About Ask Leo! and Leo Notenboom … and Making Technology Work

I want to replace that frustration and intimidation with the amazement and wonder that I feel every day.

“I just want it to work.”
– just about every computer user, ever

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Why I do what I do

I believe personal technology is key to humanity’s future. It has an amazing potential to empower individuals.

But it can also frustrate and intimidate.

I want to make technology work for you.

I want to replace that frustration and intimidation
with the amazement and wonder that I feel every day.

I want it to be a resource rather than a roadblock;
a valuable tool instead of a source of irritation.

I want personal technology to empower you so you can be a part of that amazing future.

I just want it to work, for you.

That’s why Ask Leo! exists.

What’s in it for you

I write books, I answer questions, and I educate on important technology topics and trends.

And I just generally share my passion and excitement for the possibilities I believe personal technology holds.

That means you’ll find one of the most important and hard to come by things on the internet: answers, written in a way that you can understand.

I may not have every answer, but I do try to make sure that I take on the important stuff – the questions that people are asking most often and the most important things you can be doing right now to keep your computer – and yourself – empowered and safe.

The important stuff that take you from fear and frustration to “It just works”.

I want to make technology work for everyone.

Starting with you.

Amazement and Wonder!Why Leo?

Because I love this stuff. I’m one of those weird people that plays with computers because I really, really enjoy it. It’s both my career and my hobby.

I’ve been in the personal computer and software industry since 1979, as a software engineer, a manager of software engineers, as a consultant and as a writer.

In 1983 I joined what was then a medium sized local company called Microsoft and spent the next 18 years in a wide variety of groups working on a wide variety of software. If you’re running Microsoft Windows, if you’ve used a Microsoft development tool or Microsoft Money, or if you’ve ever purchased a ticket through Expedia, there’s a good chance you’ve been touched by some of my work.

And of course, since 2003, I’ve been helping to make technology work here on Ask Leo!

If you want to see what else I’m up to, check out my online business card, which lists many of my other current roles.

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