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Email – the most used, most long lived communications medium offered by networks of interconnected computers.

How do I change my Hotmail alternate email address?

Your alternate email address is critical should you forget your password or lose access to your Hotmail account. I’ll show you how to set or change it.

Why Are Electronic Greeting Cards a Bad Idea?

Electronic greeting cards, or ecards, seem like a nice idea, but often end up giving the recipient more than you intended, in the form of spam or worse.

Emails Hacked!

My mail account has a virus, how do I get rid of it?

Email accounts don’t get viruses. Depending on what you’re seeing, though there is something that email accounts do get, and that is: hacked.

How Do I Move My Outlook Express Email from Windows XP to Windows 7?

I’ll show you how to move from Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail on Windows 7 (the easiest moving option), step by annoying step.

Email Envelope

Someone’s Sending Email that Looks Like it’s from Me to My Contacts, What Can I Do?

If your contacts are getting email from you that you didn’t send, then it’s very likely that your email account has been compromised.

Where is Windows Mail, or Outlook Express, in Windows 7?

Windows Mail has been removed from Windows 7, along with several other applications. We’ll look at where to find their replacements.

Why Does Mail to Me Bounce with “mailbox full” Only if it’s Over 1 Megabyte?

If email sent to you bounces with a mailbox full message, it typically means just that. Make sure the steps you take to clear it actually do.

How Do I Put a Picture into the Body of an Email?

Depending on what email program you use, putting an image into the body of an email can be easy, difficult, or nearly impossible.

How do I move my Microsoft Outlook mail and address book from one computer to another?

Moving Microsoft Outlook mail from one machine to another involves copying a single file once the new copy of Outlook has been set up.

Why Is the Time on My Email Wrong?

Email is timestamped by the program that creates it. Normally Window’s time, date and time zone are used. Web services, however, need a little more.


How Can I Stop a Message in My Outlook Outbox that Won’t Send?

Once a message goes into your outbox, Outlook tries to send it. While it’s trying, there’s little you can do. So the trick is to force it to stop trying.

How do I upgrade my Outlook PST to 2003 format?

Outlook’s file format changed from Outlook 2000 to Outlook 2003. Unfortunately upgrading your existing Outlook PST is not automatic, and not easy.

Outlook error 0x800ccc0d – how do I fix it?

Outlook Error 0x800ccc0d is simply a failure to connect – that’s in the error message. How to fix Outlook Error 0x800ccc0d involves a little investigation.


Can my boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse tell that I’ve hacked into their account?

Once you’ve hacked into someone else’s account you’ve not only done something morally wrong – you’re at risk of being found out.

I Forgot My Password – Can I Somehow Get My Auto-login-Remembered Password?

There are tools to recover most of your ‘remembered’ passwords. You can use them if you forgot your ‘remembered’ password — and so can anyone with access to your machine.

Outlook Express Plain Text Selection

What’s the Difference Between “Plain Text” and “HTML” Email?

Email can be sent in several formats, the most common being plain text and HTML. We’ll look at the difference, and which might be preferable.

My Aborted Plunge into Thunderbird

Migrating from Outlook, I jumped into the deep end of the pool … and jumped back out. Update: Since this was recorded in 2006 Thunderbird has progressed significantly. I now recommend Thunderbird as a capable, full-featured, cross-platform email client, and have been using it for several years.

Why Doesn’t MSN Hotmail Save My Sent Mail?

In my humble opinion, Hotmail has several annoyances, and this is another one. I can guess why they do it, but nonetheless it annoys a lot of people. Hotmail makes saving “Sent Messages” difficult. Apparently on purpose.

Email Envelope

Why Doesn’t My Email Format Properly in Outlook?

Outlook’s email formatting can occasionally cause issues when viewed by others. I have a couple of suggestions on how to reduce the problem.

Why Does My Laptop Bounce Email?

It’s not your laptop that’s complaining. Exactly who is complaining depends on how you’ve got your email accounts set up, and which account you’re sending it to.

Why Can’t I Send Email From All My Accounts?

Welcome to another casualty in the war against spam. ISPs are starting to use various techniques to limit the use of their mail servers to only their clients. Depending on what your ISP allows, you may be able to reconfigure. On the other hand, while it wasn’t the last straw, it’s one additional reason that … Read more

How can I archive email in my free email account?

Backing up a free email account is best done by downloading it to a PC-based mail program. Some services support it, others need a trick or two.

How do I change my “From” user name in MSN Hotmail?

Changing your Hotmail user name, not your email address, is easy. Here’s how.

Does spam blocking prevent spam from reaching my machine?

Welcome to the world of spam – and the never-ending battle against it. Choosing words and blocking based on that is one approach, but as you noted it’s tough to keep up. In fact, it’s darned near impossible.

How do I delete this Microsoft Passport?

Well, I can tell you how to delete it, but you don’t really want to. Passport is how Hotmail identifies you. It may be annoying, but it’s required if you want to read your email.

How do I separate emails I receive on a single account?

Well, you’re on the right track, that it’s related to your settings. But I also see a bit of a misunderstanding. A very common misunderstanding.

What is “Greylisting”?

In a truly ironic turn of events, it seems that spam has sparked a number of technological innovations. Traditional spam filters for example are technically very complex pieces of software that try to analyze the content of email to determine whether or not it is legitimate or not. No less innovative, greylisting is conceptually very simple, … Read more

Why Can’t My Guest Send Email Using My LAN?

Issues with configuring a guest’s email have some simple solutions.

Digging out from a flood of email

Email filtering rules are good. Outlook 2003 is good. Rules + Outlook? Could be better.

Why is Outlook sending email using the wrong account?

OK, that was me, this morning, asking the question. I was tearing my hair out trying to send an email to a members-only discussion list, and no matter that I explicitly told Outlook to use the account that I use on that list, it insisted on using one of the others. Silently, of course. The … Read more

How do I print an email with its attachments?

Attachments are a source of great confusion for many people. In concept they’re very, very simple. Excruciatingly simple, as a matter of fact. Then some email programs try to get “helpful”, and all heck breaks loose.

How do I change my MSN HotMail Secret Question?

This is another question I get often about HotMail. All I can figure is that HotMail’s own documentation on your Secret Question must be lacking somehow. Whatever the case, let me walk you through it:

I’ve Forgotten the Answer to My MSN Hotmail Secret Question, And My Password, What Do I Do?

MSN Hotmail actually has three ways to recover your password if you’ve lost it, but they all require that you have set them up before you run into trouble.

How Can I Trace Where Email Came From?

A good rule of thumb is to begin at the bottom and work your way up in the headers to determine where an email is from.

Will Outlook's reading pane tell senders I've seen their mail?

Under some circumstances, it might be possible for Outlook’s reading pane to tell senders that you’ve seen their mail.

I keep getting bounce emails for addresses on my domain that don't exist. How can I stop this?

As a result of techniques used by spammers you may get bounces for email you never sent. There’s little you can do.

What kind of Compression or Encryption do I want for Outlook’s .PST files?

Microsoft Outlook allows you to compress and/or encrypt your PST file. We’ll look at what the options are, and when you might choose them.