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The concept of 'support email black hole'. A frustrated person looking at a computer screen with an email icon disappearing into a black hole.

Why Don’t Companies Answer My Email?

It’s not uncommon for email messages to companies to disappear into a black hole. I’ll look at why that might be and steps you can take to reduce the odds of it happening to you.

A man standing on a cliff with his hands cupped around his mouth, screaming into the void below. The scene captures a vast, rugged landscape with a deep chasm beneath him, and a dramatic sky overhead. The man is wearing casual outdoor clothing suitable for hiking.

Tip of the Day: Stop Screaming Into the Void

Tech Support

Why Can’t I Talk to a Real Person?

There are many reasons you’re more likely to be directed to online and self-help resources than talk to a real person.

Technical support staff.

Is Outsourcing Tech Support Evil?

Cost-cutting by sending tech support overseas is often derided as a terrible move, but it’s not the location that matters, it’s the quality.

Steaming Mad!

Ignored by Online Services? Remember, You Are Not the Customer

When free services seem to change arbitrarily, it’s easy to wonder if they’re paying attention to their customers. They probably are — just not the ones you think.


How Do I Contact Customer Service?

People ask every day how they can reach someone at Microsoft to help with Hotmail and problems. There is help.

Phone Support: What You Expect

Searching for a Technical Support Support Phone Number? Avoid This Huge Trap

There is no support phone number for major free services. So what’s up with the phone numbers in search results?


How to Find Software Support

Finding support for software and services can be a challenge. I’ll breakdown the places to look and the steps to take.