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A cartoon-style image of a race track featuring runners racing, with the runner dressed as a black hat hacker clearly winning. The black hat hacker, in a cartoonish dark outfit with a stylized black hat, should be significantly ahead of the runner dressed as a white hat hacker, who is in a cartoonish light-colored outfit with a whimsical white hat. The background should show a colorful race track, emphasizing a playful and fun approach to the concept of cybersecurity.

Are the Bad Guys Winning?

Media hype makes it seem like the bad guys are winning. They’re always in the lead – but don’t believe the hype.

Brute Force

How Can a Hacker Try All Possible Passwords If Systems Block Failed Login Attempts?

Some hackers go for the low-hanging fruit and try the most common passwords, but there is one scenario where brute force works very well.

It's Not About You

Tip of the Day: Hacks Aren’t About You

Microsoft account activity

Why Do I See Lots of Failed Login Attempts on My Account?

We are all under constant attack. I’ll show you how to look at your recent activity and review why it might be full of failed login attempts.

Hacker in the night

How Do I Keep My Computer from Being Hacked at Night?

Hacking attempts happen all day long. You really need to protect yourself 24/7. Fortunately, there are several steps that you can take to stay safe.


How Do Webcams Get Hacked?

The bottom line is – avoid malware. Do all of the things you know to do to keep your machine safe and malware-free and you will also keep your webcam secure.