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The Internet – the global network of networks and one of the most significant and powerful things to have come along ever.

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How do I secure my website?

When you operate a site on the internet, you’re putting yourself in harm’s way. Hackers would love to compromise your site for their own purposes. I’ll look at common problems and what to do about them.

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How Did a Website Discover My Email Address?

It’s probably a coincidence, but there are a few scenarios where data could be shared with other websites. Let’s look at how that can happen.


Do I Need to Have a Google+ Profile to Use Picasa?

These days, most online service providers offer linked services. Getting an account with one automatically opens accounts for you with the others.

What Does Error 500 from a Website Mean?

The 500 series indicate errors on the server, the remote computer that is “serving” that website to the internet. There are only a few things you can do to try to resolve it.


Why am I getting double underlined links that display an ad?

This sounds like an advertisement coming from the website. Advertising funds websites that deliver otherwise free information. If you don’t want to look at it, you have only a few options.


Are Silent Background Updates a Good Thing?

In my opinion, background updates are awesome. I love that Chrome is always up to date without my ever even having to think about it. Let’s look at why.

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Is There a Way to Determine which Browser Tab is Playing Sound?

Websites that automatically play sound are evil, pure and simple. And there is only one way to quickly get rid of the intrusive sounds.

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Why Is AVG Telling Me IE Has High Memory Usage?

High memory usage by Internet Explorer can result from several different things. I’ll review the most common.

Why Did this Site Go Away? And How Do I Contact the Owner?

The site you’re used to visiting has simply gone away. Tracking down the owner might not be easy to do.

Should I Update to the Latest Internet Explorer?

It’s important to keep Internet Explorer up-to-date, even if you are using another browser. Take IE version updates whenever you are comfortable with them.


Why Does My Browser Warn Me that “Only Secure Content Is Displayed?”

Often, when a secure https site is fetching images from its unsecure http counterpart your browser will flash a security warning. It’s common, but is it something to worry about?

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How Do I Stop My Homepage from Changing?

If your Home page keeps changing after you have set it then I start to suspect malware. Time for a thorough malware scan and cleaning.

Internet Browsers

Can I Use More than One Browser?

You can install as many browsers as you like. Personally, I usually install at least two, if not three. However, there can be only one default.

Is there some way I can keep Windows Live Messenger?

The most important thing is to determine which messaging program the people you want to talk to will use.

How do I remove myself from a website I didn’t ask to be on?

What you did in this situation is exactly what I would have done: start by contacting the website and asking to be removed.

Why is a website telling me I need IE8 when I already run IE8?

It might be the website’s fault. It might be the browser’s fault. Either way, start by trying a different browser.

Why do I get script error messages in Windows 8 and not prior versions of Windows?

The tiled browser seems to be a different version of Internet Explorer. From what I can tell, it has reduced features and is less functional when compared with the normal Internet Explorer.

IE From the Tiled Start Menu

Why am I getting Object Errors on Windows 8 when I visit ESPN and Yahoo Sports?

My understanding is that the version of IE that you access from the Start menu is almost an Internet Explorer light… the full version is available elsewhere.

How Can I Find a Good Web Host?

Where to host your website depends on what kind of a website it is. Options range from free to expensive based on your needs.

Why Is My Browser Being Redirected?

Unexpected browser redirection is often the result of malware – usually malware on your machine, but occasionally a problem with the site.

Dealing with ‘Not Responding’ in Internet Explorer

‘Not Responding’ happens when a program hangs or takes too long to do something. In Internet Explorer, that’s often due to add-ons.

How Do I Get PDF Files to Open Inside My Browser? Or Not?

Configuring where PDF documents on the web should be displayed – within your browser or not – turns out to be somewhat tricky. I’ll look at the options.

How Do I Know What to Believe Online?

Deception online is trivially easy with today’s technologies. There’s more snake-oil on the internet than ever before – how do you know what’s legit?

What’s the Difference Between Streaming and Downloading a Video, and How Does It Impact the Limits My ISP Imposes?

Watching online video is popular but if your ISP imposes a data transfer limit there are some important differences between streaming and downloading.

Do Browser Features Offering Privacy Really Work?

Google Chrome offers Incognito mode, and IE8 offers InPrivate browsing. We’ll look at how they work, and how private they really are.

Why Don’t PDFs Print at the Same Size as the Original?

When a PDF is printed, even though it may be standard sized pages, the printer may add margins. You can adjust this behavior when you print.

Why Won’t Flash Work, Even Though It’s Installed?

Adobe Flash is a nearly ubiquitous tool for displaying video on the web. You must install it, of course, but often that’s not enough.

How can I automate an SFTP transfer between two servers?

No, not correct. As it turns out, this is something I do regularly with ssh, as well as both sftp and rsync, as part of my backup and load balancing approaches for Ask Leo! Let me walk you through what I’ve done.

I can’t access some websites … why?

Sometimes not being able to access certain web sites boils down to a simple network configuration tweak that I’ll detail here.

A photorealistic image in a 16:9 aspect ratio, showing a magnifying glass over a computer screen, symbolizing the search for the source of an unauthorized blog post. The computer screen should display a blurred blog page, indicating an online search without revealing specific content. The magnifying glass, held by a hand, focuses on a section of the screen, implying a detailed investigation. The setting should suggest a home or office environment, with subtle details like a desk, keyboard, and ambient lighting, emphasizing a personal quest for information. The image should convey urgency and meticulous attention, highlighting the importance of finding the source of the unauthorized post.

How Do I Remove My Email Address From A Malicious Blog Post?

Getting something off of the internet is difficult, at best.

What ever happened to RSS?

RSS hasn’t lived up to its promise. What will it take?

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How to Protect Your Photos Online: Lessons from a Victim of Image Theft

Welcome to the internet, where technology makes copying and stealing just about anything you see downright trivial. I’ll be honest … the photo that was stolen was mine.

What’s a “torrent”?

BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer file sharing technology.

How Do I Delete History Items from My Google Toolbar?

Deleting Google history takes a few steps, depending on what Google history you mean. Here are step-by-step instructions for deleting Google history.

Can I Control the Volume of Podcasts I Download?

I definitely understand the problem. I find myself adjusting the volume on many podcasts, and especially when I switch from one to another. The levels are rarely the same.

Can Internet Explorer’s History Be Undeleted?

We’ll look at a few ways that might be possible, but unlikely, to undelete the History.

Podsafe Music, and the Internet Economy

The podcast has new theme music – I explain why, and how.

“Web Search Garage”

Anyone can throw terms at Google and press “Search”. Web Search Garage takes you beyond just throwing words on the virtual wall and seeing what sticks.

What’ a Proxy Server?

Proxy servers sit between you and your internet connection, often caching or filtering the content as it makes its way from server to you.

Did Apple just pull a “Microsoft”?

iTunes now supports podcasting, but in doing so, did Apple take a page from Microsoft’s book of tactics?

Why do my “.cfm” files work in some browsers and not others?

Well, the good news is that’s it’s most likely an easy, if obscure, fix that you, or your webmaster, needs to do. The “bad” news, if you want to call it that, is this: the browsers that are showing you what you expect? They’re technically wrong.

Domain Envy? Or Domain Snobs?

I learned a new term this week, and talk about what I think is really going on.

What rights do I retain when I publish an RSS feed?

Let me preface this with the standard disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. But that doesn’t prevent me from having an opinion… RSS, by it’s very name, was developed for syndication – the act of aggregating and/or republishing the content published in the feed. There’s a problem that results from the tension between those two … Read more

What’s an MD5 Signature?

Well, it’s Message Digest algorithm number 5. That doesn’t help, does it? MD5 is one technique that’s frequently used to make sure that a file hasn’t been altered.

The Weakest Link

Can I track what links people are clicking on, even if they go off my site?

It’s often very desirable to see what links people are clicking on. Redirection services can often provide that information.

How Do I Keep the Status Bar from Disappearing in Internet Explorer 6?

In older versions of Internet Explorer 6 the status bar would disappear from view even though you explicitly turned it on.