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Online Shopping: Just How Safe Is It?

Online shopping is ubiquitous, and yet some avoid it completely. Why are some people afraid to shop online when it’s arguably safer than offline?

How Long Should a Password Be?

For years, the standard practice has been to assume that eight-character passwords made up of sufficiently random characters was enough. Not any more. Not even close.

Tip of the Day: Ignore Claims of Security in Email

Tip of the Day: Lock Your Phone

Can Someone Install Something on My Computer When It’s Not Logged In?

If your computer is not physically secure, someone could install something even if you’re not logged in.

Tip of the Day: Never Send Your Password via Email

Tip Of The Day: Password Protect Your Screen Saver

Tip of the Day: Only Open Safe Email Attachments

How Do I Remove Myself from a Machine?

Although there’s no way to remove all traces of yourself from a machine, there certainly are ways to remove as much as you can.

Tip of the Day: Lock Your Computer

One Reason Why You Don’t Need a New Computer

Buying a new machine is a common knee-jerk reaction to a bad malware infestation. And it’s wrong. Not just a little wrong — it’s very wrong and completely unnecessary.

Tip of the Day: Stay Up to Date

Tip of the Day: Hover Before Click

Why Do I See Lots of Failed Login Attempts on My Account?

We are all under constant attack. I’ll show you how to look at your recent activity and review why it might be full of failed login attempts.

Tip of the Day: Be Skeptical

If I Do These Things, Will I Be Anonymous?

Anonymity on the internet is really, really hard. Some of the practices we might use to stay anonymous could still be leaking identifiable, traceable information.

Why that “Unimportant” Account Matters

Regardless of your initial thoughts, every account is important, and you and I are all targets.

Tip of the Day: Make Your Passwords Longer

Tip of the Day: Back Up!

Tip of the Day: Watch Out for PUPs

Can My ISP Monitor My Internet Usage?

Your ISP controls your internet connection, and it’s easy for them to monitor the data you send and receive. The question is, why would anyone monitor your internet?

Tip of the Day: Change Your Router’s Password

Is an Up-to-Date Browser Secure on an Out-of-Date OS?

An up-to-date web browser is important, but it’s not the whole picture, by far.

8 Steps to a Secure Router

Your router is your first line of defense against malicious attacks from the internet. But do you have a secure router? I’ll review the important settings.

Tip of the Day: When In Doubt, Ask Someone Else

Tip of the Day: Don’t Focus on Ransomware

Tip Of The Day: Periodically Check Installed Programs

Tip of the Day: Beware of Misleading Ads

Tip of the Day: Don’t Log in with Facebook

Tip of the Day: Disabling Remote Access Doesn’t

Tip of the Day: Don’t Call That Number!

Tip of the Day: Really Erase that Disk Before Discarding

Tip of the Day: Don’t Panic

Tip of the Day: Use a Password Vault, Already

Tip of the Day: Watch Your CPU Usage for Malware

Tip of the Day: Pay Attention to the URL

Tip of the Day: If They Don’t Know Your Name, They Don’t Know You

Tip of the Day: Double-check the From: Address

Tip of the Day: Ignore Unknown Social Connections

Tip of the Day: Turn Off Bluetooth

Tip of the Day: Review Your Online Recovery Information

Tip of the Day: Consider a Throw-Away Account for Travel

Tip of the Day: Don’t Install It

Tip of the Day: Back Up Your Vault

Tip of the Day: Don’t Wait for the Statement

Tip of the Day: Enable Two-Factor Authentication for Amazon

Tip of the Day: Sign Up for Credit Card Usage Alerts

Tip of the Day: Don’t Call That Number!

Tip of the Day: Create a Throw-Away Account for Travel

Tip of the Day: Protect Your Personal Information