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How Do I Change My Gmail Password?

Question: I can’t figure out how to change my password on Google for my Gmail account.

I’ll show you.

However, I do have to point out that in order to change your password, you must be able to log in. I mean, if you can’t log in then you can’t prove that you’re the rightful owner of the account. If Google did allow you to change your password without logging in first, then anyone could change it, whether or not they were actually authorized to do so.

So, step 1: login to your Gmail account.

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Changing your password

Start by clicking on your email address in the upper right corner of the Gmail page (more correctly, the small dropdown triangle to its right, but clicking anywhere on your email address should work):

Gmail dropdown

That will present a dropdown menu/dialog. Click on the word Account:


Gmail account link

That will open up a new page displaying your name, email, and some recovery information. On that page click on the Security link/tab near the top:

Gmail personal information page

On the resulting page you’ll find the Change password link you were probably having a hard time finding:

Gmail change password link

Click on Change password, and you’ll get a traditional password change dialog:

Gmail change password dialog

Enter your old password (to once again confirm that you are you and not someone who just walked up to your logged-in computer), type in your new password twice, hit Change Password and you’re done.

As always, make sure that you have selected an appropriately secure password. Twelve characters or more of random letters, numbers and symbols is ideal.

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30 comments on “How Do I Change My Gmail Password?”

  1. i don`t know about your gmail but my gmail don`t have an email address in the upper right. it has a profile picture that i have to click on to get to my account.

  2. ok this is the situation leo! my wife has forgotten her password and gmail address but so infromation she needs on that gmail site she needs to get into it how can she get in to it without starting all over like can’t she put her name in to the computer and they can look her up and then put her email and password to my email

  3. My husband forgot his password so when it says enter old password what must he type coz there is some important documents he wants in his gmail account

  4. I can’t remember my password. But when I opened my account I was asked security questions and I figured when unable to access my account I could use these questions to identify myself. But when I try to choose other options to sign in my security questions have never come up. Why is Google not asking my security questions? So that I can access my account

  5. I travel a lot and frequently have to change my sym. Every time I try to log in from anywhere I’m unable to do so because the code is sent to the phones that gets temporarily disconnected. In that way I’m really stuck.

  6. Please help me for my gmail password. Recovry. or to change it becouse I want load some Vital Information into my gmail. My. Phon number. {removed}

  7. Please help!
    I have 2 laptops and a Mac at home, and 4 laptops and 2 Macs at work. I usually need to use all of them. I also use 2 mobile phones – one for work and one for private purposes. My problem is that every time I use one of the above, my Gmail accounts – I have one for work and one for home – tell me that “unusual activity has been spotted” and they block the login, so that I have to create another password. This happens 2 times a day, every day – each time I open one of the computers, Macs or phones. It’s getting tedious…. Any suggestions? I don’t want any of this “special security”, I just want to be able to use my Gmail accounts from multiple computers, without being blocked anytime I do so!

  8. Hi LEO my email is {email address removed} I changed my password last night. Gmail keeps treating me like a hacker when I
    try to login with the new password and for obvious reasons Im assuming the old password means NOTHING to them. Is this the case. Im getting VERY tired of gmail telling me how long ago was password was changed. It let me use it the for a wonderful hour of feeling NOW I had LOCKED OUT the jackass who stole my cell.


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