Best Articles: a Collection

These are the articles I consider my best and most important articles — the ones I refer people to the most.

Most Important

Not sure where to start? Start with these three articles, beginning with the article I consider the most important:

Internet Safety: 7 Steps to Staying Safe Online

Online security is critical. Here are the key steps you can take to keep yourself safe on the internet.

Why Is “Back Up First” Your Recommendation for Everything?

Nothing protects you and your data like a complete, recent backup, even when it might not be obvious. That's why I harp on it so much.

How to Back Up Windows

Using free and included tools, here's how to back up Windows and all your data in eight easy steps.

Particularly Timely

Should I Update to Windows 11?

Windows 11 is out to much fanfare, hype, and confusion. Unless you have specific reasons, you don't need to upgrade yet, but there's also no reason to avoid it.

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