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How Do I Turn Off UAC (User Account Control) in Windows?

User Access Control, or UAC, prompts you each time an application requires administrative access. Annoyance or feature?

Do We Really Need to Get Used to Things?

"Getting used to it" might not always be ideal, but being open to it can result in surprising improvements. Besides, you're doing it already almost every day.

Unsupported Software Survival Guide: Mitigate Risks and Stay Protected

While using unsupported software is discouraged, sometimes it's the only option. I'll discuss the ramifications, alternatives, and what you need to do to stay safe.

Managing Files on Your PC and in the Cloud

Document management can be complex and confusing, particularly when cloud storage is involved. I'll review why that is and suggest how to manage it.

Free Is Not Free

Free downloads, free scans, free trials -- so many things on the internet are free! Or are they?

How to Deal When Unsubscribe Doesn’t Work

When a legitimate email sender doesn't respond to an unsubscribe request, they're no longer legitimate. Here's what to do.

Are You Giving Away Your Privacy?

We rail against intrusions into our private affairs and private information and then post our private information publicly. Where's the logic in that?

What’s the Difference Between,,, and

Like many Microsoft products, Hotmail's name has changed a time or two and caused a great deal of confusion. I'll try to make sense of it all.

One-Time Code Contradiction: When to Share and When to Beware

You're told not to share your two-factor or other authentication code. And then you're asked for it.

Can Someone Install Something on My Computer When It’s Not Logged In?

If your computer is not physically secure, someone could install something even if you're not logged in.

Optimizing Video Playback: How to Choose Between Streaming and Downloading

Streaming video sites have some features that make the answer more complicated than it would seem.

What’s a Dynamic Disk?

You probably have a basic disk and don’t need the functionality offered by dynamic disk support... even if that functionality is kind of cool.

How Do I Save Emails Locally in Outlook?

You can store email offline in Microsoft Office Outlook using PST files. I'll show you how to set that up.

How To Enable the Administrator Account in Windows

There's a hidden account with complete administrative access. I'll show you how to enable it and discuss why you shouldn't use it very often, if at all.

Dealing With Inexplicable Change?

Yes, I deal with frustrating changes too. It's not that I never get frustrated; it's what I choose next that makes for a much happier experience.

The Warning Signs of Disk Failure: An Unexpected Tale of Gradual Decline and Urgent Replacement

The reinstall of my system slowly uncovered a potential hardware issue. Here's how I diagnosed and repaired it.

Why Do I See Lots of Failed Login Attempts on My Account?

I'll show you how to look at your recent activity and review why it might be full of failed login attempts.

Surprising Reasons to Use a VPN at Home: More Than Just Privacy

Although a VPN service is probably not necessary at home, there are a few scenarios where you may want to consider it.

It Was My Time to Reformat and Reinstall

The steps I took, the software I installed, and a few things I discovered as I reinstalled Windows 11 on my main machine.

Where Can I Download Windows 11? Or 10? Or 8?

You can download Windows 8.1, 10, and 11 from legitimate sources. If you have a legal retail product key, this can be your replacement media.

Use the Cloud; Just Don’t Rely on the Cloud

Online services, aka "the cloud", are often treated as if they are invincible. They're not. They represent a single point of failure that could cost you your data.

What to Do With an Unexpected Two-factor Code

Getting an unexpected authorization code on your phone or via email can be concerning. Let's see when it's a sign of a problem and what to do about it.

Using the DISM Command Prompt Tool to Repair Windows

DISM is a tool included with Windows that can repair some types of Windows corruption.

How Do I Go Back to Windows 10 From Windows 11?

Yes, you can still go back to Windows 10 from Windows 11. It just may not be easy.

How Do Gmail Labels Relate to Folders?

Gmail labels are similar to folders, but there are a couple of important differences to know if you use a desktop email program to access Gmail.

How Often Should I Wipe Hard Drive Free Space?

Free-space wiping prevents the recovery of deleted files. Whether you need to do it, or how often, depends on how interesting your data is.

I’ve Been Accused of Being a Spammer. What Can I Do About It?

It's not uncommon for email to bounce in ways that imply you might be spamming. I'll look at what may or may not be happening.

Why I’ve Stopped Using Google Search

Google search used to be the winner by far, but recent decreases in its trustworthiness and the improved offerings of other search engines make switching a pragmatic choice.

6 Steps to Fix Your Browser Problems

Browser problems can be caused by any number of things that may or may not include the browser itself. I'll review common troubleshooting techniques.

My Email Information Is on the Dark Web. What Do I Do?

What action to take on breach and exposure notifications depends on how much information you get.

Set Up Windows Again With the Windows Out-of-Box Experience (OOBE)

Use the Windows 10 and 11 Out-of-Box Experience to reset a variety of items associated with initial computer setup.

I Don’t Claim to Be a Journalist

My background is most assuredly not journalism. I bring something else entirely to the table: experience.

I Got a Call from Microsoft and Allowed Them Access to My Computer. What Do I Do Now?

A very common scam has people supposedly from Microsoft, your ISP, or other authorities calling to help you with computer problems. Don't fall for it.

Will Backing Up My Computer Back Up My Email?

To back up your email, you first have to figure out where it lives. It might be on your computer, or it might be on the internet.

Why Might My Internet Connection Randomly Stop Working?

Let me walk you through eight of the most common issues when it comes to internet connections, drops, and general connectivity.

How Do I Fix “Internal Server Error”?

An Internal Server Error happens within the server attempting to show you a webpage. It's usually a server-side problem out of your control.

How Do I Recover Encrypted Files From Cryptomator?

Recovering individual files from a Cryptomator encrypted vault can be tricky. I'll discuss why and how to protect your access to those files.

How Do I Download All OneDrive Files to My PC?

Downloading all your OneDrive files isn't particularly difficult; it's just not particularly obvious. I'll show you two ways to do it.

Terminology Matters

When it comes to technology, it seems like there's a whole 'nother language to learn. Using the right terminology is important to being understood and getting your problems resolved.

What Comes After Terabytes?

Zetabytes? Petaflops? Gigahertz? Confusing terms for the ever-increasing capacity and speed of our computers.

How Do I Repair Microsoft Office?

Occasionally, Microsoft Office becomes damaged. Fortunately, you can repair it.

Can Permanently Deleted Email Be Recovered?

In most cases, deleted email is gone beyond your ability to recover it. As always, however, there are exceptions.

Beware the Middleman: How Your 2FA Could Be Compromised

Some forms of two factor authentication have vulnerabilities. Here's how to avoid it.

The Secret Behind Ask Leo! I Know Less Than You Think

I know less than you think I do, but I make up for it with a very important skill -- a skill anyone can benefit from improving.

Can’t We Just Spam the Spammers to Death?

Unfortunately, that turns you into, yes... a spammer! There are many, many problems with this idea. I'll explain a few.

How Do I Reformat and Reinstall Windows 11?

To reformat and reinstall is considered the "nuclear option" when it comes to dealing with Windows problems (or just cleaning up).

Facebook Marketplace Scams: 3 Warning Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

Facebook Marketplace scams are on the rise. Here are three red flags that should tell you something's not right.

Is OneDrive Free?

OneDrive has both free and paid offerings.

How Do I Change the Email Address of My Microsoft Account?

You can associate multiple email addresses with your Microsoft account. Who knew?

Has a Hacker Really Hacked My Email Account?

An email claims your email account has been hacked, possibly even including a password you've used. Don't be fooled; it's a scam.