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8 comments on “Do I Need to Worry About the Latest Security Breach?”

  1. i don`t use any kind of mobile device and “nobody” ever uses my desktop computer tower. and i never use any other computer. so according to this article i`m safe. right?

      • thanks Mark, i also have WOT as a safety feature. any time i click on a link that`s not safe WOT warns me. its a good feature to have.

    • Doesn’t a good password manager like LastPass prevent keyloggers getting your details? When I do have to occasionally type … I use osk.exe which is a small onscreen typewriter that you use the mouse instead of keys.

      • Mike – if you have keylogger that means your computer has been hacked. So instead of worrying about what keyloggers can and cannot do – it’s better to just keep your computer safe and malware free.

      • No. A sufficiently sophisticated keylogger could log a password manager’s action of entering the password for you. On screen keyboards are also no guarantee, since a keylogger could also be logging screen shots and mouse clicks. The bottom line: don’t let keyloggers on to your system. Like ANY malware, once they are in place, all bets are off.

        • Account security is 95% iellntigence and 5% technology.A good set of security tools is mandatory anymore for a secure system. From a virus/trojan horse protector. To just not letting people that you don’t trust use your system.One thing I would add to your list, is that many people get their passwords taken not from their system, but form their friends system. They log onto their buddies computer to “check their game mail” and then poof, the keylogger catches their password and their account is busted wide open.Undermine journal is a pretty good tool for knowing who is posting what, where it’s a feature to search the most popular posting on a server, it’s also dangerous information for those that want to see who to target.

  2. An Adobe password (I’m guessing) of mine was compromised for an email address I no longer maintain. I didn’t receive notification. Of course, when I try to recover the account with “Forgot password,” they send the email to do that to an account I no longer have, but one that I’m told may have been re-issued to somebody else. It positively irritates me that some of these websites have no contact information that allows you to close an account in a case like this. It’s “identity theft waiting to happen.” I have a number of accounts with old email addresses and long since passe websites that I’d like to close, but simply can’t do that.

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