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The Internet – the global network of networks and one of the most significant and powerful things to have come along ever.

A Broken Cloud

Use the Cloud; Just Don’t Rely on the Cloud

Online services, aka “the cloud”, are often treated as if they are invincible. They’re not. They represent a single point of failure that could cost you your data.

A Google logo in a partially submerged sinking rowboat on the ocean. The scene shows a clear blue sky and calm sea. The rowboat is old and wooden, tilted to one side, taking in water, emphasizing the sense of sinking. The Google logo is prominently displayed on the side of the boat, colorful and contrasting with the natural oceanic background.

Why I’ve Stopped Using Google Search

Google search used to be the winner by far, but recent decreases in its trustworthiness and the improved offerings of other search engines make switching a pragmatic choice.

The scene includes a frustrated user in front of a computer displaying a frozen web page, with thought bubbles or icons surrounding them. These icons represent different troubleshooting steps like scanning for malware (depicted by a magnifying glass over a bug), clearing the browser cache (a broom sweeping browser windows), disabling add-ons (a plug or extension cord with a cross over it), and reinstalling the browser (an arrow circling a browser logo).

6 Steps to Fix Your Browser Problems

Browser problems can be caused by any number of things that may or may not include the browser itself. I’ll review common troubleshooting techniques.

Internal Server Error

How Do I Fix “Internal Server Error”?

An Internal Server Error happens within the server attempting to show you a webpage. It’s usually a server-side problem out of your control.

Puzzle pieces of various digital file icons (documents, photos, videos) coming together to form a large cloud symbol, which represents the OneDrive cloud.

How Do I Download All OneDrive Files to My PC?

Downloading all your OneDrive files isn’t particularly difficult; it’s just not particularly obvious. I’ll show you two ways to do it.

Office witrh

Is OneDrive Free?

OneDrive has both free and paid offerings.

A cartoon duck stands in the middle of a vibrant, digitally illustrated scene, holding a USB cable. The left end of the USB cable is plugged into a fluffy, cartoonish cloud.

Is There a Way to Use OneDrive as a Dumb Hard Drive?

Yes, you can use OneDrive online without using OneDrive on your PC or going to I’ll show you how.

A computer screen overwhelmed by multiple GDPR Cookie Consent pop-up windows. The screen is cluttered with various consent requests, each asking for approval to use cookies, demonstrating the frequency and abundance of these requests while browsing the internet. The pop-ups vary in size and design, reflecting the diversity of websites and their approaches to obtaining consent. In the background of the computer screen, you can see the faint outline of a web page, barely visible through the myriad of consent forms.

Should I Accept Cookies On My Computer?

You’ll be asked again and again whether or not a site can leave cookies. I’ll explain why, what the ramifications are, and my suggested answer.

A cartoon-style image of a surprised person sitting in front of their computer. The computer screen is overflowing with colorful pop-up ads, each showing products that the person has recently viewed online, like electronics, books, and clothing. The person's expression is exaggerated with wide eyes and a dropped jaw, capturing their shock and confusion about the nature of these targeted ads. The setting is a quirky home office with a vibrant desk, a fun, stylized chair, and playful decorative items in the background.

Why Do Ads Follow Me Around the Internet?

Advertising networks notice what interests you. It might be a little creepy, but it’s not malware.

A simple and photorealistic thumbnail depicting the concept of OneDrive backups. The image shows a cloud symbolizing cloud storage and a PC (laptop or desktop) to represent local storage. Between them, there's a symbolic representation of data transfer, like files moving or a sync icon. The background should be clean and minimalist, possibly with a subtle OneDrive logo or color scheme. This image is designed to visually represent the concept of syncing and backing up files from OneDrive to a PC.

How Do I Backup OneDrive Files?

You shouldn’t rely on OneDrive as the only place for your files. Backing them up elsewhere is important, but there may be bumps in the road.

The main feature is a large, central OneDrive icon with a striking red 'X' across it, symbolizing the goal of removal. Surrounding this icon are smaller images of frustrated users at their computers, overwhelmed by OneDrive notifications and pop-ups. Each user's face shows clear annoyance and confusion, representing the intrusiveness of OneDrive. The background includes a concise list of steps for uninstalling OneDrive, like 'Unlink account', 'Uninstall OneDrive app', and 'Organize files'. The design should be bold and straightforward, making it very clear that the tutorial is about removing OneDrive from a Windows computer, appealing to viewers who are looking for a solution to this specific issue.

How Do I Get Rid of OneDrive?

Some people just want it GONE. I’ll show you how to get rid of OneDrive.

Is Private Browsing Really Private?

Incognito, Private, or In Private modes protect your privacy to a point. It’s critical to know where that point is.

The image should feature a modern computer or laptop with the screen showing the FaxZero interface, symbolizing online fax services. Include elements like a scanned document and a smartphone, representing ways to digitize paper documents for faxing. The background should be tech-oriented, with subtle fax-related symbols, making the image informative and visually appealing for viewers interested in fax solutions without additional hardware.

How to Send a Fax From Your PC

Sending a fax is less and less common, but as it turns out, it’s also very easy.


What Is “about:blank” (or “about:blank#blocked”) and How Do I Get Rid of It?

About:blank is a special blank page in browsers that appears due to problems, malware, or malware removal. It can also be a useful home page.


What Is a Browser Cache? How Do I Clear It?

Clearing your browser cache is the first thing to try when you encounter webpage problems. I’ll look at why and how to clear your cache.

Remember Me!

How Websites Remember You: Diving into Cookies & More

Websites remember that you signed in previously both as a convenience and as a way to make using the site possible.

Memory Usage Matters

Do Multiple Browser Processes in Task Manager Slow My Computer?

Multiple instances of your browser showing in the task manager is not a problem — it’s how browsers work. It’s the total RAM usage you should pay attention to.

Computer Help

7 Things Your Sysadmin Probably Won’t Tell You

If you run a website and have someone administering it for you — a system administrator or “sysadmin” — they may have much more power than you realize.

Credit Card

What Can I Do If Someone Uses My Credit Card Online?

Using someone else’s credit card online illegally is identity theft. There’s not a lot you can do except report it.

Website Construction concept

What Is JavaScript and Why Do I Need It?

JavaScript is a programming language that operates important features on many websites.

Microsoft Edge

How Do I Delete and Reinstall Microsoft Edge?

Since Edge is a component of Windows itself, uninstalling it isn’t an option. I’ll review alternatives to help resolve Edge problems.

See Ya!

If I Leave a Service Like LastPass, Does My Data Remain Online?

When you leave a service, or if your information is stolen from that service, there may be steps you need to take.

Microsoft Edge

How Do I Get Rid of Edge in Windows 11?

Edge is essentially impossible to remove. I’ll review the choices you have.

Google Logo

Will Google Delete Inactive Accounts?

Google is changing their account inactivity policy. This may have some serious ramifications, but it’s easy to keep your account from being deleted.

OneDrive backup - just say no.

The Problem With OneDrive Backup

OneDrive’s backup function is broken. I’ll explain why and what to do about it.


How to Change the Default Search Engine in Microsoft Edge

It is possible to change the default search engine in Edge; it’s just not obvious and sometimes ineffective.

Hammering a Back button.

Why Doesn’t “Back” Always Work?

Occasionally, the back button won’t work and simply lands you back where you were. There are reasons, and there are workarounds.

Ask Leo! in 2003

How Do I Get an Old Version of a Webpage?

It’s generally not possible to recover an older version of a webpage, but we’ll look at a couple of straws to grasp at.

Podcast microphone.

What Is Podcasting?

Podcasting delivers periodic or serialized audio content to your portable devices and other players.

Imgburn homepage

Don’t Be Fooled By Ads

Advertisements support the free information available online. It’s critical that you can distinguish ads from genuine content.

Duplicate Downloads

What’s the (Number) Added to Some of My Downloads?

Your browser may add a number to your download’s file name to avoid collisions if you download a file of the same name more than once.

Use Common Sense

Just What Is Common Sense?

‘Common sense’ is frequently suggested, often missing, and rarely defined. I’ll take a look at some of what I feel are the characteristics of common sense.

Secure cloud storage

Is Using the Cloud Safe?

As security compromises seem to happen regularly, many ask, “Is using the cloud safe?” It’s as safe as you make it.

The Cloud

Is My Information Safe in the Cloud?

‘The cloud’ is the latest buzzword for internet-based services. It’s important to understand a few things about cloud security.

Browsing history.

Why Are There Sites in My History I’ve Never Been To?

Occasionally, sites appear in your browser history that you never visited. I’ll examine some possible causes.


How Do I Download a YouTube Video Transcript?

Transcripts can capture information from video and audio sources. YouTube makes downloading a transcript fairly easy.

Office witrh

Is OneDrive a Backup?

OneDrive is a powerful tool, but thinking of it as a backup can take you down a dangerous path.

Dropbox + Boxcryptor = ?

What Should I Do About Boxcryptor?

With its sale to Dropbox, the future of Boxcryptor is uncertain. There’s no rush to take action, but I’ll share recommendations.

Edge to Chrome

How Do I Switch From Edge to Chrome?

It’s easy to start using the Chrome internet browser instead of Edge, and I’ll show you how. Unfortunately, Edge may still make occasional appearances.

Generic Search Results

Two Steps to Better Search Results

Searching the internet is an art of sorts. I’ll share my two-step approach to better search results.


Where Do Cookies Come From?

Cookies are a fact of life when browsing the web. But if you look at the cookies stored on your machine, you might be surprised how many there are.

Diving into Dropbox

Five Reasons I Went All-in With Dropbox

Knowing how you use online storage will help you choose the correct provider with the correct set of features at an appropriate price.

Which Browser?

What Browser Should I Use in 2022?

It’s difficult to go wrong when selecting a browser these days.


How Do I Find Out When a Webpage Was Created?

It’s surprisingly difficult to tell with certainty when a webpage was written. There are some clues we can gather that might help a little.

Googling Google

The Most Searched-for Term on the Internet

The most searched-for term on the internet tells us something about people’s understanding (or lack of understanding) about how browsers and the internet work.

Sign in again for good fortune.

How Do I Clear Cookies for One Site?

Clearing all cookies can be painful. Fortunately, it’s also possible to clear cookies one site at a time.

Office witrh

Half a Dozen Uses for OneDrive

OneDrive is a surprisingly powerful service that many people overlook or don’t understand. I’ll review six ways you can leverage OneDrive.


How Can One Service Take Down So Much?

What happens when a major cloud service goes down, and what’s the takeaway?

A QR Code.

What’s a QR Code?

QR codes are a nifty way to encode web addresses and other text in a way that’s easy for your smartphone to decode, but they are not without risk.


How Do I Search a Site That Has No Search Box?

Many sites lack a search facility. Fortunately, it’s easy to do it yourself using a search engine like Google. Even when sites provide their own, this do-it-yourself solution may give you better results.