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How Do I Find the IP Address of the Person Who Created a Gmail Account in My Name?

Question: How do I find the IP address of the person who created a Gmail account in my name? I tried the last ten IP address searches and it was all mine. How can I see the one where it was opened with?

This is a bit of a confusing question only because you seem to have access to the last ten IP addresses. That means you have access to the account created in your name.

If that’s true, then I’m afraid I don’t really know what caused this. If somebody created an account in your name, it would really depend on the steps that you took to go through and gain access to that account.

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Normally, when somebody creates an account in your name, it’s done with malicious intent and you’re not given access to that account.

Even if you could determine the IP address from which it was opened, it would actually tell you almost nothing. You might learn:

  • What country the person was in
  • What city
  • The neighborhood – if you’re very lucky

But that’s it. That’s not going to be useful to determine who actually opened that account.

Only law enforcement has the ability to get the information that you want. In fact, my guess is that they’re also the only ones that would be able to get the information beyond the ten IP addresses that Google is showing you right now.

How important is it to you?

HackerYour next steps depend on how important this is to you. Is this person emailing and threatening people you know? Is this person trying to do business as you? Or is it someone who has a similar name and just created an account that they plan on using for ordinary email?

If this is actually something illegal that you are defending yourself from, then absolutely, involve the authorities. Go to the police, the FBI, whatever agency is appropriate for your location that deals with these kinds of issues. If they have time and it’s enough of a priority, they’re the only ones that can actually nail this down.

Otherwise, my honest recommendation is to simply move on. It’s going to be almost impossible to get the information and certainly impossible to get it on your own.

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19 comments on “How Do I Find the IP Address of the Person Who Created a Gmail Account in My Name?”

  1. hello my name is palwasha..yesterday i made an account on gmail with the username plucky(..)
    i forget number its like plucky1299 something…the problem is that when i made the account after 15 minutes i sign out but i made a mistake not remember by email address…please tell me how can i recover my email address…
    username and address is same..

  2. Hey Leo
    I have a quest- how do u find out who an email account was created by? I did the normal google search with no results; I believe my gf is setting me up by creating various accounts to communicate or see if I communicate with them; all I do us delete but if it is her I would like to obtain hard truth so that I can confront her. The last account that emailed me was from gmail (google). She even went so far as to attach ‘pics of a girl’
    Thanks for your help

  3. True we might not know the actual “person”. But I suspect a specific person. So if I knew the country, I could tell. There are only 2 people that might feel the need to impersonate me and if I knew the country. Of if in the USA the state. I would know exactly who it was and let them know that without a doubt it is them. Anyway. Facebook doesn’t answer the question of , what country is the IP address that created the account. OR I could pin point! Grrr

  4. Sir my email acct is being spoofed by my sis-in-law to create misunderstandings between me & my brother and to create hatred for me in him. What do I do ? My brother tbinks it’s I who is threatening and abusing him. I told him to forward the offending mail to me so that I also know what is written to annoy him so much, which he refused. I am in India while brother and his wife are in the US. Please guide me how I can convince my brother that I haven’t sent any offending mails. He is so extremely annoyed that he refuses to speak to me. Please do help.

  5. Hello Mr. Leo
    I missef my laptop 8 month ago. I have MAC adress of Pc but I don’t know how I can trace Pc, persionaly.
    Can you help me?

  6. I have like a new partition (driver) in my hard drive named Z: in my laptop, (my only computer) , that I didn’t create and I found it is linked to a DESKTOP -8GJRTO2, named account that is listed in my network. Is this related to Microsoft OneDrive? or someone is hacking my computer?.
    Just in case, I disable this device in my network.

  7. Hi
    I have a question someone created gmail account last night on my name and gave my personal email in recovery email, I don’t knw why.i just want to know can I find from where (country) this account was made ? I recovered that email password I have access to this email now but he or she didn’t log in to this account just created and entered my email in recovery email, I want to know from where this account was made, have a doubt on someone please need your help

    • I don’t know of any way to find out where the account was created but one thing is sure. It’s somebody who knows you, or at least, knows your name and email address that they used for recovery. If you change the password and check that all of the recovery information is yours, that new account is yours and no harm was done.

  8. Hi Leo,

    Earlier this year, one night within a 30 minute period of time, I received 6 different fast food deliveries which I did not order, I did not pay and did not take the food.

    Someone created a gmail account using my 1st marriage last name but all my current information. I had the police write a report and they confirmed the delivery by visiting all the fast food companies. They requested and got a subpoena to require Google to release the IP address and other information. It’s been several months with no response from Google.

    I have done nothing to recover or cancel this email address in fear of muddy the water of an investigation. What do you think are my chance of the discovery of who did it? If the person is discovered, I will prosecute them. If they get away with it, I’m sure they will continue to do it to others and may have done it in the past.

    Thank you for a response.

  9. Hello Leo,
    My Gmail account is created by some other person. And He made the purchases by using this account. The email were received in in the account. I have filed a police complaint now. They have requested the IP address from Gmail. Can I get the ip’s of my account from the creation date? As someone told me Gmail is only recording for the last 1 year data in their records? Is it true?

    • I’m not aware of a way to get that information. Perhaps the police can contact Google directly somehow, but to the best of my knowledge it’s not available to people like you and me.


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