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Online Banking

Is Online Banking Safe?

You can bank online safely, as long as you know what to look for and what steps to take.

Password Frustration

What are my Hotmail and Account Recovery Options?, Hotmail, and Microsoft account compromise and loss happens. How to get your account back varies based on just what was stolen. I’ll review different scenarios.

A password, and a password selected

Tip of the Day: Watch for Spaces When Copying Passwords

Facebook Login, including the "Forgot account?" link

Tip of the Day: Use Available Recovery Options

Has a Hacker Really Hacked My Email Account?

Has a Hacker Really Hacked My Email Account?

A scam claims your email account has been hacked, possibly even including a password you’ve used. Don’t be fooled.

Your password appeared in a breach.

Password Checkup: A Recommended Chrome Browser Extension

Password Checkup is a browser extension that tells you if the password you’re using has been discovered by hackers.

12 Steps To Keep from Getting Your Account Hacked

12 Steps to Keep from Getting Your Account Hacked

Here are the steps you need to take to prevent losing your account — forever — to a hacker.

PIN Sign-In

Tip of the Day: Sign in With a PIN (or Not)


How Do I Choose a Good Password?

Password security has never been more important. With occasional security breaches at service providers and rampant email account theft, make sure you’re choosing and using secure passwords.


Why Is It So Important to Use a Different Password on Every Site?

Using different passwords on different sites is not only good practice – it’s actually necessary to keep your accounts safe. I’ll review why, and how best to handle a plethora of passwords.


Is a Periodic Password Change a Good Thing?

Changing passwords periodically is conventional wisdom. I question it and then discuss whether a periodic password change can even happen reliably.

Gmail change password dialog

How Do I Change My Gmail Password?

It’s not necessarily obvious where Google/Gmail hides the “Change Password” functionality. I’ll walk you through it.

IE Delete Browsing History dialog

How do I disable remembered passwords in my browser?

Web browsers aren’t necessarily the most secure approach to saving your login passwords. I’ll show you how to disable the feature and clear out any previously remembered passwords in IE, Firefox and Chrome.

Two Factor Authentication Code

How Safe Is it to Let My Browser Save My Passwords?

Letting your web browser save your passwords for you seems like a helpful convenience, particularly when common advice is to use different passwords everywhere. That convenience does come with risks.


Why Is It Important to Have Different Passwords on Different Accounts?

Using a different password for every login is an important part of overall security and doesn’t have to be difficult.


Why Do I Need to Change Passwords After HeartBleed?

Heartbleed: what it is, what it isn’t, why it’s important, and of course what you need to do.

I Spy

Is It Safe to Stay Logged in to My Password Vault?

Remember, the goal is to keep malware off your computer, not to try and manage it once it’s watching you. But there is another security hazard you may not be thinking about.

2013’s Ten Most Popular Posts

As 2013 draws to a close, I review which articles on Ask Leo! were the most popular and briefly discuss what trends that I feel they reveal.

Why Are Sites Making It Difficult for Password Managers?

Long passwords are your top-line of defense in internet security. Don’t let any trends steer you in the other direction.

Will locking my computer prevent scheduled and autorun programs from running?

Macrium will run just fine as long as your computer is still turned on. Other automatic programs may have trouble, depending on their configuration.


Would changing user names result in additional security?

Common wisdom is that you should change passwords periodically; so should you change user names too? My take: common wisdom is wrong from the start.

LastPass – Securely keep track of multiple passwords on multiple devices

One of the problems with current online safety advice is keeping tack of multiple different secure passwords. LastPass not only does that, but does it across multiple devices and very securely.