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A photorealistic image of a modern smartphone displaying a notification for an unexpected two-factor authentication request.

What to Do With an Unexpected Two-factor Code

Getting an unexpected authorization code on your phone or via email can be concerning. Let’s see when it’s a sign of a problem and what to do about it.

A user in a modern, well-lit office environment. The user is viewing their computer screen, which displays an email with a phishing attempt; a large, transparent fish hook symbol overlays the email content, indicating danger. Beside the computer, on the desk, is a smartphone showing a notification for a two-factor authentication (2FA) request.

Beware the Middleman: How Your 2FA Could Be Compromised

Some forms of two factor authentication have vulnerabilities. Here’s how to avoid it.

A close-up of hands using a smartphone or tablet, with the device's screen displaying a clear and bright passkey icon.

How Can Passkeys Possibly Be Safe?

Passkeys may feel confusing now, but they’re a doorway to a more secure, less frustrating, passwordless future.

Whither Authy?

Dealing With the Demise of Authy Desktop

Authy’s desktop version is going away (darn it!). Here’s how I will replace it.

A "Missing" poster. The poster is detailed and looks like it's pinned on a wooden board or wall. The top of the poster has bold, black text saying "Missing". Below the text, there's a high-quality, realistic photo of a mobile phone, depicting it as the missing item. The phone should look distinct and easily recognizable. The poster has a slightly weathered look, as if it has been up for a while, adding to the realism. The overall image captures the essence of a traditional missing item poster, with the unique twist of featuring a mobile phone as the missing object.

I Lost My Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Device. How Do I Sign In?

Fear of second-factor loss prevents some people from using two-factor authentication. There’s no need to fear that scenario.

Two Factor

Tip of the Day: Enable Multi-factor Authentication on Your Email Account

Two-factor authentication prompt from 1Password.

Tip of the Day: Add Two-factor to Your Password Vault

Two-factor authentication options.

Tip of the Day: Two Factor: There Can Be More Than One

Two Factor Authentication

Why ANY Two-Factor Is Better than No Two-Factor

Headlines are proclaiming that two-factor authentication has been hacked. That in no way means you shouldn’t use it. Your account is still much safer with two-factor enabled.

Authy. Part of the solution. (Screenshot:

A Lost-Second-Factor Tale of Woe and How to Avoid Your Own

A tech journalist lost his phone and encountered issues recovering a two-factor-protected account. We can all learn from his experience.

Yahoo Verification Options

Tip Of The Day: Check All Your Two-Factor Options Before Giving Up

Less Secure?

What Are “Less Secure Apps” and Why is My Gmail Not Working?

Google is increasing the security requirements for accessing your Gmail accounts. I’ll review what the change means and the options you have.

A Dead Phone

I Lost My Phone With My Second Factor for Authentication. How Do I Recover?

My phoned died, and with it, all the two-factor authentication methods I’d used it for. Here’s how I recovered.


Why Am I Being Asked for Additional Verification on Sign-in?

If Microsoft detects a login attempt to your account from a country other than yours, additional security information may be required. You need to be prepared to provide it.

No Password!

Is Passwordless Authentication Safe?

Passwordless authentication removes the need for a password and replaces it with something else. But can that be secure?

A two-factor key fob.

The Easy-to-Avoid Two-Factor Loss Risk

Two-factor authentication is an important tool to keep accounts secure, but prepare for losing the second factor so you don’t lose your account.

SMS Eavesdropping

Yes, SMS Two-Factor Authentication is Broken; Use it Anyway

SMS messaging has some serious security vulnerabilities, but does that mean you should always avoid it? No.


Why Password Managers Are [Still] Safer than the Alternatives

If you’re not using a password manager, you’re likely compromising your security more than necessary. Here’s why using one is safer.

Two Factor Authentication

How Two-Factor Authentication Works

Two-factor authentication is a great way to keep your accounts secure from hackers — even those who manage to get your password.

A Two-factor Code Sent By Email

Tip of the Day: Pay Attention to Unexpected Two-factor Notifications

What if I Lose My Second Factor?

What If I Lose My Second Factor?

When you lose your second factor, there are two things to be concerned about: getting into your own account — for which you should be prepared — and someone else having access to your second factor — which isn’t as scary as it sounds.

Password Field Entry

Who’s Trying to Change My Password?

If your account has not actually been hacked, there’s little anyone can do to find out who’s trying to log in as you. But there are steps you can take to protect yourself from would-be hackers and phishing scams.

Working from home

Five Steps to Better Security Working from Home

Security threats for people working from home are increasing. I’ll review steps you need to take to keep yourself, your company, and your job safe.

Setting Up Two-Factor Authentication -- Ask Leo! Live

Setting Up Two-Factor Authentication — Ask Leo! Live

Two-factor authentication is perhaps the most important, if not most recommended, additional security steps you can take for your online accounts. I walk through two-factor using a Microsoft account.

Authy desktop

Tip of the Day: Use Authy for Two-Factor

Two-step authentication alternatives in Google

Tip of the Day: Prepare for Losing Your Second Factor

Two-factor Authentication

Tip of the Day: Plan Ahead for Two-factor Disaster

You've Been Hacked!

What Can We Learn from Mat Honan?

Mat Honan is a reporter for Wired magazine whose digital life was effectively destroyed due to account hacks and lax security policies. There are important lessons here.

It's a global threat.

Why Do I See Lots of Failed Login Attempts on My Account?

I’ll show you how to look at your recent activity and review why it might be full of failed login attempts.

Is Online Banking Safe?

Is Online Banking Safe?

You can bank online safely, as long as you know what to look for and what steps to take.

Two factor authentication

Two-factor Might Be Hackable? USE IT ANYWAY!

Another scare about two-factor authentication perhaps being hackable? DO NOT let that stop you from using it.


Don’t Lose Your Phone: Here’s What Can Happen (and How to Prepare)

Given how much we’ve come to rely on them, are you prepared to lose your mobile device?