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18 comments on “Lost Gmail Account Recovery With No Phone or Alternate Email”

  1. Dear Leo,
    With publishing this article you have done the world a great service and deserve the highest praise!

    I don’t have a need for this advice but almost every day I see something that someone else does.

    Thank you!

  2. I was able to recover an account with a with a drivers license. But like shown above it takes a while to get to this place. I did the “try another way” several times. (5 or 6). Then when they did respond I missed it because I didn’t read my emails carefully. Finally found the email asking for my drivers license. But in the end I did get my account back. Whew. It was lucky for me that they kept responding. I kept forgetting I had asked. Duh.

  3. Wish to acces my old Youtube channel.
    Got my Gmail address right.
    Got the password right.
    The problem: Changed my phone number and email adress years ago. So SMS/voice call is not an option. What to do please ?

    Thanx in advance.
    Your kind help will be greatly appriciated Team Leo!!

  4. I had lost the account on my laptop.
    Unknowingly I had used my landline as a verification telephone number to receive texts.
    Tried everything you suggested but with no luck.

    Opened my tabletop computer and and was able to go into the account settings and change the telephone number/password.

    It’s all good.


  5. my email id is [email address removed],

    i have not any recovery email id with thiis account ,

    and i forgot passowrd ,

    now not able to recover my accout , Please help

  6. Just double-checking here, since I forgot to add a backup email or hookup an email address, my account is lost? I had hooked up most of my online accounts with this email, and I just want to double check. I’d changed my Wi-Fi while logged out of my account, and I couldn’t get back in. Thank you for the help anyways.

  7. Leo my Gmail account and Ll my other accounts including my online banking and even my phone have been hack using Lenox software combined with zendesk these has hackers have stolen my life and I want it back can u help?

  8. I was in the hospital for quite sometime,I remember my 2 emails but not the password, and of course I don’t have a phone yet

  9. I am sorrry, I gave you the email that I can not remember the password, {email address removed}, my new email is {email address removed}

  10. I can’t recover my Gmail account and email address Someone else is using and changed the password but the cellphone number is still there in Gmail and email. can you help me?
    This is the Gmail and email that I own.
    {email address removed}
    I hope you can help me, thank you

    • NEVER post your email address like that publicly. It’ll start getting even more spam.

      (Sorry for the form response, but I get this question A LOT.)

      Please review the account recovery options as outlined in this article:

      If Google’s recovery process doesn’t work for you — maybe you don’t have the recovery email or phone — MAKE SURE to follow Google’s instructions CAREFULLY and COMPLETELY.

      If the recovery process can’t be made to work, I know of no way to recover the account. If that’s your situation I’m very sorry.

      If you DO recover your account you’ll want to check the steps in this article to prevent losing it again (it discusses Facebook, but the steps apply to Google as well):


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