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Patronage Since 2003, Ask Leo! has been helping people navigate the confusing waters of computers and technology. Millions of people visit Ask Leo! to search or browse the thousands of published articles freely available to all. Each week, I answer dozens of questions, publish new articles, and update existing ones. I also publish a weekly newsletter highlighting the latest updates and much more.

As I often say, there’s no shortage of questions about technology.

Ask Leo! is limited only by time and budget.

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One of the things that sets Ask Leo! apart from other tech support resources is that, while I employ part-time staff to help with daily operations, every bit of content somehow comes from me, Leo Notenboom, be it hand-written articles, podcasts, videos, books, or combinations thereof.

And while I can’t answer them all, I do take pride in personally answering as many questions from readers as I can.

I’ve been extremely fortunate that advertising has been able to support this project for well over a decade. But with the rise of ad blockers and a general decline in advertising revenue, the long-term future of Ask Leo! could be in jeopardy.

Become a patron and join over 500 individuals who are helping keep Ask Leo! going stronger than ever. Every additional dollar gives me more time to devote to answering your questions, writing articles and books, recording videos and tutorials, and more. More time also means I can spend more one-on-one time with my supporters! (OK, and maybe a few extra minutes playing with the Corgis. :-) )

And that’s where you come in.

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By popular demand, both monthly and annual subscriptions are available.

Additional funding allows me to focus more on what I really bring to the table: answering more questions and providing a variety of new content that can help you – and everyone – do more, be more, and connect more — and with more confidence — than ever before.

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