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How Do I Contact Hotmail Customer Service?

How do I contact Hotmail Customer Service?

This article has been replaced with an update: How Do I Contact Customer Service for

Being a free service, Hotmail’s customer serice isn’t as extensive, or as immediate, as that of a full featured mail or ISP service you might pay for. But it is there; buried a little, but it’s there.

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To contact Hotmail Customer Service:

  • Log in to Hotmail – ideally with the account you have a question on, but any account will do.
  • Click on Help, in the upper right corner of the Hotmail page.
  • Click on View other Help suggestions or contact us near the bottom of the left hand side of the resulting page.
  • Select Other – Contact MSN Hotmail in the Category drop-down list.
  • Fill out the contact form. new email domains I don’t know how quickly Hotmail Support responds to messages posted there, but it’s the only way in I’ve found so far.

As far as I can tell they do not have a customer service phone number or any kind of rapid response for their free services.

Good luck!

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186 comments on “How Do I Contact Hotmail Customer Service?”

  1. I have had problems with sending and receiving emails via hotmail. Some outgoing messages are taking up to 24 hrs to, Now I cant access my inbox. I have talked to MSN three times and this morning they finally admitted that there is a problem. I have had to switch to an alternate address outside of hotmail.
    all that MSN would say is that they are working on the problem.

  2. hi,
    my name is evans a college student and have documents in my account. but since last week, i cannot get into my account to submit my home works to my professors. eventhough, incase of anything, i was experting your company to give me ahead notice of cancellation of my account..
    i will be very glad if u give me like 2 to 3 days to copy all my work into my school e-mail so that i can submit my work to my professors.. my e-mail account was , password is *******.. hope to hear from you through my sch e-mail at u can also call me 201 *** **** (cell).

  3. Evans:
    1) NEVER EVER post your password, phone number, or any personal information in a public forum such as this one. ANYONE can see it. (I’ve editted the information out of your post.)
    2) I am not HotMail, and I am not Microsoft. I *cannot* get you your account back or help you gaining access to it. You need to follow the instructions in the article at the top of the page and contact HotMail Customer Service yourself.

  4. Looks like I’m not the only one who has had lots of Hotmail problems recently. Last week almost impossible to coordinate flight/travel plans. Finally just used the phone.

    Just wondered if anyone has seen the additional storage promised months ago? I know they’re holding out hoping everyone will “upgrade” and pay, but they should be noticing the exodus to Gmail and Yahoo by now??

  5. What could be done when a wonderfully working Hotmail reports “Page cannot be displayed” ! My friends account works well from my pc. I tried all possibility – Firewall, settings, cookies, registry – so much so I am unable to open my inbox form any computer ! Wierd !

  6. I too have been battling the “page cannot be displayed” problem since early Friday morning.

    Add your Hotmail account in Outlook Express (Tools, Accounts, Mail tab, Add–>Mail). Go through the wizard, and make sure you choose “HTTP” as the incoming mail server and “Hotmail” as the HTTP mail service provider on the Email Server Names screen. This has allowed me to download my messages from Hotmail.

    I did most of my conversion to Yahoo mail yesterday. Now I will be able to finish it up. :) You may want to consider switching as well! ~mmm

  7. I thought I was the only one facing such problems coz all my other friends seem to be able to access their accounts. I have posted my problem to hotmail support everyday since it started but to no avail. The only solution i found so far was accessing the account throught WAP on the mobile. I surprisingly got through my account and was able to read all my emails.

  8. I spoke to a customer service rep, and he said that some of their servers were down for upgrades and wasn’t sure when they’d be back up and running. My email has been down since Sept 17th, but my other hotmail address opens up just fine. He suggested to open the emails through Outlook, which I don’t have on my imac. Sigh…. I guess I’ll just have to wait….

  9. Hi…

    Could someone please be willing to explain how to use Outlook Express, and where they downloaded it from. I’ve not been successful in locating how to set up OE e-mail to retrieve my elusive Hotmail e-mail. Thanks. Elk Hollow

  10. I have my front “MY MSN” page set up to show my Hotmail inbox. It always says “you have no new messages in your inbox”, yet there ARE new messages. I have to click on Hotmail before I can view them. Previously, I could click directly on the message from my “My MSN” front page.

  11. Hotmail’s “contact us” is a bunch of crap. The online form doesn’t work. There is NO WAY to contact them. Their service is GARBAGE and I’m switching to Yahoo.

    • Hotmail has cost me hours of frustration with NO help from them. AMEN and I quit. I lose all my information.

  12. I have sent 5 emails to “hotmail contact” and they will not respond. I changed my password a few days ago and something went wrong and now I am not able to get into my email that I have had for 5 years. Any suggestions other than HOTMAIL SUPPORT SUCKS?

  13. I don’t know why we are having fits lately. Is it the latest IE service pak 2?

    I have comcast high speed internet and i still get “timed out” when trying to get to hotmail. some other sites are being dogged down too. like Mapquest. they are another one being way slow, or impossible to contact.

    starting to think yahoo is the better way to go.

  14. Don’t bother trying to email hotmail. I even have a paid account $59.95 a year and They have not responded to my 30 emails in 8 months. A few they have but my question is simple and it is apparent they are robots over their in 2cd grade

  15. I have been trying to access my hotmail account since noon, Nov 5th, it is now 11pm Nov 8th, UK time! I need to access my mails, this seems to go beyond technological problems, is anyone actually working to rectify what seems to be a fairly major hitch? I for one, would like more details than ‘sorry, we continue to experience technical difficulties’ it does nothing to alleviate my annoyance and frustration. What exactly is the problem, am I likely to see it resolved in my lifetime, does me having a free account put me on a low priority rating when it comes to sorting out problems? Is this a fore-runner to hotmail being a pay only service?

  16. Thank God it’s not just me then!
    Haven’t been able to getinto my e-mail since 5th Nov.its now 11th Nov. started off ‘Temp. Unavailable….’ now its ‘Error, an internal error…’ what a great system though for customer complaints/problems. The problem is that when you have the problem of not being able to access your Hotmail, you can’t do anything about it because you need to be able to access Hotmail to ‘Contact Us’! MMM good thinking dipSh*t! Anyway glad to see that others in the Uk and elsewhere are as mightly pissed as I am at not getting any mail for 6 days.
    best of luck
    Grunter the pissed off Jock!!!

  17. I recently signed up with Hotmail (mistake?!) Every time I send a letter, I check my “sent mail” box and it’s always empty! As if I’ve never sent anything. But my letters ARE reaching their destination. Any idea of what I can do? Helene

  18. Make sure that “Copy Message to Sent Folder ” is checked when you compose a new message. It’s near the bottom of the compose email page.

  19. hi. everyone i know who uses a hotmail email account has been upgraded and currently uses 250mb of email storage, whereas i am still stuck with the 2mb. how can i “upgrade” and have the 250mb of free email storage?

  20. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one having problems with hotmail. I was hoping to find a customer serv. phone # for them, as I’ve gotten no response by email. I cannot reply to emails, only type new ones. And I get the server too busy reply frequently! I, too, am having problems with attaching files–I’ve been experiencing these problems for about a week. Since space was upgraded it seems to run very slow. If anyone knows of a phone number, please pass along! Thanks!

  21. Ok somebody somehow goy my pass word and changed everything on me.. is there any way i can verify my self and get my user name and password back all my friends are on there.. and i cant possibly remember or even get all the emails back

  22. I have a problem hope you can help me out. I sent an email to a friend it say it wen through, but my friend say she did not receive it. I had this problem happen to me before. What can I do to make sure my friend receive my email from hotmail so that in teh future this problem won’t happen again

  23. Listen up!
    There is nothing wrong with anything you all are doing-Hotmail is just SCREWED UP for several days because they cannot handle the larger storage amounts they added to everyone’s account recently.
    Their servers are too busy, so be patient or do like I did and create a new free account @ yahoo or elsewhere to use in the meantime or for good. Hotmail is trying to compete with other free mail carriers and cannot because they were not equipped to do this yet.
    So, consequently, they have to enable a larger amount of servers, and they cannot while so many people are using their service.
    The next time you can get logged on do this: copy and paste your addresses to another email account and send notices to all your contacts to use a new address.
    As for those who think their stuff is gone, be assured it is NOT in the trash, it is still there.
    To verify click on ‘manage folders’ and you’ll see the number (in brackets) of messages are still there, you just cannot access them @ that time.
    There is no 800 number and when sending a message to the ‘contact MSN’ under the help button, they will send you a verification number that they received your message, BUT so far they have not responded to people. They are just too busy.
    Do not give out verification of your address and password as they will not ask you this at any time. This is a HOAX, and identity theft is dominating the computer servers so be forewarned, do not ever verify anything as they won’t ask. Go to MSN’s website to verify what I’ve said here.
    If you, unfortunately, have already verified info and your stuff has been stolen, good luck getting it back. We are all supposed to be informed when we use our sysytems and all people are responsible for their own stuff.
    DO NOT give out any passwords ever, not even if it sounds legitimate. No company will ever ask you for them online.
    I live and work here in the Silicon Valley and have extensive knowledge on this stuff, so trust me-I would not waste my time posting this if I didn’t know it to be the gospel according to computers.

  24. I need to speak to someone abut the problems I am having with my hotmail account. I have tried posting on the help webpage, but I get errors there too. I cannot attach or open attachments without trying 50 times. I get constant error messages and server busy messages. There is no way to contact you guys. If I cannot speak to someone, I will switch email providers.


  26. Hi for the past week or so during the course of the business day (9-7pm) I am unable to reply to my emails. I keep getting a “Server Too Busy” message when I attempt to send an email. Sometimes when I hit send, the browser will go to an error page or go blank. Why is this? Are other people complaining about this problem? Will this probelm be corrected in the immediate furture? I have NEVER had this problem until recently. And I guess I am better of than some in that so far, I am receiving incoming mail with no problem. I don’t want to change to another email provider, but this is a huge inconvenience. As customers, I think many of us would be more tolerable if Hotmail would kindly address what is going on and at least acknowlege that there is a problem and that they are working to correct it. Thank you!! :-)

  27. To all people who are having problems on Hotmail, I too have them all (attachments supposedly infected with virus, blank page after sending a mail, server too busy, etc…). However, I noticed that I have less errors when I use the firefox browser than when I use Internet Explorer. But the main problems are still there, especially the attachments… Also, I haven’t read about this problem in this forum, but sometimes, when I click on INBOX, I get my INBOX folder to be mixed up with my other personalized folder and I cannot access it. I found that if I log out and relogin, then it works. Microsoft has been doing changes on hotmail but it’s obvious that they messed up! So, download firefox if you don’t already have it and it should be a little bit better (

  28. I am now unable to download any attachments from different mailings addressed to me, because a pop-up warning from someone that calls itself TrendLabs and claims to be in Australia, says that ALL the attachments I get (national and from abroad)have a virus ….. and it seems to me that TrendLabs is forcing hotmail subcribers to pay them for “purchasing” their protection. What shall I do? To whom do I complain? Should I report it to the FBI? Thanks for your comment. Robert.

  29. Hello Everyone:

    I did not believe Fabien when I read his comment about using FireFox instead of IE to access HotMail. But, I went ahead and tried it anyway because I had not been able to access my HotMail account for several days… I could not believe it, it worked! I just sent my first reply to my emails using the FireFox browser.

    Fabien, please accept my appologies, as well as thanks!


    More Software

  30. I have changed my password and I don’t remember my new passowrd and I am sooooooooooo sad about it. I also don’t remember my answer question.
    plz I request from Any one if they can solve my problem that would be such a great help for a human. if there is a way to ask me about my contact, about my previews password and about my previews secret answer then plz……….. help me! I really need for you help I really need for your help. if any one can help me so plz send me in this email:

  31. Dear technical support

    Iam trying to get a hold of one of your technical helper. I do have couples of problems regardings my accounts.
    1) Someone as stolen 2 of my accounts which those are and
    2) Someone is pretending to be me thru my accounts and are stilling money from my family from France. Which I do believe that is the same persone.
    Iam really upset about this problem because the case is getting serious each time my family from France e-mails me.
    Please contact me asap so we can discuss or actually act before that person get a hold of my bank account as well.
    Thank you
    Best regards

  32. No one here is affiliated with Hotmail or Microsoft in any way. We cannot help you directly, beyond the information posted in the articles here. You’ll need to attempt to contact someone at Microsoft, MSN or Hotmail.

  33. I just want to NOT have a hotmail e-mail address and I can’t seem to unsubscribe!! This seems like a simple request, but I’m not very good at computers and have tried everything to CLOSE MY HOTMAIL E-MAIL!! I feel like “Caddy Shack” – every morning, I have the same 6 messages, and every morning, I try to delete my account! Please help!!!! Thanks.

  34. Hello,,
    Some one has changed my Hotmail password for my main email account of, and I do not remember my secret question to change it back.
    How do I get my account back??????? This account is extremely important, and I can

  35. Every week or so when I sign into my Hotmail account ,they say they are being over protective and ask me about an account thats not mine ,and when I ring and tell them to piss the other account off ,I get asked for money WTF

  36. outlook is completely useless, I have been blocked out of my account, have been on a Microsoft chat room with a representative and they told me they would send an email to another account to follow the steps to get my email back and haven’t received it, I have tried codes to get back onto it, and nothing, I have rung Microsoft to get them to do it from there and they transferred me to technical support, as I could not understand what she was saying I asked to speak to a manager or supervisor and she went off at me, and stated yelling asking me all these questions, seriously is it really that hard to get a supervisor, and told me that if I wanted her to fix my account it would cost $60 for their mistake, they are the ones who blocked me out of my account, they cant take it and shove it up their but! never again am I making a new account with this company, I understand that all these security measures, but they just make it to difficult to access the account if something goes wrong, now because of them, I have wasted a day changing details with every other company I am with. and have lost emails that I cannot get back. NEVER AGAIN AM I MAKING ANOTHER ACCOUNT WITH THIS COMPANY!

  37. leo i cant get in to my email it keeps saying enter code to protect account im trying to get code bt its not getting send to my phone by text

  38. I no longer have access to my alternative email address. I went to sign in to Hotmail for the first time in ages then it wanted to do a security check. I entered an email address where I would like to receive the security info. In order to process this they have a message on screen saying they will email a security code to my alternative email address on the 15/08/14 which I cant access anymore. I need to stop them sending my security code to that email address and change my alternative email address.
    I can get into my emails but when I click on the security and password option its takes me back to the screen saying they will send me a new code on the 15/08/14 I cant access the part to change my alternative email address.
    Can you help?

  39. HELLO ,


  40. Good day!
    I’ve been trying to open my account but to no avail. Somebody had hacked my account and it is not possible for me to open it anymore. Can you please help me to re-open it because I use this for business purposes. I can send you proof of my identity to confirm that I am the authorized user of this account. I have lost the code you have sent to me long ago but I have already forgotten that one. It will be my pleasure if you could help me with my account problem. Thank you very much and I hope to fixed this matter as soon as possible.

  41. Hotmail has become big brother or other bullshit, why can’t i sign in, i havent made a mistake but keeps asking for security codes and shit like that, i am pevved off right now, the two accounts that join the one – asks the other to login or be locked out. This is some IT jerk off play jokes. Call us overprotective – call you suffering from granduelle
    not happy

  42. ive want an alias but msn tell me its in use, how can that be ? I own the email address, how find out who is using it?

    • That means that someone else has already signed up and is using that alias. If you want to find out who’s using it, you can send an email to that address and ask them. It wouldn’t surprise me if they ignored your email or responded negatively. I’d just try to think if a new alias which hasn’t been taken and get on with my life.

  43. I can’t stand how HOTMAIL doesn’t work and is always coming up with “recover webpage” and something to do with script running..

    All I want to do is open my messages, Hotmail is always having problems, could someone please tell me how to fix this problem or at least who I can kick in the shin for making Hotmail so s*** now.

    Thank you
    Kind regards
    Sparky :-)

  44. My mobile phone with my e-mail account on it is in Milton Keynes Police custody along with other 3 mobiles, and I have a sneaky suspicion that the Police have deleted some of my e-mails that I had “flagged” on my account, and I want to know if there is any way of retrieving those e-mails.

  45. Hi Leo,
    I have two emails that I was using for hotmail that I havent used for awhile they have some important between my father

  46. hi my name is nicole and no matter how many times i contact microsft or anyone i cant access my account iv had my account since i was like 11 and it has always been active until recently i aswered all the security questions and gave them all the details more than they could imagine and yet iv been blocked from my own frigging account that email has a lot of very valuable and important stuff on it all i want is to send it over to my other account and because of this iv been blocked its frigging rediculous need some help asap as this is down right stupid now and im getting very very very very very very pissed off

  47. John Henke
    {email removed}

    February 26, 2015


    I have been having problems with the format in my sent e-mails and received emails in my e-mail account.

    I copy and paste the information into the body of the sent e-mail at:
    • Line spacing: single
    • At: 0

    When I open the sent e-mail it comes up as:
    • 16.2 Spacing

    This is also happens in my inbox as well.

    Why is it coming up like that?

    Is there anything I can do to prevent this? I am just basic with computers. Any help would be appreciated.


    John Henke

  48. I have found the microsoft hotmail help team un-beleiveable appalling. i am unable to actually call anyone to retrieve my password i.e. help desk/call centre. (or if there is one the number is hidden to the ends of the earth online-probaby to stop people calling in- again very poor). instead i am expected to know intricate information about my account that i hardly ever use. This has now cause me countless amounts of stress as my iPhone will not actually operate properly until i have entered my iCloud password which i do not know. i need to be able to access my {email-removed} account in order to reset this. I use my iPhone for business so has in fact lost me business and also money of which i desperately require having a commission only based job. I do hope that whowever reads this understands the seriousness and my anger towards hotmail. A resolution would be for a team member to contact me on my mobile number which is {phone-number-removed}, and simply unblock my count by asking some general security questions. not information about previous passwords(do you think I’m going to remember previous password if i have forgot my current one? – absolutely illogical!!!!) and not information about the subject headings of my latest emails which i probably sent months ago, again illogical and i don’t have a photographic memory. Massively disgruntled as you can probably tell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Hi i forgot my password and the back up email is for my former employers. please send me a response to yahoo account which i am currently using since i cant get into the hotmail account.

  50. To Whom it may concerned
    I had both these emails but I did not open them for along time, I am trying to open them right now how to reopen both emails I had them( {email address removed}, and {email address removed} thank you for your time.

    Hussain alaaedi
    Seattle, WA

  51. Last year when I traveled to the U.S. for the summer my hotmail wouldn’t open- apparently the system didn’t recognize the computer I was using. In order to avoid the same problem this year I am trying to contact hotmail. I tried to follow your instructions above, but the third step, “View other help suggestions or contact hotmail” does not appear to be on the page. The whole point of having a hotmail account is to be able to access it anywhere, so this security measure is a nightmare. Last summer I missed some important e-mails. Hoping someone can help, Sasha Cooke

    • If you set up a recovery code for your Hotmail account, you should be able to use it anywhere in the world to gain access to your account.

      I’d also open an email account with an email service provider which doesn’t have all of the hoops such as requiring confirmation to access the account in another country and/or from another computer. I have an account with I find that account too limited to use for real email, but I’ve been able to log into it to get authentication for my other email accounts when traveling.

  52. I am unable to login my email id {removed} I am not using the registered mobile no.{removed} which is lapsed. Hence I am unable to recover my id from the mobile. Now the mobile number that I am using is : {removed}. Please help to get the email id login.

  53. i have joined a site on my computer, i am sending messages but are not getting any anwers back. the company says my e-mail address, is in a HARD BOUNCE STATE (i don’t know what this means) but they were told by you ,i need to set up a newe-mail address. i dont really want to do that, so can you help me please ,just so that my e-mails can get to certain persons, and get answers back from whom i right to. thank you

    • I’ve had things like that happen when my email provider’s domain name was labeled as a spammer. In my case it was Hotmail (one of the biggest email providers in the world) blocking all (the largest email provider in the Germany speaking countries). In that case, I opened up a separate email address to send to people with Hotmail accounts. You say you don’t want to open another email account, but that is probably your easiest if not your only solution.

      I was finally able to get the problem solved, but that involved writing to a big name tech journalist who had enough influence to get Microsoft to un-blacklist GMX.

  54. Dear,
    It is stated whenever I tried to use my email account after some days I cant found history of my email or other data which used by me then I have to reset my account now I am fed up to reset my account again and again so I have doubt that someone follow up me may be he or she try to misuse my account. I want have all proper detail about my account I hope you will consider my pain seriously. I am suffering from this problem since 2014. or in other words i simply said someone hacked my account multiples times since 2014. there is a chance of misuse of this account . or might be misused by some one


  55. I can receive emails to Hotmail addresses but cannot reply to or send any messages to ANY Hotmail addresses. What can I do?

    • I had that problem years ago. It was a problem that Hotmail was rejecting all emails from my email service provider, which incidentally is the largest freemail provider in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The problem was eventually solved by writing to a well known reviewer of Microsoft products who had the possibility of contacting Microsoft for me. In the meantime I used another provider, GMail, to send email to MS email accounts.

  56. I’ve been having trouble for several months now, every time I try to log in to my account, I get told my password is wrong and have to do it again, and sometimes I have to do it a 3rd time, and it is really Pissing Me Off!
    I tried to do what you said about clicking on the help page, but I do not get the information that you said would be there and cannot find any other way of contacting Hotmail/Outlook!
    Up until recently, I was happy with Hotmail, I used to have an account with Gmail and got rid of it because I was sick of the constant, smutty emails I was getting from women offering me sex!
    Many of them pretended that we had met before at a local coffee shop or that they had seen my profile on a Dating Site, neither of which was possible, considering I don’t go to Coffee Shops and don’t belong to a Dating Site, and then there is the fact that I am Gay and not interested in women!?
    I complained to Gmail several times in regard to this matter, and they never answered me!
    I deleted my Gmail account on the day that I received 53 smutty emails from women and switched to Hotmail!
    I’ve never had a problem with smutty emails with Hotmail, I just have the problem with them not accepting my password!
    So word of advice to anyone thinking of switching to Gmail, DON’T!
    Unless you like getting Smutty emails, which are probably just ways of getting viruses into your computer if you are stupid enough to actually open them!?

  57. peace and bllesings os good be with you ,my problem is with my inbox on hotmail , i recive frome 15 antill 35 leter frome strange peopel who i do not know who they are i have meak them bllok and delet frome my inbox but i am still teak antill 25 leter per 3 days on week is there any chance to stop this peopel disturb me with withs cinde of uneacpete emails

    sorry about my english
    be blessed

  58. I have Hotmail e-mail and it is close to 20 years old and I used to have alternative account and it is defunct now. Now, I am trying to get my account back and it is impossible to access the support and explain the situation and I cannot even remember what security questions I had put on at the time. I have so much information with this e-mail and if I were to loose the e-mail I will literally starved off so much documents and information. Please advise the best way to get back this my e-mail please!

  59. Hey I have deleted some of my very important personal emails few months ago accidentally. How can I recover my emails?

    • Hotmail doesn’t appear to have any mechanism for recovering deleted email which are no longer in the Trash folder. Especially if they were deleted months ago.

    • If they’re not in the Trash folder, and you haven’t backed up your email elsewhere, then you likely cannot recover them.

  60. I live in Australia & I have a few Hotmail accounts , the last 4 days or so a few of my Hotmail accounts are having problems with not being able to
    open my email messages , I can’t send new messages either , when I try to log off the drop down tab with my name on it does not work and I have
    close my screen off to get off my account , I have got onto the Microsoft community and other people are having the same trouble so I am not alone .
    Some of my other accounts like and are okay and working fine , I just need to know whats going on as its affecting some of my
    future business dealings , also this morning I created a brand new account and it totally failed to work and log off .
    Please help as I don’t know what to , some people are saying Google Chrome is worse for them and Internet Explorer is the best , well that what I use and
    it works ok on my other accounts so I cant understand why this is happening .
    Please help me !

  61. WE are a tourism company and we want to make emails for our employees at hotmail online server <<<< specially for our company

  62. If I could log in, I wouldn’t need to contact them. When I click on my Hotmail (same as 10,000) times before, I get a screen asking me to sign in using my Microsoft account. Don’t have one that I know of and don’t want one. Of course the email account below is not my Hotmail account.

    • Your Hotmail account is your Microsoft account. The email you see on the login page should be your Hotmail account. If it’s not, then that explains why you can’t log in. Switch it to your actual Hotmail account and things will work better!

    • Your hotmail account IS your Microsoft account. If you can’t get into it, then you’ll need to create a new one in order to contact their customer service to get help on the first one.

  63. My emails also go to my IPhone. Suddenly they stopped and I get an error message that my Hotmail password is invalid, but it works on a desk top or laptop. It will not let me access passed emails either.

  64. Dear Sirs
    I observe a new interface of the OUTLOOK Email from today. It is deffective. Even I don’t find my own Folder in the list. The previous screen was much better for me. Could you please get me back to the previous interface (screen)?
    Kind regards
    Mohammed Razzaque

    • Nope. Microsoft generally changes the interface as they will, without keeping the old one. *I* certainly can’t do anything.

  65. Just like that, out of the blue, after logging in, I get te message “It appears somebody else is using your account”. Following the “next” procedure I come to the point where they allow me to change my password, with the friendly message: “Your password has been successfully changed, you can now access your account”. But NO, again and again the same “It appears somebody else is, etc.” appears without further comments or instructions. Eventually I create a new Outlook account, and now I get a questionnaire which will help me to recover my old hotmail account (I had it for 16 years without problems). Immediately it appears to me that these “questions” are tricky and irrelevant. They ask you passwords which you used in the past; subjects of “recent” mails you have sent (“recent” is not specified; but the “somebody” who appears to use my account could just as well have seen those mails, so an adequate answer to this question does not at all verify the identity of the owner). Anyway after submitting this questionnaire twice (you can only submit the questionnaire once every 24 hours, apparently the services are overloaded), I get the (expected) answer: “Your answers are insufficient or do not allow us to verify your identity”. In fact I suspect you are dealing with an automatic reply machine, which generates standard answers, without really verifying, or else rejecting any small deviation from the expected answer. Moreover, nowadays there are other and more efficient ways of verifying someone’s identity. And there is NOBODY there, absolutely NOBODY to verify or to explain or to complain to.

  66. Went to browse around on internet. Confirmed the fact that the questionnaire that has to be submitted in order to restore an account does not work. Even saw comments by customers who were asked for money before the account was restored There is some kind of scam out there, but why in the twisted minds of hotmail, outlook, or microsoft nerds such procedures are invented and promoted and for what prupose, remains a mistery to me. Why not just tell the “customer” the truth: you are using a “free = non-paying = gratuit” service, so do not complain if the whole thing blows up. A better solution would be to end the whole racket and provide some decent service (for a charge). Hotmail, outlook is not microsoft??? Ok??? How is that? I thought the whole thing was linked to microsoft. Does microsoft not have enough cash to provide a decent service for “something” directly linked to them?

  67. After logging in to outlook acct, and click on “Inbox” (or any other folder) nothing happens. Can’t see emails or read.
    I’ve logged in and out a few times and it’s still not working. I noticed also that my “sent” folder is empty – which is startling. Can I recover them? I didn’t empty it and they aren’t in my “deleted” folder because there would be a higher # in deleted
    if that was so.
    The other folders aren’t empty but can’t access. What do I do?

  68. Hello concerned,

    I would really appreciate your assistance in following areas:
    (a) accessing my email address ({removed}). Despite inserting the correct password, I am unable to access my account because I require a code
    (b) recovering my inbox of emails. Upon visiting my account in May, I noticed that all of my inboxed emails as well as sent emails were deleted. I lost several valuable attachments and correspondences. Can I be granted access to these emails?

    I can be reached on {removed}. I would be looking forward to your communication.

    Kind regards,

    Andre Pompey

    • Hi,

      I cant access my email and it is very frustrating. I have tried to access it through the questions asked, but it is still not possible. The recovery email address I havent used for some years now. Furthermore, my Facebook and my gmail accounts are both linked to my Hotmail address. How can I recover my email address? I urgently need access to it.

      Thank you!

  69. To Whom it may concern”

    I am having trouble with my email account. i have reset my password a number of times and it will still not allow me to use my password to gain entrance to my email and would appreciate it if I could get into my account using my password. If you have any suggestion regarding this I would love to hear them. I would like to use my original password because it is easy for me to remember and I don’t know how to get passed the security that you have set up not to allow the password to be entered. Please help thank you.

    • We actually aren’t Hotmail. Please follow the suggestions in the article you comment on for help with your access issue.

  70. I want to make a complaint please. I had to make a new hotmail email address and i did not want to. I do not remember my old mobile number that ends in 04. Can you please email me back

  71. I have five lists of friends I send a newsletter to. Until yesterday, I was able to send it out — Friends1, Friends2, etc. and there was no problem. (Eacn group had less than 50 names) Yesterday and today, however, I couldn’t send it out to the last two lists — an icon says ERROR can’t send now, try later. I have tried and tried and tried and it still won’t send them out. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM???? PLEASE HELP.

  72. my name is taimur i just just moved to italy from pakistan and i cant access my account recovery is also difficult because i dont have pakistani number to receive code for recovery m fedup with this coz i have to submit important docs in my e mail

  73. i am Deborah i just opened an account today and my has been blocked still today and please how can i get it back because i haven’t sent any mail or receive any mail today

  74. My name is Arjanto and everytime I use hotmail from the phone, it suddenly said my account has been used by someone else, and its hard to recover my account since it was made in the past with a different phone number.
    What is the problem with hotmail?

    • No problem with hotmail at all – it’s protecting you from unauthorized access. The problem is only if you never updated the phone number with Hotmail. It’s possible you could lose your account as a result.

  75. My name is {name removed} at home I have a tablet Hotmail is OK
    I go to Dunedin library usually on a Friday and. Today I could not log
    On I. Was told I need a new password.
    I need to go to the library as I cannot retrieve things back to the
    Tablet it goes to the computer. I am the only person that uses that
    Password. I feel it’s because I use the tablet and go to the library.
    Please help Thank you.

    • Logging in from two locations can be difficult. Of course you’ll need to use the same password each time and from each location. If you change the password from one location then that’s what you need to use everywhere. Just be sure to always log out of your account if you use it at the library. It’s easy to forget and if you don’t do that, then your account will be sitting open and someone else could do some mischief.

  76. when I go to JUNK MAIL and choose BLOCK, MY email address shows and says I cannot block any mails………………. ????????????? Also some email that is NOT JUNK goes to JUNK

    • If the spammers use your email address as a return address, you won’t be able to block it. Otherwise, you would be blocking yourself. It’s better just to mark those emails as junk and let the spam filter learn to recognize spam. As for real email going into the Junk folder, it’s common for the filter to get it wrong sometimes. That’s why it’s important to check the spam folder. If you find a legitimate email in the spam folder, mark it as ‘not spam’ and the spam filter should eventually learn from that.

  77. Recently I have been inundated with unsolicited (5-6 per day) emails advertisement directly to me .How can this be blocked without affecting my normal email activity ?

  78. hello Leo
    I accidentally deleted my (free) that I had for over 20-30 years. I cannot get it back do not remember password

    Your thoughts

  79. I find this a very ironic article as usually when I want to write to Hotmail or Yahoo to ask for support it is when they have logged me out. Tonight out of the blue Hotmail reckons I tried too many times to access my Hotmail account. I tried exactly ONE time!!!!! Then they provide for a catptcha that is TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE to decipher.

    Please Leo do me a favour and register for a hotmail account and see what you can do with their captcha. They don’t even have the bloody decency to say whether it is upper case specific.

    The moment I can get into my HOtmail account again I’ll be saying bye bye to that account. I’m changing my accounts to Gmail.

    • I have multiple Hotmail accounts, have had several for years, and haven’t had any problems. When I am faced with a CAPTCHA it works. I’m not sure what to tell you.

    • It’s wise to always assume that a CAPTCHA is case sensitive. Most of the time if you can’t read one you can request another. I do find that things always work easier on a computer than they do on a phone or tablet. So that may be something to consider as well.

  80. I have two outlook accounts, one is and the other I have had the normal security ‘where to send a code’ I have tried asking for it to go to my hotmail a/c but apparently microsoft has trouble sending an outlook code to a hotmail address. It’s confused!! It also hasn’t sent it to the registered telephone number. Now I can’t get into the outlook email even to change the phone number etc. I am at a loss as to how to fix this – any ideas would be greatly appreciated

  81. Any body can help??.. I couldn’t get access to my hotmail inbox. I can’t receive any email sent to my hotmail account but still work if I send email to everyone.

  82. Both hotmail. and yahoo have messed up my account. I cannot enter any of them. Please let me put in my own password and clear out whatever it is you did.

  83. I am unable to get into my old email account {removed} which is the account for my facebook. This is my new email account {removed} can you please contact me in regards to getting back into my account thankyou.

  84. Hi,
    I’ve had my account with hotmail since the day it became hotmail..
    I forgot my password and I have not been able to get someone to help me get back into my account…
    If someone who works for hotmail can please help me..
    Thanks Michelle

  85. my account is not available.i can’t sign in and the passwords i keyed in turned out wrong which is impossible. pls help I’m already pissed with this. my apple id is locked and i can’t unlock because i can’t open the email account for my reset of password.pls advise

    • Your Apple ID and your Hotmail account are going to be two separate things. You would retrieve your Hotmail password from, or – which is Microsoft. You would retrieve your Apple ID from Apple.

  86. Hi Im very upset that I cant log in to my hot mail as it wants me to prove its me with answers that I cant remember and no way to contact anyone for help I have so much stored in it and need help
    vern {email address removed}
    ps please help

    • If you don’t know the answers to the questions they are asking, it might be that you are permanently locked out of your account. It it were possible to circumvent this, it would be easy for hackers to break into email accounts.

  87. Dear OIC,

    My wife can’t log in her hotmail account({removed}, can somebody please assist about this issues?

    We send the can’t log in report by last week, but until now still reply from your side?

    Just let me know what information you guys need to help her reset her password.

    Kindly assist.
    Nicholas Chin

  88. Dear Sir,
    My email “{removed}” has been hacked from yesterday , I can’t access to it and hacker sending emails to my friends asking help
    so please block my email and let me know how can I recover my email

  89. I have recently bought new cell phone device; I have tried to transfer my email account new cell phone device. The problem is that I created the email account 4 years and I have totally forgot the password as it never asked for it.
    Microsoft is always indicating is unable to verify ownership using information provided.
    The strange thing is formation is directly taken from the account because is active on old cellphone device.

    Please help; I am using the email address that I am trying to recover because I still have an access to it.

  90. Hi,
    I am trying to log into my hotmail account, but when I try it says that you are sending code,but you are sending code to
    A email account that I stopped using 10 years ago and don’t know how to access it,could you not send code to my iPhone.

  91. Hello,

    I am unable to receive emails on my computer or on my phone. Everything has worked since Friday, but so far this weekend and this week I am not getting any new emails sent to me in my inbox, and I have sent emails to myself from other users, and there are other people who I should have received emails from. I actually do get some emails in my junk box like usual, but still those emails I am receiving seem to be very little. Not sure if for some reason my account is locked/blocked by Outlook for any reason, but any help would be great. Is there a way to reset the account? Thanks

  92. Hi…had a quick question about a hotmail (outlook) e-mail account. My husband says that someones personal e-mail just showed up in his contacts without his knowledge. That “he” didn’t enter it, but it happened automatically somehow. Is this even possible, or is he just trying to cover up the fact that he entered it himself? Just wondering if a computer can just autofill a contact without your knowledge….

  93. Respected Sir,

    The hotmail is not working may i know what is the problem behind this.

    The website is even not opening kindly let me know.

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