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17 comments on “Why Do I See Lots of Failed Login Attempts on My Account?”

  1. I got caught with this the other night to the point that it kept me up till early in the morning changing my passwords etc thinking someone was trying to get some info about something personal Until I worked out that the places from around the world I was getting attacked from were actually my other email sites that I had given permission to collect my outlook email from, so I could read outlooks email from a different Mail site like YandexMail from Russia if I wanted to , & that the false Logins were because I had changed my password on outlook earlier which caused false logins..
    And as soon as I went to Yandex for example & changed the password for the email address That it then stopped & I was able to go to bed.
    So I would suggest anyone else to think of any other websites or Email sites that have been given permission to collect or check their email from.
    AnyWay I think this may help someone as it helped me.

  2. I was surprised as well to find the recent activity option in Gmail is my main email and I let it collect mail from Outlook. My activity shows a successful sign-in about every hour, presumably from Gmail.

  3. I’m in a difficult situation. I made the mistake of blowing the whistle on a fellow employee who did something illegal amongst other unethical things. Instead of investigating him, my boss has me under investigation and is trying to establish grounds for termination. When the investigation started (4 months ago), I suddenly noticed a series of failed attempts to login to my personal email account. The attempts stopped when the investigation ended. I was cleared of his false complaints, but he has kept me under his own investigation and has been harassing me. I just got demoted, the guy I reported was promoted and now I’m under investigation by HR, again, and the failed login attempts have started again. Is there anything I can do about this? They appear to be using TOR servers when trying to access my email. I’ve been trying to ride this out, but I’m at my wits end.

    • Gary, it has been so long since you posted your concern about you blowing the wistle on someone but I would like for you as well as anyone else reading your comment to know; it is illegal for someone to retaliate against a person for blowing the whistle. You could seek legal assistance for this problem. There are attorneys that have free consultations. I would suggest you take that step because people that think they are above the law will continue to retaliate unless they are stopped through the legal process.

  4. I’ve just checked my “recent activity” in outlook and have discovered multiple SUCCESSFUL login attempts from my home country (I’v.e been overseas of more than 2yrs). I’ve changed passwords on critical accounts. But I am freaking out. I’m not in the same position as Jason above – I haven’t given permission to any other sites to access my Hotmail account. How do I find out who has been hacking my account – I have the IP address and approximate location from the “recent activity” details. What else can I do??

    • To the best of my knowledge you cannot find out who. Perhaps with lawyers and a court order – if there’s sufficient reason to involve them – but as an individual that information is simply not made available.

  5. I checked the Recent Activity on my email account. Wow! Every half hour I see someone is unsuccessful in trying to log into my account: I’m happy to say that they don’t have the right password. Just to be careful, I changed it tonight. A strange thing is that the IP address associated with this unsuccessful log in is my own IP address; this is too strange. It is as though I am trying to sign in to outlook every half hour and using an incorrect password. I now use a wildly random 15-character password generated with LastPass (a really great password management program) so I feel pretty secure thinking that they won’t ever gain the password. However, it is very upsetting to think that someone is continuing to try to get into my account. I’ll consider two-factor verification to be more secure. I wish Microsoft would step forward and offer to track down the individuals who are behind this mischief.

    • If it’s coming from your own IP address then it’s more likely some program that you’ve configured with your Microsoft account and forgotten about. Nothing mischievous about it at all.

  6. I’m seeing successful sign ins from hub cities almost every day this month. I just discovered this last night. Mostly in Chicago, Atlanta, and Kansas City. I have used to transfer some audio files to a client. Could this be what is doing this?

    I changed my password yesterday and noticed another successful sign in this morning. Is this something related to iCloud? If it were a hacker, wouldn’t it show an unsuccessful password attempt since I have now changed my password?


  7. How far back does activity go? I can’t get to it yet because I need to send a code to my other account to view it, but I know my account has been hacked and wondered how far the data goes – 2 months? Or recent, recent?

    I also know this because 7 days ago my account changed to the Outlook Web Access without any prompt and without a tutorial!! I didn’t do this, so it must be someone accessing the account. Very worried! I also don’t have 360 on my account so can only imagine this has been linked by an exchange account or business account (as it says I have in my settings!) but don’t! Please help.

  8. My boyfriend tried to open his hotmail while on my computer about 3 weeks ago but because we were in Asia, hotmail would not open. He just wrote me today that he has received about 10 emails about failed attempts to open his account and the one he just forwarded to me gives my IP address. I had not cleared the cookies from my computer (but now have) but I have a strong anti-virus. For some reason sometimes MSN’s homepage opens automatically and sometimes I do read the articles. I thought maybe the MSN homepage was trying to open hotmail and hence his account. However the timing of the message from today does not match my history for MSN today. Could this be a virus? I certainly look bad as it looks like I am trying to hack his email. I am using a hotel wifi system where the room number and name have to be input.

    • These are cookies at work. They are supposed to make life easier. Some sites don’t have an option to “remember password” it just does it.
      When signing into ANYTHING that’s not my own pc, I always use ctrl+shift+p to open a private browsing window. This won’t store any cookies from my session.
      Had your bf done this, there would be no issue. Facebook is known to operate on this level as does Google/YouTube. Mostly for sale of voting as their content spreads wide and has integration with many websites for comments.

  9. I’ve got a king size pain in the behind trying to get into my personal BT email address, as the amount of times I’ve had to change my password this past fortnight has been crazy, but mostly annoying. I’ve even got onto British Telecom about it too, to which the only thing they’ve advised me to do is change my security question too. That which I did last night, but trying to log into my email two minutes ago, it’s stated you’ve had too many attempts, please try again after 15 minutes. With the phone call I had with BT the other day too, I clarified as to whether you’re allowed 3 attempts to login to your email, which they said, “Yes”. But it was only one attempt I did two minutes to log into my email account, and it chucked the, “Please try after 15 minutes”, so it’s plain to see some plank is trying to get into my emails. How do I stop this altogether?????

  10. I’ve noticed in the past 2 weeks someone has been trying to get onto my Gmail acct. Every few minutes someone tries to get in it and each time the phone tells me that the login in is unsuccessful. Should I be concerned? What can I do to prevent them from getting in? I already have a long password which is why they’re not sucessful in getting in. Please advise as I’m afraid the will eventually get in and steal my personal information, thank you.

  11. I just checked one of my accounts, out of curiosity. Zero unlawful attempts. Only my Microsoft Outlook program regularly retrieving email by POP.

    Microsoft’s security pages seem rather well designed.

    Is it true, as they say, that in order to use a FIDO2 hardware key to authenticate into your account, you need to use Windows 10 and Edge ? This looks to me as a way to reduce users’ security, not enhance it…


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