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Is changing my password enough?

Is Changing My Password Enough?

Changing your password is a common response to account hacks. Unfortunately, it isn’t enough.

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I see lots of failed attempts to login to my account, should I do anything?

One thing that everyone needs to realize is that our accounts are pretty much under constant attack. We certainly need to act like they are.

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Is application-provided encryption secure?

Lots of people keep their passwords and sensitive information in documents or spreadsheets sporting a password. Is that really safe?

Why Are Sites Making It Difficult for Password Managers?

Long passwords are your top-line of defense in internet security. Don’t let any trends steer you in the other direction.

LastPass – Securely Keep Track of Multiple Passwords on Multiple Devices

One of the problems with current online safety advice is keeping tack of multiple different secure passwords. LastPass not only does that, but does it across multiple devices and very securely.