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Please note: a newsletter subscription is not an account. Since it’s free, my newsletters do not require, and do not use, any form of Ask Leo! account. Newsletter subscriptions are completely separate; there’s no password involved, and you can change your newsletter subscription options by following the link at the bottom of every newsletter.

There are two types of accounts currently associated with Ask Leo!, used this way:

  • — Here you can track your orders, change your payment information, cancel subscriptions that you purchased directly from me. You’ll also access the materials associated with your purchases and subscriptions.
  • — For over a year I used Patreon to manage your pledges of patronage. I now use my own alternative. (You can read about the switch here.) You only need a Patreon account if you became a patron through Patreon, as they are still processing your payments.
  • — Ask Leo! online courses are hosted on the Teachery platform. Each course will have its own sign-in, enabled when you purchase the course.