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A computer screen. On the screen, there are synchronization arrows connecting to a cloud icon, illustrating the cloud sync process. The background features a modern office setup with a keyboard and mouse on the desk, and a tidy workspace.

Managing Files on Your PC and in the Cloud

Document management can be complex and confusing, particularly when cloud storage is involved. I’ll review why that is and suggest how to manage it.

A serene individual meditating in a tranquil setting. The person appears calm and centered, seated in a traditional meditation pose in front of a desktop PC, illustrating a blend of mindfulness and technology. Surrounding them are floating digital icons, including a cloud, folders, and error symbols, symbolizing technological stress. These icons are depicted as being calmly ignored by the meditating person.

Dealing With Inexplicable Change?

Yes, I deal with frustrating changes too. It’s not that I never get frustrated; it’s what I choose next that makes for a much happier experience.

Puzzle pieces of various digital file icons (documents, photos, videos) coming together to form a large cloud symbol, which represents the OneDrive cloud.

How Do I Download All OneDrive Files to My PC?

Downloading all your OneDrive files isn’t particularly difficult; it’s just not particularly obvious. I’ll show you two ways to do it.

Office witrh

Is OneDrive Free?

OneDrive has both free and paid offerings.

A cartoon duck stands in the middle of a vibrant, digitally illustrated scene, holding a USB cable. The left end of the USB cable is plugged into a fluffy, cartoonish cloud.

Is There a Way to Use OneDrive as a Dumb Hard Drive?

Yes, you can use OneDrive online without using OneDrive on your PC or going to I’ll show you how.

A photorealistic image of a balance scale. On one side of the scale is the Microsoft logo, symbolizing a Microsoft account. On the other side is a local user icon, representing a local account. The scale is evenly balanced, depicting the equilibrium and choice between using both types of accounts in a Windows environment. The background is neutral to emphasize the scale and the symbols.

What Does Signing in to My Microsoft Account Really Mean in Windows?

Let’s sort out some of the differences between logging in using your Microsoft account and logging in using a local account.

A simple and photorealistic thumbnail depicting the concept of OneDrive backups. The image shows a cloud symbolizing cloud storage and a PC (laptop or desktop) to represent local storage. Between them, there's a symbolic representation of data transfer, like files moving or a sync icon. The background should be clean and minimalist, possibly with a subtle OneDrive logo or color scheme. This image is designed to visually represent the concept of syncing and backing up files from OneDrive to a PC.

How Do I Backup OneDrive Files?

You shouldn’t rely on OneDrive as the only place for your files. Backing them up elsewhere is important, but there may be bumps in the road.

OneDrive Backup Offer

Tip of the Day: DO NOT Enable OneDrive Backup

The main feature is a large, central OneDrive icon with a striking red 'X' across it, symbolizing the goal of removal. Surrounding this icon are smaller images of frustrated users at their computers, overwhelmed by OneDrive notifications and pop-ups. Each user's face shows clear annoyance and confusion, representing the intrusiveness of OneDrive. The background includes a concise list of steps for uninstalling OneDrive, like 'Unlink account', 'Uninstall OneDrive app', and 'Organize files'. The design should be bold and straightforward, making it very clear that the tutorial is about removing OneDrive from a Windows computer, appealing to viewers who are looking for a solution to this specific issue.

How Do I Get Rid of OneDrive?

Some people just want it GONE. I’ll show you how to get rid of OneDrive.

Photo of a desktop computer monitor with a ransom note displayed, demanding payment in cryptocurrency. Nearby, a man of Asian descent in casual attire is calmly checking his OneDrive on a smartphone, unperturbed by the ransomware threat.

Recovering from Ransomware with an Online Backup

People often cite ransomware as a reason to avoid automated online backups, thinking that those backups will be impacted. OneDrive has thought of that.


How to Back Up Windows

Using free and included tools, here’s how to back up Windows and all your data in eight easy steps.

OneDrive's Recycle Bin

Recover Deleted Files in OneDrive

If you’re using OneDrive for your regular work, its recycle bin provides an extra layer of backup and protection.

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Using OneDrive for Nearly Continuous Backup

OneDrive can be used for many things, but one of the most valuable is ongoing online backup. Storage Full

How Do I Move Email to an External Hard Drive?

The space limitation has many people looking for ways to download and preserve emails offline.

OneDrive backup - just say no.

The Problem With OneDrive Backup

OneDrive’s backup function is broken. I’ll explain why and what to do about it. Storage Full

How Do I Delete Attachments in

If you want to free up space in your email account by deleting attachments but not their corresponding messages, you’ll need to take extra steps.

Exceeded your storage limit in OneDrive.

Why is My Email Suddenly Full?

Microsoft made a confusing change to how storage is allocated between and OneDrive.

How Should I Back Up When Traveling?

Backing up while on the road can be a challenge. I’ll review what’s practical and how to keep your data safe.

If it's in only one place It's Not Backed Up!!

How Do I Back Up My Computer?

Backing up your computer is critical to avoiding data loss but can seem complicated. I’ll give a suggestion for typical users.

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Is OneDrive a Backup?

OneDrive is a powerful tool, but thinking of it as a backup can take you down a dangerous path.

Office With No OneDrive please.

How Do I Disable OneDrive in Office 365?

OneDrive can be useful, and it can be annoying. It’s on by default, but it’s not terribly difficult to decouple or turn off.

Diving into Dropbox

Five Reasons I Went All-in With Dropbox

Knowing how you use online storage will help you choose the correct provider with the correct set of features at an appropriate price.

Copy Dropbox Link

Tip of the Day: Don’t Attach; Share Instead

Pause syncing in OneDrive.

Tip of the Day: Pause Cloud Sync

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Half a Dozen Uses for OneDrive

OneDrive is a surprisingly powerful service that many people overlook or don’t understand. I’ll review six ways you can leverage OneDrive.

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Why “Always Keep on this Device” Doesn’t

The “Always keep on this device” feature has misled people into deleting and losing important files. Here’s why, and what to do instead.

OneDrive Too Big

Why Is My OneDrive Full?

OneDrive tries to make it easy to back up important folders, but at the cost of making some things very confusing.


How to Protect Your Cloud Storage and Backups from Ransomware

There are additional protections for your data if your machine becomes infected with a form of malware known as ransomware.

OneDrive Too Big

What if My OneDrive is Too Big for My Hard Drive?

Cloud storage is ubiquitous, convenient, and BIG. There are options if OneDrive is too big for your hard drive.

OneDrive Enabling Disabling

Tip of the Day: Disable OneDrive in Windows 10

Secure cloud storage

The Two Types of Cloud Data Threats and How You Protect Yourself

All cloud data threats boil down to one of two things. I’ll review them and lay out what you need to do to keep your data is safe in the cloud.

Microsoft OneDrive (with Office)

Tip of the Day: Buy OneDrive, Get Office for Free!


Are the Free Microsoft Office Alternatives for Windows 10 Any Good?

Depending on how you use your word processing program, you may be able to find a good, free alternative to Word.

How Do I Delete Files From OneDrive, but Not My Computer?

How Do I Delete Files From OneDrive, but Not My Computer?

There are a couple of ways to delete files from OneDrive without deleting them from your PC: move them or stop using OneDrive.

Could OneDrive Get Hacked? What You Really Need to Worry About

Could OneDrive Get Hacked? What You Really Need to Worry About

Yes, OneDrive could get hacked. So can any online service. The real question is, how likely is it, and are there other things we should be worrying about instead?

Can I Delete Setup Files I’ve Downloaded?

Can I Delete Setup Files I’ve Downloaded?

You can safely delete setup files after you’ve set up the corresponding software, but only if you do something important first.

OneDrive Recycle Bin Reminder Email

Tip of the Day: OneDrive Has a Recycle Bin

Auto-save option in Microsoft Office Excel

Tip of the Day: Use AutoSave When Available

Do I Need OneDrive?

Do I Need OneDrive?

Using OneDrive is up to you — but here’s why I absolutely recommend it.

Save Options in Camtasia Screen Recorder

Tip of the Day: Default to the Cloud

OneDrive Sign In

Back Up Smartphone Photos Using OneDrive

Smartphones are a popular way to take snapshots and videos. Tools like OneDrive are great for making sure those are backed up automatically.

OneDrive showing new location

How Do I Move My OneDrive Folder?

Windows assumes it knows where you want your OneDrive folder. If you want it somewhere else, it’s easy to move.

Leo's Files, Moving in the Cloud

Why I’m (slowly) Switching to OneDrive

I’m slowly switching to OneDrive because I realized there was a fundamental difference between Google Docs and Microsoft Office Online.