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Should I be worried about this “WMF Exploit” that everyone’s been talking about?

Yes, it’s serious. But, no, you don’t have to go through withdrawal. In an unprecedented move, Microsoft has released the patch for the problem ahead of schedule.

Spyware – is the crisis really that bad?

90% of all machines infested? That’s inflated and misleading – but the reality is bad enough.

Zotob Attacks! Who's to blame?

The Zotob worm recently brought down computers at several large corporations. Who should share in the blame?

I've fired my sysadmin, is changing passwords enough?

Sysadmins are given a tremendous amount of access – when it’s time to remove that access there are places that are very easy to overlook.

How Should I Set Up My Linux Web Server?

That’s really a much broader question than I can answer here, however, my recent experiences both being hacked, and building out a new server to replace the hacked one, are worth recording. Not only might you find it a helpful laundry list of ideas for securing your server, but you might also have some ideas … Read more

How do I delete items I've been to using Google?

Follow these steps to delete your browser’s history.

Is this stuff in my ‘hosts’ file supposed to be there?

The “hosts” file can be used for good or evil. Anti-malware programs may use it to block things, and malware may use it to block anti-malware.