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Should I Update to the Latest Internet Explorer?

Question: I have Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1. In the past, I’ve always been gun-shy to jump on the newest Microsoft release. On my computer, IE 9 takes second fiddle to Chrome. That said, along comes IE 10. In my experience, I usually wait about six months for them to work all the problems out before I update. So, what are your thoughts on the IE 10? Shall I wait a bit longer or jump?

Ultimately, if you’re running Chrome anyway, it’s a moot point. If you primarily use Chrome, just keep using it and keep it up-to-date (which Google does transparently for you).

I’d probably have you update Internet Explorer, but not for the reasons most people think.

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Which browser should I use?

I tend to agree that your six-month waiting period is probably a good one. Internet Explorer 10 is past that now, so it’s probably okay to install. I’ve not heard anything negative about it, above the usual grumbling that happens with every new release. I have IE 10 installed and use it from time to time to test various things, usually in response to reader questions.

Like you, I run Chrome most of the time. I happen to be more comfortable in Chrome, but honestly, at this point, it’s splitting hairs. The three major browsers – IE, Chrome, Firefox – are all good.

IE10 About BoxKeeping IE 10 up-to-date… even if you don’t use it

Even if you use another browser, it is in fact a good thing to keep Internet Explorer up-to-date. That means making sure you’re taking updates to Internet Explorer as they come from Windows Update. I don’t’ necessarily mean version upgrades, but the patches for IE 9 that you are already (hopefully) getting.

At some point, upgrading to IE 10 is a fine thing to do, and probably something you’ll want to do. There’s no rush, today, but eventually you’ll want to make the move. It keeps you current and makes sure that you get the latest patches. At some point, IE 9 is no longer going to be supported (much like IE 6 isn’t today).

I would strongly recommend that you continue to use Chrome the way you’re using it. Upgrade to IE 10 whenever you feel like doing it. Like I said, as you’re using Chrome, I don’t see a huge upside other than preparing for the future.

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4 comments on “Should I Update to the Latest Internet Explorer?”

  1. Thank goodness, IE finally joins rapid release – why even make it optional? The sad part is that IE has to win back a lot of lost love – and speed isn’t going to be the benchmark, it’s only one of them. Somehow, it’s got to fit this new line of genre browsers – “I use Chrome for this”, “I use Firefox for that” – skydrive would be a strong base – if they knew how to effectively tap it.

  2. I am confused have Windows 7 when do I need to get Windows 10 do not like changing am computer Dumb! I heard 7 will be useless by 2020 is 10 REALLY hard to get used to?

    • It will not be useless, it’ll keep working just as Windows XP keeps working today for many XP die-hards. In 2020 it’ll stop getting any updates, including security updates.

      Whether or not Windows 10 is hard depends more on you. I have heard both sides – some people thing it’s no big deal, others find it completely repulsive. All I can say is find a machine to try it on before you take the plunge, but you don’t need to be in a hurry.


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