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Tip of the Day: Get Speccy

Updates from more than one place?

Tip of the Day: Turn Off Peer-to-Peer Updates

Pause Updates options

Tip of the Day: Pause Updates

Windows Defender Offline

Windows Defender Offline in Windows 10

When malware prevents your anti-malware tools from working, the built-in Windows Defender Offline is your first line of defense.

Resize - before and after

Adjust the Size of What’s on Your Screen in Windows 10

Windows 10 made adjusting the size of items on your display much easier.

Try Office!

Tip Of The Day: Get Rid of the Try Office Offer

Turning Off Fast Startup in Windows 10

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How Do I Downgrade from Windows 8 or 10 to Windows 7?

Downgrading isn’t as easy as you might think. Simple, perhaps, but not easy. So let’s look at an alternative.

Active Hours interface

How Do I Keep Windows Update from Rebooting While I Use My Computer?

You can keep Windows Update from rebooting for certain key hours of the day, within limits… and as long as you’re not a work-a-holic.

Charging an Annual Subscription for Windows? Nope.

Charging an Annual Subscription for Windows? Nope.

There’s a persistent and bogus rumor that Microsoft is planning on charging a monthly or annual subscription fee for Windows. I discuss why it’s bogus, and the folks that continue to persist pushing the rumor are, at best, Microsoft haters, and at worst… trolls.

Is It Time To Remove GWX Control Panel

Is It Time To Remove GWX Control Panel?

GWX Control Panel and the stand-alone utility Never10 were all about preventing reminders and installation of the free Windows 10 Update. Now that the free period is over, is it time to remove those utilities, or undo the steps that they took?

Windows 10 Desktop

Should I Upgrade to Windows 10?

The most common question related to Windows 10 seems to be “Should I upgrade?” I’ll cover my recommendations.

Edge Versus Internet Explorer

Edge Versus Internet Explorer

Microsoft’s strategy to push Edge seems to be dooming both Edge and IE (and how you can get IE back in Windows 10).

Windows 10 Behaves Like Malware

Windows 10 Behaves Like Malware

Windows 10 is a fine operating system, but it’s being tarnished by the over-the-top tactics Microsoft is using to get people to upgrade.

Clearing Up Some Windows 10 Misconceptions

Clearing Up Some Windows 10 Misconceptions

I recently had a question from someone that contained several common misconceptions about Windows 10. Let’s clear a few of those up…

Link to System Image Backup

What about Windows 10 backup?

While Windows 10 backup is included as part of the operating system, I consider it to be barely adequate, and prefer a more full-featured solution.

2015 in Review

2015 in Review

A look at the most popular Ask Leo! articles of 2015, as well as an overview of those that got the most comments (hint: you’ll nod your head in understanding on why one topic, more than any other, might generate so much discussion in 2015).

Windows 10 Survey Results

Your Windows 10 Experience – Survey Results

The results were quick and the trends were clear, so I closed the survey a little early to bring you the results.

Updating the Windows 10 Recommendation

Updating the Windows 10 Recommendation

I’m starting to detect what may be a patten in Windows 10 update failures. I’ll outline my current recommendation, and what steps, if any, you should take when updating to Windows 10.

View installed updates link

Why Is Windows 10 Being Downloaded to My Machine? And How Do I Stop it?

It appears Microsoft may be pushing Windows 10 to machines even when it hasn’t been requested. That’s just wrong, and I’ll show you how to stop it.

Windows 10 Change Privacy Options

Adjusting Windows 10 Privacy Settings

We’ll look at how to review and adjust privacy settings in several areas of Win10.

netplwiz User Accounts

How Do I Sign In to Windows 10 Automatically?

After updating to Windows 10, many users find that they must sign in to Windows using a password, even if they previously did not. I’ll show you how to sign in to Windows 10 automatically.

Is “Windows 10 Privacy” an Oxymoron?

Windows 10 has been criticised for encroaching on users privacy. Is it an issue? Is Microsoft being evil? Or is it something else?

Local Account Switch: Done!

How Do I Switch Back to a Local Account Sign-in for Windows 10?

It’s not uncommon to set up Windows 10 only to find you’re required to log in with a Microsoft account. I’ll show you how to restore a local account sign-in.

Windows 10 Wi-Fi Sense

How do I turn off Wi-Fi Sense (and what is it?)

Wi-Fi Sense, a new feature in Windows 10, is designed to make connecting to wireless networks easier. You’ll probably want to turn off Wi-Fi Sense for privacy.

Windows 10 Update delivery options

Turn Off Windows 10 Peer-to-Peer Delivery Optimization

Windows 10 peer-to-peer sharing (or “delivery optimization”) is a technology used to make updates quicker and more reliable. Unfortunately, it does come with some risk.

Go Back to Windows 7

Four Ways to Go Back to Windows 7 or 8 from Windows 10

Windows 10 is here. If, after trying it, you find yourself wanting to go back to Windows 7, there are a few approaches.

Windows 10

Will Windows 10 Be Free?

Windows 10 will be free for one year after it’s release. But what does that really mean? I’ll look at what we do and don’t know for sure.

Chomping at the bit for Windows 10!

Chomping at the bit for Windows 10

In anticipation of Windows 10 people are falling into three camps: never-ever, patiently waiting, and OMG!!!!. I have some advice for the OMG! crowd.

Windows 10 Reserved

How Do I Cancel My Windows 10 Update?

Many people are having second thoughts about accepting the offer to reserve their Windows 10 update. I’ll show you how to cancel the reservation.

Windows 10 Start Menu

If You Hated Windows 8 … Give Windows 10 a Chance

Many seem to be forming opinions on Windows 10 without having seen it, based solely on their (often limited) experience with Windows 8. That’s just wrong.

Windows 10 File History

My initial reactions to Windows 10 backup

I took a look at the Windows 10 technical preview, and walked away very disappointed with Windows 10 backup. It’s just as broken as Windows 8.1’s, with no fix in sight.

UAC Setting

How Do I Turn Off UAC (User Account Control) in Windows?

User Access Control, or UAC, is new in Windows Vista and prompts you each time an application requires administrative access. Annoyance, or feature?