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6 comments on “How Long Does Google Keep My Account Information?”

  1. Hello im just asking with my account google sad my account was disable until september 2 im waiting for this account to log in back thanks

  2. I was locked out of my email from a company I founded. I need access to old emails because there will be litigation. Is it possible to get data without a subpoena?

    • If the people who currently have control of the server have you locked out then pursuing a legal recourse may be the best strategy. Please consult with your attorney on that.

  3. Hi,

    If anyone lodges a complain to Cyber Cell. Can Cyber Cell people trace out the IP Address from Screenshot and URL without mail id of the Account which is already permanently deleted. The google account (gmail) id is deleted permanently and the facebook account is also deleted permanently. Can still they trace the person with just having the screenshots and the URL. Answers required urgently.

  4. I had given complaint to cyber cell about my husband who is missing since 31st of Aug 2018. After a week through fb messenger I had able to connect with him. But when he is exactly now just he confusing me telling different places name. He blocked me in my atsapp and fb. He has changed his contact no and not contact me till date. How can I trace him, I am using iPhone. How long time the cyber cell will take time to trace him after getting his url profile link. Thankx & regards

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