folders

What’s the Difference Between an Image Backup and a Files-and-Folder Backup?

This choice is about what you back up on your computer. It can make the difference between an easy or difficult recovery.

External Hard Disk Drive

Should You Use the Free Backup Software that Comes with Some External Drives?

Many external drives include free backup software that I never use. I’ll explain why, and what I do instead.

Windows Backup Saving Image

How to Make a Windows Image Backup

While it’s not the best tool, it’s a tool you already have. Here’s how to use the Windows 7 backup tool to create a Windows image backup.

An animated style image featuring a traditional desktop computer connected to an external hard disk via a cable. The external hard disk is whimsically on fire, with animated, bright flames and smoke, symbolizing a failure or disaster. The desktop computer is depicted in a classic style, complete with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, and is functioning normally, contrasting with the burning external hard disk. This comical and exaggerated portrayal highlights the importance of data backup and the risks associated with relying on a single storage device.

If External Hard Drives Can Fail, Should I Bother with One?

Any hard drive can fail. Failure is a fact of life, but data loss does not need to be.

Little Leo

This Is Why I Back Up

Here’s another example of why going digital enables a level of backup safety that single originals simply can’t achieve.

Photo of a desktop computer monitor with a ransom note displayed, demanding payment in cryptocurrency. Nearby, a man of Asian descent in casual attire is calmly checking his OneDrive on a smartphone, unperturbed by the ransomware threat.

Recovering from Ransomware with an Online Backup

People often cite ransomware as a reason to avoid automated online backups, thinking that those backups will be impacted. OneDrive has thought of that.


How to Back Up Windows

Using free and included tools, here’s how to back up Windows and all your data in eight easy steps.

OneDrive's Recycle Bin

Recover Deleted Files in OneDrive

If you’re using OneDrive for your regular work, its recycle bin provides an extra layer of backup and protection.

The File History browser.

Restoring Files With File History

When properly enabled and configured, File History can restore deleted files or previous versions of files that have changed.

EaseUS Todo

Restoring a File From an EaseUS Todo Image Backup

An image backup contains everything, but that doesn’t mean you need to restore it all if you only need one file.

File History in Windows 11.

Enable File History in Windows 11

File History can be a useful component of a larger backup strategy. I’ll show you how to set it up.

EaseUS Todo Browse to Recover option.

Restoring an Image Using EaseUS Todo

Once you have an image backup and an emergency disk, here’s how you restore that image to your computer.

EaseUS Todo

Creating an EaseUS Todo Emergency Disk

Before you can restore a backup image created using EaseUS Todo, you’ll need an emergency disk.

Nuclear explosion on a computer screen.

How to Avoid Losing Data No Matter What

Another day, another story of data loss. The frustrating thing is that it doesn’t have to happen.

Dropbox in the Google Play store.

Back Up Smartphone Photos Using Dropbox

Smartphones are a popular way to take snapshots and videos. Tools like Dropbox are great for making sure those are backed up automatically.


Uninstalling Software You Don’t Need

One way to reclaim space (and occasionally even performance) is to uninstall software you don’t need. I’ll review important places to help you do just that.

Make a Backup!

Why Do You Prefer Macrium Reflect Over Windows’s Own Image Backup Program?

Macrium Reflect is clearer and more fully featured than Windows’ built-in backup. It’s easier to understand and ultimately, I trust it more.

Revisions in Microsoft Word

Why Are My Revisions Visible in Word?

Having your document’s dirty laundry exposed to the world by accident can be embarrassing. Here’s how to avoid it.

Atlas Lugged

Why Can’t I Upload a Backup Image to the Cloud?

Uploading backup images sounds good until you do the math.

Locked Harddrive

Dealing With Proprietary Backup Formats

If your backup program writes to a proprietary format, you may not be able to access it decades from now. I’ll discuss how to prepare.

House on fire.

Are You Ready for Your House to Burn Down?

What happens to all your carefully backed up data if your house burns down?

Cloning a drive.

Couldn’t I Just Clone a Drive for Backup?

Cloning to a second drive every night has few advantages over a more flexible image backup solution.

EaseUS Todo

Creating a Backup Image Using EaseUS Todo Free

Microsoft is removing image-backup capability from Windows. We’ll make an image backup using a free third-party alternative.

Microsoft 365 App.

Is a Microsoft 365 Subscription Worth It?

Before you dismiss it because it’s a subscription, take a look and do the math. Microsoft 365 might be surprisingly affordable for you.

Windows 7 Backup and Restore in Windows 11.

Don’t Use Windows Built-in Image Backup

The Windows 7 Backup and Restore tool is still present in Windows 11, but that doesn’t mean you should use it.

External hard disk connected to a laptop.

How Do I Restore a Backup to a New PC?

You probably want to keep the new operating system on your new machine. All that you need from your image backup is the data that has luckily been preserved.

Hi! Now Back Me Up!

How Should I Back Up a New Machine?

Backing up your new machine on arrival can be an important safety net. But there are degrees of safety.

Microsoft Word

How Do I Turn Off Automatic Formatting in Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word tries to format items based on what it thinks you’re doing. That’s handy if it’s what you want and annoying if it’s not.

How Should I Back Up When Traveling?

Backing up while on the road can be a challenge. I’ll review what’s practical and how to keep your data safe.

Cloud Storage

How to Use Cloud Storage Safely

Cloud service providers often give us lots of storage we can use for cloud backup. How to use it safely, however, isn’t always obvious.

Back Up!

How Do I Test Backups?

It’s a good idea to test backups before disaster strikes. Unfortunately, a complete test can be risky. I’ll look at some alternatives.

If it's in only one place It's Not Backed Up!!

How Do I Back Up My Computer?

Backing up your computer is critical to avoiding data loss but can seem complicated. I’ll give a suggestion for typical users.

Twitter Explosion

Your Social Media Posts Can All Disappear

Every time you use someone else’s service, you put yourself and your content in their hands… for better or worse.

An External Disk Drive

Backups ARE Security

Don’t overlook backing up as part of your security. When the worst happens, it’s your backup that will save you.

Hard disk being replaced.

How Do I Transfer My System to a Replacement Drive?

Transferring data to a replacement drive needn’t be difficult. In fact, being prepared for a transfer is a side effect of backing up regularly.

Image Completed!

How to Create an Image Backup

Once I’ve convinced you that image backups are important, your next question is most likely to be “OK, how?” Here’s a short-and-sweet answer.

The Cloud

Can I Rely on My Cloud Service’s Backups?

You can rely on online services for many things, but it’s unwise to rely on them too much.

Data Recovery

What Good Is an Image Backup If All I Want Is My Data?

Image backups are great ways to back up absolutely everything on a hard disk. They’re also good for retrieving most anything, including individual files.

A metaphor: data in a container. (Image:

How Do I Back Up an Encrypted Container?

Backing up is critical, but exactly how you back up your encrypted container data depends on how secure your backups are.

Backup Flash Drive

Just What Is a Backup, Anyway?

At its most basic, backups are simple: a copy of something kept somewhere else to keep it safe.

A gift computer.

The First Thing You Should Do With a New Computer

If you can, wait to play with your new computer for a little while. I have something important I want you to do first.

The Cloud (concept)

Is Cloud Backup Enough?

Cloud backup vs. backing up to an external drive isn’t really a debate. Why not both?

Back Up!

Why Is “Back Up First” Your Recommendation for Everything?

Nothing protects you and your data like a complete, recent backup, even when it might not be obvious. That’s why I harp on it so much.

Stack of Disks

How Long Should I Keep Backups?

Having a regular backup system in place is critical. But then what? I’ll look at how long you might want to keep those backups, why, and how long I keep mine.

Backup with Dropbox

Back Up with Dropbox

Using Dropbox to share files across machines is pretty common. You can also use Dropbox on only one machine as backup technology.

An External Backup Drive

What Do I Do If My Backup Drive is Full?

If you’re backing up regularly to an external drive, chances are you’re accumulating lots of data. I’ll look at how to organize it, and what to keep. home page

How To Use Microsoft Word for Transcriptions

Microsoft Word online has the option to create transcriptions of audio recordings for Microsoft Office subscribers.