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Where is Windows Mail, or Outlook Express, in Windows 7?


I did not realize Windows Mail is not included in Windows 7 Professional. Is there a way to add Windows mail?

It’s true – Outlook Express was replaced by Windows Mail in Windows Vista, but with the release of Windows 7 even that has disappeared, along with Windows Messenger and a few other items.

To be honest, that’s good news for those of us who never used these tools.

But for those who did, it means an extra step or three.

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The official replacements are all now part of Windows Live. For Windows Mail, you can now download its replacement, the free Windows Live Mail. Miss your Windows Messenger? Grab Windows Live Messenger.

“The official replacements are all now part of Windows Live.”

So the replacements are there; Microsoft has simply removed the years of duplication by making Windows Live the official, single set of tools you can download and use if you like.

The problem, of course, is migration. According to Microsoft you can Import directly from Outlook Express and Windows Mail folders stored on your hard disk. I’ve also seen advice to actually download and convert to Windows Live Mail before upgrading or installing Windows 7. (There’s even one hack out there that supposedly allows you to copy the Windows Mail executable from your Windows Vista system, but I don’t recommend it.)

The full list of applications “replaced” by downloads from Windows Live includes:

  • Outlook Express -> Windows Live Mail
  • Windows Address Book -> Windows Live Mail
  • Windows Calendar -> Windows Live Mail
  • Windows Contacts -> Windows Live Mail
  • Windows Mail -> Windows Live Mail
  • Windows Messenger -> Windows Live Messenger
  • Windows Movie Maker -> Windows Live Movie Maker
  • Windows Photo Gallery -> Windows Live Photo Gallery

And as I alluded to earlier, there’s no requirement that you download or use any of these replacements.

In fact, it might be a fine opportunity to evaluate alternatives.

I’ve written a new article detailing the steps you might take to move your Outlook Express email on Windows XP to Windows Live Mail on Windows 7. You’ll find it here: How do I move my Outlook Express email from Windows XP to Windows 7?

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Posted: October 29, 2009 in: Managing Email
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145 comments on “Where is Windows Mail, or Outlook Express, in Windows 7?”

  1. I’ve been using Win7 since the RC came out and I didn’t even realize that a mail client was missing from Windows until reading about it last week. Try Thunderbird you might like it. It’s free and has some great add-ons that give you almost any feature you could need or want. Of course, if you use MS-Office Outlook, you’ll want to stick with that as that has features you might have grown dependent on.

  2. I am disappointed that Windows Mail is not available. I want a mail program that includes the Edit, Source and Preview buttons.

  3. I have always used Microsoft Mail and cannot get around to use other mail alternatives, I think Microsoft is the best regardless what they say about Microsoft, its still No 1.

    • If you don’t mind your email being read by anyone with access to Microsoft servers including U.S. Gov. then enjoy but My life is not any body
      else s business. I don’t have any secrets but I have MY own life and I am not a SOCIALIST

      • Your email can be read anyway. It comes through some server, somewhere. So if someone really wanted/needed to read it they could. It has nothing to do with being a socialist or not.

        • And how do you think they can do this/ Can YOU do this or is it some B**S**t designed to scare people that you have swallowed?

    • Why lie about the effectiveness of Microsoft products when you can see all around you people hurting because Microsoft ruins the workable and regular?

  4. I have read somewhere on the net where you can get windwos mail to work with windows 7. I wish I had the information now as I will be getting my new computer today. I have vista on this laptop and like windows mail. I hope Microsoft will eventually let us download windows mail.

  5. Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, and Thunderbird are not adequate replacements for Outlook Express. That’s because none of those programs provide the “Identities” feature. If you don’t use or understand Identities, you can pass this off as an unimportant extra, but those of us who do use it feel that it’s an essential item for any respectable e-mail program. We are not weirdos or cranks. We just feel that this important feature should not have been discontinued. I’m unhappy enough that I won’t ever upgrade to any new Microsoft O.S. unless they bring back Outlook Express or a viable replacement. When they no longer provide security patches for XP, I’ll move to another platform. I don’t need to stick with Microsoft to use Thunderbird. I can use it with a Linux machine, or if I win the lottery, a Macintosh. If e-mail is a user’s chief concern, the much maligned Windows ME is a far more usable operating system than Windows 7. Incidentally, I’ve been using the Release Candidate of Windows 7 for some time and have found that one workaround for the Outlook Express problem is to run an older version of Windows in Microsoft’s Virtual PC. It works, but what a pain! And possibly insecure too.

    • Your telling ME they are, to put it very politely, “not adequate replacements” for Outlook Express. Perfectly workable programs are being wiped off the books at an alarming rate replaced by badly coded useless and troublesome programs like there is no tomorrow. When is the international community going to give Microsoft a serve about their unwillingness to listen to the pleas of so many users with endless problems. It is getting out of hand and needs to be deal with by someone with balls. I have just spent more than three days trying o make a damn email client work on windows 7 64bit computer running like a rocket. What the hell is wrong with software developers these days?

      • To be perfectly clear: Outlook Express was a “badly coded and troublesome program.” That’s why it was discontinued.

  6. I Installed windows 7 on my notebook, I have 3 other computers which I will not update to win 7 as the outlook express is not available.

  7. More reasons than ever not to upgrade, not to pay, not to participate in Microsoft’s ongoing crusade to manipulate, bully and dominate the marketplace to which it feels entitled.
    Microsoft has perpetrated the biggest technological consumer experiment in history, and this is yet another chapter in it’s shabby legacy.

    -JUST SAY NO!-

  8. Just one more reason that Windows will continue to be bloatware. They will always have to support obsolete technologies and methods. It always amazes me how resistant people are to change yet they are the first to complain that “nothing changes”. I haven’t used Outlook Express in years. If I get one more e-mail with the .eml extension I am going to choke someone. I have been using Windows 7 beta for many months. It is rock solid and it closes a lot of security gaps. All of you out there who refuse to change, I don’t want to hear you complain that “my computers slow”. You are probably a bot for half a dozen spammers out there. Just pay the computer tech and quit griping about how expensive it is to have your computer deloused.

  9. This is one move that will backfire on Microsoft and will be the start of a significant slide in old users trust. OE has become a trusted institution for its simplicity of use and standardized user interface and there are blessed few of those sort of things in the digital world.

    This is a huge mistake for Microsoft and a terrible wrench thrown into a new OS by its absence. I dare say this will be a greater

  10. Just got Windows 7 and it sucks that the edit/ source/preview tabs that have been in Outlook Express and Windows Mail have been removed from Windows Live Mail, what the heck was the reason for that I wonder?

  11. Yes, I’m a hardhead, and Windows 7 SUCKS! Outlook Express is my way of emailing and since it is not included in 7 I have returned to Vista. I have tried the new “Live Mail” and it is not acceptable to me.
    Since 7 was a free update I have trashed it and returned to Vista. I pity the poor folks who have to pay for the “update” and find OE not there.

    7 may be more stable and all that garbage but OE works for me.

    • Windows 7 Professional SUCKS big time. Even on a wiped system it is slower than crystallized honey. My father is miserable without his OE email. He’s 82 and change is VERY difficult. I daresay impossible. Reading his emails is no longer enjoyable. Mozzilla is horrible for too many reasons. Is Thunderbird the same thing? I’ve seen OE being sold. Is that a scam or possiblely legit? Any other ideas?

        • I remember Incredimail. I used to get emails from people using it, identifiable by its graphically adorned emails and animated gifs. I used it for a while to create holiday and birthday emails. It worked very well and extremely simple to use. I’m not sure it it allows you to create undecorated emails suitable for business or not. Maybe someone who uses it could post a comment on that.

          Update: I just downloaded it and tried it. It seems easy to use. I’m not sure of the features, but it should work if you don’t have any special requirements. The free version puts an advertisement gif link at the bottom, not a major problem for email with friends but probably a deal breaker for professional emails. For $30, they have a paid version without the ads. So you might want to try it out and buy it if you want to get rid of the ad link. It can run together with any other email program as long as you use IMAP or set it to leave mail on server.

          • I have always used Outlook Express and love it. I hate change, too. Outlook is far too busy, with a million things I will never use. I tried Thunderbird and you can easily customize it to look and work a LOT like OE. I would do that for your father.

  12. This is going to push more people away from Microsoft. How dare they say “you spoke, we listened” then go and take away something and just assume the customers will accept it. Well Microsoft, if you are listening, bring OE back and make it free. I was going to upgrade 3 computers but this move has lost them money. I refuse to buy the software for the other 2 systems.

  13. Isn’t this all about “monetizing” e-mail and driving customers to the Microsoft site where you must endure reading your e-mails amidst a perimeter of strobing flash ads?

    And this is a web based service. Would anyone be content with a Post Office where you go to read your mail but must leave them there? When I get mail, I want to GET it and keep it if I wish too.

    Once Yahoo killed my ID and all my e-mails for some reason I could never find out. I could never even talk to a live person. Just one day – blink! – everything gone.

    If you review the TOS for Windows Live Mail, it likely says they can delete your account, at their discretion, at any time, for any reason without notice or explanation.

    How is that an improvement?

  14. Can’t believe it, I’ve paid thousands for a new computer with windows 7 and can’t access Outlook express, I have never used any other programe, and don’t want to. now what do I do…I did tell the man at Harvey Norman I use outlook he never told me I couldnt use it on windows 7. I feel like packing the whole lot up and dumping it at Harvey Norman,

    Be careful with the terminology: Outlook and Outlook Express are not the same thing. Outlook works just fine. Outlook Express is not available.


  15. We buy new computer, new licence new vista, new windows7 et we cannot continue to use Outlook express with nice paper, I don’t like to receive white paper and black font to read an email
    and we are lossing contacts and start over
    which trip is it to confuse people or to sell more computer, and more license???
    I’m locky a have my old computer with xp and outlook express

  16. There are a number of different versions of Windows 7. A number of “large” dealers are offering Windows 7 OEM for terrific prices. What is cut out from this OEM version? Does it allow for a clean install?

    Typically OEM versions are sold to large manufacturer’s like Dell and others for installation on a single, new machine. The licsense does not allow for installing on replacement or other machines. Technically it’s usually the same product, except that the manifacturer may also include their specific drivers and other software.


  17. I don’t know what all the fuss is about. ‘Live Mail’ is exactly like outlook express under the bonnet.
    The only difference is each email address, if you have more than one, has now a separate entry. Making it easier to control each email address.
    If you put your old hard disc into your new computer, you can import your address book into Live Mail from it just as Outlook used to.
    Again we are seeing the ‘Luddites’ refusing to move on, and learn new tricks.

  18. I upgraded my Lap-Top from Windows Vista to Windows 7(64 bit) and I noticed that Windows Mail is not on the Computer any more. I want to use Microsoft Outlook (if I can) and want to import my e-mail that I had from Windows Maill in to Microsoft Outlook. Where did Microsoft hide my
    E-mail files? I can not find them in Windows 7 so I can copy it to Microsoft Ooutlook 2000. Please Help.

  19. We really want to be able to use Outlook Express on Window 7. I am prepared to pay extra, but I am not happy with anything else, can’t Microsoft help? eugenia

    Given all the other things that people want from Windows, and all the directions Microsoft wants to take Windows, throw in the fact that Outlook Express had many, many problems (I hear about them all the time) – I would not expect Outlook Express on Windows 7 to be a priority for Microsoft to spend any energy on.


  20. Window’s 7 may not have your Outlook Express , but there is incredimail and it will work with window’s 7 . It may not be Outlook Express ,but it works much the same

  21. I am trying to migrate Outlook Express (XP) to Win 7 Outlook. The W7 Outlook gives instructions in its help menu, but refers to its own OE version which doesn’t exist, as mentioned above. I tried downloading the Virtual PC program as suggested above, but it will not download for Home Edition. Win 7 Live Mail does not look like OE as mentioned above, and does not have the options listed in the conversion instructions in the Outlook 7 Help. Do you have any ideas for converting the data from the older OE to Outlook 7?

  22. Used Outlook Express for years, mailing lists/contact groups with 50 entries max in order not to be considered spam by ISP. Using Windows mail and Vista at the moment and I do not agree that Windows mail is exactly like Outlook Express. Outlook Express is a lot better and Windows Mail so far is annoyingly slow, clunky and does not allow me to have the groups/mailing lists the way they were. Had no trouble to import the whole address book from Outlook Express, but using Windows Mail? NO if I can help it: am now looking for a way to get Outlook Express working on Vista, anybody doing this? help available?

  23. Yikes! I’ve tried several times to work with Windows Live Mail and it doesn’t work well for me. Too many hoops to jump through. For one thing, my Kaspersky Security Suite doesn’t scan incoming emails for spam junk, viruses, malware, etc. Does Windows Live Mail work and look like Outlook Express? Absolutely not! Right now, I’m using Eudora for my emails, but the company that made it is no longer supporting it. Eudora works somewhat like Outlook Express, but there’s still a lot to be desired. So far, I havent’ figured out how to get it to access more than one email account. An email program called The Bat looks promising.

  24. re: windows live mail

    i’ve read all these comments, and I too am frustrated with windows live mail.
    I use it under vista, BUT it is available under windows 7.

    despite my frustrations (primariliy with how the CONTACTS are stored, not able to retrieve groups, etc), I think many of you are missing somethign.

    If you start windows live mail, and do NOT SIGN IN, you can use it to send/retrieve mail, per multiple individual accounts, using POP and STMP accounts, and read/store these emails on your desktop. you do NOT need to go online to their mail sites ( I DETEST online mail due especially to the home pages, etc)

    Tools / Accounts is what allows you to set up different emil accounts, similar to the IDENTITIES on outlook express.

    Hope this helps some of the users.

    If any of YOU users can recommend a better contact-management program, that allows me to store emails/contcts by groups, etc, AND EXPORT/RETRIEVE/MERGE these groups (windows live can’t export groups addresses), I’d appreciate it


  25. Well here is a HAPPY STORY. My XP desktop crashed; was able to have the geeks back up my broken hard drive on an external hard drive. They salvaged my old emails in .dbx format ( I have 100s in different folders w/ attachments etc.)
    After much searching and trying, I now have my email back. Here is what I did:
    1. Bought a new computer; windows 7 (yea another operating system – so far so good)
    2. created windows live id and account
    3. open up the windows live, up date and get it running; along the top bar, rt side, select menu, select open menu bar.
    4. Select file, import (for me it was outlook express 6 files), browse to find your .dbx files.
    5. It actually worked! not bad for a non-computer person

    All folders, files and attachments are there, in order. This is a a VERY Merry Christmas for me – I wish all of you the same!

  26. Windows 7 is a good leap forward from Vista. I am using Earthlink MailBox for some years now. Have tried a varieties of Email Programs and considered Earthlink MailBox is probably the best in “fencing off” the unwanted senders.
    In Vista -I have Ultimate installed in my Laptop- it’s just not possible to install indipendently the Earthlink Mailbox. With Windows 7, the XP Mode is a life saver. Though XP Mode only available on Windows 7 Pro., Business and Ultimate, I was able to install the Earthlink MailBox indipendently on my other Laptop runing Windows 7 Home Premium without any problem.
    The question now is where to download the used to be free Outlook Express. Probably Leo can answer this.

  27. I have built a new PC & have Windows 7 64 bit on it . I have Windows Live & can get my mail from my Outlook Express address on my new PC . I have my old XP PC in another room . If I check my Outlook Express on my XP machine , all the mail that I got on my Windows 7 transfers to my XP leaving my Windows live mail with the same address empty . How do I stop this from happening ?

  28. I’ve purchased a new laptop, runs windows 7 with Live. Old machine is still running with Outlook Express. Can open and read all mail with old machine but only get some on the new machine. Why? Particularly frustrating and am wondering if all emails sent from new machine have made it to destination? What am I doing wrong?

  29. After years of using outlook express 6, I downloaded and installed windows live and like it. One thing that is missing is a place to check always open email in my inbox, not the last folder used. I still have Windows XP. Does anybody know wheree it is?

  30. Hi, I have upgraded from Vista to Windows 7 & use Incredimail as my email provider. However, I have a HTC TyTN PDA which uses Outlook. I linked the TyTN to my pc & it asked for the Outlook CD and it downloaded it & is working fine.
    I’m not a pc pro so I don’t know how it is able to work ok on my Windows 7

  31. I just got a new laptop with the NEW WINDOWS 7. I hated XP, but…Windows 7 is very confusing and takes too long to get use to!!!! I am upset about not having the CLASSIC VIEW and also OUTLOOK EXPRESS!!! I am concidering going to MAC the next time I upgrade! BOO-HOO BILL GATES! YOU SUCK BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!

  32. Just a little story. I got used to Windows XP, liked it, but got tired of limited usage, window explorer errors, not able to preview my digital Mpeg 4 files. I tried Vista 64 bit OS. After more frustration, not accepting my good and old programs, I returned that junky software with a brand new PC from the Future Shop. The PC should be renamend to Gates Way! The story continues. Bought Easy Media Creator 2009 from Roxio to replace the older version from 2008, hoping that it would work better with Vista. Program was very slow and crashing, did not notice any changes to the software except the new cover and graphics. The program was identical. I also forgot about the 32 and 64 bit headache. Another grab for money?! Unable to do my holiday videos and media files, I switched to Windows 7. This Roxio program would not even start on my Windows after downloading it and I was prompt to buy the upgrade to Roxio Creator 2010 from their website and to spend another 100 $. I am speechless. On top of that my digital camera Canon Power Shot, one of the best on market was not compatible, because the driver was not recognized and so is the installed software Zoombrowser I got used to and loved it. Another device would not work was the CapWiz, needed to transfer old analog files on HD and to make them digital. Another setback! There is no Outlook Express, so I am now stuck and start hating all this Windows and Creators. It is unbelievable how much money is asked for a new software and how little is made in effort to make it user friendly. I do not care about new appearances in software. I do not care about a fancy cover! I want a program that works, is compatible and not irritating, because I do not get paid for my lost time, like those messing up already good features in already existing and popular programs. Get rid off the bad stuff, improve it, add new and keep it the way it was originally designed to serve the people. Thank you.

  33. I have switched to Incredimail – paid 29 $ for life – years ago. I like it and find it very practical, it has an extremely relyable backup and transfer feature. However, for all those who do not want to pay, I sincerely advice to install and use Mozilla applications instead. They are legally for free, work well, and Mozilla provides a backup-feature.
    Anyway, I also advice to avoid all new versions of any microsoft programs unless you do not really have a problem with the old one. They are made uniquely for you to spend money!

  34. I help senior citizens with computers and wish that Microsoft had included a basic e-mail program with System 7. I personally use Outlook so no problem. My wife wants Incredimail on hers and I experimented and found it will work on System 7. I will probably recommend Thunderbird to senior citizens since it has a rather plain page and shouldn’t be much of a learning curve for them coming from Outlook Express. Windows Live Mail seems awkward. I didn’t have much trouble converting from Vista as long as I paid attention to getting 64 bit downloads. That was more of a concern than moving to System 7 with printers, scanners, etc.

  35. I replaced Vista with 7 because it was part of the computer purchase; took forever, between back-up,and download; it was O.K. EXCEPT that everything is tied to Windows Live; so that the startup suddenly was a slowup; and the contacts from OE got all fouled up; took ages to alphabetize, and then it insisted on first names first even when it was set for last names…so I did the only sensible thing; dumped it out, went back to Vista, and windows mail…much more manageable, and way faster….Windows Live arrogates to itself grabbing everything first….I don’t see how that’s improvement…

  36. Hello Leo — We love your advice. I have one suggestion — I have Word 97 for typing letters and have tried and tried to get someone to update so each time I am looking up the subject of my letters the search always goes back to the beginning (I have 350 letters in it)so it takes me a long time to find Apples and then have to go to the beginning to get to the Thermostat letters. My Xerox Memorywriter was easier than Word as it had a quick “Find” key on it. See what you can do! I have called and written to Microsoft 5 times. Best regards.

  37. I have Windows 7 and Windows Live, and they both work, but they have NEVER worked together! Meaning that any addy in explorer or a web page or link has to be copied and then pasted into Windows Live “New” mail. I have tried everything to find a way to “associate” IE 8 with Windows Live email. What a pain.

  38. I found your site by accident & it’s the best accident. The best accident I’ve ever had. I read this offten.
    Thank you,

  39. Windows Live Mail is NOT a direct replacement for Outlook Express. You buy a new computer with Windows 7 and Office 2007 student/home edition. All well and good BUT this edition does not include Outlook 2007. Fair enough – so you download and install Windows Live Mail and set it up. Again, still all seems fine. AND THEN you type a newslatter in Word 2007 – select send as an email attachment – and it doesn’t work. Windows Live Mail doesn’t have the MAPI engine (I hope that I have got this bit right) that was included in Outlook Express and Outlook.
    Instead you have to save work and then attach it to your email afterwards. So the net result of a massive up-grade and expense is that a job that took two steps – write and send – now requires five steps – write, save, open email, attach and send.
    Windows Live Mail is also alone in having plain text tool bars and frankly feels unpleasant by contrast to Office 2007 with its ribbon approach or any of the earlier/other icon driven email progs.
    Microsoft seemed to have allowed themselves to be split into competing teams in a way that Apple would never do.

  40. SO, I have XP, can I download and use Windows Live Mail, so that when I upgrade I will not have a problem.
    We all know computers are female, but a live mail that works with all systems would be nice!

  41. I was searching for Outlook Express to use in Windows 7 and came accross this site. I have been using Windows Live mail and it is alot like OE but I have come accross a snag and I can’t find anyone to help me with it. I can receive all my mail but can’t under any circumstances send anything out. It just stays in my outbox and tries each time it’s turned on. It is very frustrating as I would use it all the time. I don’t want to set up another email address somehwere else. I like what I have but can’t mail out. Could anyone HELP me,,,,, please….

    Nine times out of ten this simply means that your account configuration – specifically the parameters relating to “SMTP” or sending mail server – are incorrect. Double check them.


  42. Hi Leo… thanks for your great article… I didn’t know that Outlook express doesn’t exist in Windows 7… Is there anyway to import the mails, folders and everything that I had in outlook express to Microsoft Outlook 2007 (please, like teaching ABC to a kid, step by step because I don’t speak english and the worst part is I don’t know too much about computing stuff) I hope you can understand me… thanks

  43. The problem with live mail is that it has those ignoring ads! Is there anyway to add outlook to windows7? I have the original microsoft office disk for xp. can i add outlook from this disk to windows 7?

    You can install Microsoft Office (including Outlook) on Windows 7, yes. Remember that Outlook is NOT the same as Outlook Express.


  44. You say you don’t recommend using Windows Mail on Windows 7. Can you tell us why you don’t recommend it ?

    Has nothing to do with recommending. It’s not available. Windows Live Mail is, but Windows Mail is not.


  45. I think Microsoft has left us high and dry. I have tried to to use outlook 2007 and 2003 and does not work. I have tried to download express,Does not work. IT then says to download drivers. I did that. Still doesnt work as they expect you to pay for the program (Paretologic)before you can download and install the drivers.
    And they say windows 7 is good? ha

  46. what if you don’t want a live sign in, don’t want to be part of the microsoft ” we have your identity” either. what if you don’t want your stuff stored by microsoft. Don’t want to have someone out there trying to live chat with me when i just want my mail. Why would I wan’t to have my mail server settings held by them.
    why would i wan’t the security risk of a messaging client.
    What about if the chineese compromise the live servers and get your data which you are being forced to give them acess to by setting up live mail client.
    They are just doing it so you have mail and a facebook style thing all in one, maybe they want the facebook traffic and this is how they trick you into it. Personaly i don’t eat that facebook/ myspace type activity.

  47. I became an Outlook Express subscriber back in the old webtv days and frankly I miss it. Right now I’m using Gmail but only because there is nothing I have found any better.I would drop it in a minute to get my OE back.

  48. “Windows 7” If you look in program files you will see the is a “windows mail” plus a “Windows live” folder.
    The problem is, how do we get it to work?
    I have tried and tried but cannot get windows mail working.
    Why did Microsoft put the windows mail folder there???
    There must be a reason because all the files are in the windows mail folder.
    My mind has come to a standstill on this one.
    I for one do not like the windows live and I have deleted it from my system and now I use “OUTLOOK” which comes with Microsoft Office.
    It is very simmilar to Oulook Express and is very good for a stand alone email client.
    But I would sooner have Outlook Express back any day.

  49. Oh!!! and for gods sake don’t use that silly little boys Incredimail. That is just a joke and anyone who uses that is looking for trouble.

  50. Just Google “install windows mail windows 7” (minus quotes) One of the results on the first page (on a Windows 7 forum) is a tutorial Reinstate and Enable Windows Mail into Windows 7 to be able to use it in Windows 7.

  51. I often have to work without a broadband connection, preparing emails and attachments for sending and browse my folders. I cannot do this online without a signal. Do I really have to buy Outlook? Is there another off-line email program?

    There are hundreds if not thousands by now. I use Thunderbird.


  52. I have tried to copy my old OE messages from my old to new PC (Windows 7) with WLM. I followed the recommended MS process and all appeared to have gone to plan; however, I cannot find all the old emails and folders in WLM. I had set up my email accounts manually withn WLM and have been sending and receiving emails satisfactorily. Can you please help me find my old emails in WLM.


  53. Hi Leo, Hope you don’t take offense to this,but the following statements are not correct:
    Quote:”Summary: Windows Mail has been removed from Windows 7, along with several other applications. We’ll look at where to find their replacements.
    And also here -Q&A – Quote:” You say you don’t recommend using Windows Mail on Windows 7. Can you tell us why you don’t recommend it ?
    Your answer:”Has nothing to do with recommending. It’s not available. Windows Live Mail is, but Windows Mail is not.” 17-Feb-2010
    Windows Mail was NOT removed from Win7 – it’s only hidden and not active.
    You can reinstate Windows Mail with a few tricks.
    or here .these are only 2 of many covering this subject.Hope you’ll vary your statements to reflect reality ,rather than outright claiming that Windows mail is NOT on Win7.

  54. Some manufacturers preload Windows Live Mail on their new computers, so check before you start downloading.
    I have set up Windows Live mail for quite a few customers migrating from XP to Windows 7, and most of them are quite happy with the change. A few miss the identities feature, but with a few rules, you can set Windows Mail up to deliver messages from different email addresses to different folders. Most of the time, my customers are happy with that setup, and usually comment that it is faster than switching identities.

    Thanks Elizabeth!

    For others, Elizabeth publishes a weekly newsletter and runs Ask The Computer Lady – another fine resource.


  55. Great Article !

    Have you tried the FranklinCovey Software Plugin for Outlook v7 ?

    [Broken links removed]


    Take Charge of Work and Home Life PlanPlus is perfect for individuals, managers, or business owners who want to boost productivity immediately while still using the software they use every day. With task, goal, search, and prioritizing features, this easy-to-use program lets you begin implementing FranklinCovey planning concepts right away to become more efficient, more effective, and more organized. Accomplish more in less time New, expanded Home Page customization Break long-term goals into manageable daily tasks View e-mail, tasks, notes, and calendar windows all in a single view Customize your home page with the fonts and colors you like Monitor and manage up to four e-mail accounts Expand or collapse windows according to your needs Turn e-mails into tasks by dragging the e-mail to your Task List Includes new applications for BlackBerry

  56. My outlook Express is corrupted. I am a computor dummy. Where can I find step by step instructions on how to switch to windows live mail. My computor is XP and about 4-5 yrs old. Thank you.

  57. My Mom is 97 years old and has a difficult time with the email program Windows Live Mail. Anybody have a suggestion for an easy to use simple program that mimics OE, does not have these “improvements” that requires new learning?

  58. I downloaded evolution mail, used in linux distro’s, and it works in windows 7. setup is a little more complicated but it is more flexible than outlook express and the “feel is very similar. There is also the option of thunderbird email but I haven’t tried that yet.

  59. i have .pst file , how can i use it in windows live mail ?

    You cannot. PST files work only with Microsoft Outlook.


  60. which is best mail storage program ? cause i daily receive 60 mail and i have to use old mails also , so plz somebody advise me to which is best mail program ……


  61. I used Outlook and was disapointed to learn that it was no longer available.

    BUT-Check out Mozzila Thunderbird. It is very very much like outlook express.

    Good Luck

    To be clear: Outlook is still available. It’s part of Microsoft Office. Outlook Express is no longer available. The two programs are not related to each other.


  62. I spent 3 weeks trying to get Thunderbird to work on my ISP, and finally gave up. It makes a huge difference who you have! I have and Thunderbird has huge problems with comcast because of the authentication codes along with multiple servers with slightly different names. It doesn’t stop there, the Help instructions for Thunderbird are not even a replica of the screens you are looking at! Thunderbird Help doesn’t even know what Thunderbird screens look like! I’m now using Outlook with windows 7 and am much happier!
    I still miss my Outlook Express, but I caution anyone trying to convert to Thunderbird if you ISP is! Seemed like each new day was a different authentication problem.

  63. does anybody know why Microsoft removed these programs that so many people liked.

    Many computer pros such as myself intensely dislike Outlook Express and are happy to see it gone. MANY people lose email and have other problems due to OE. I do wish that MS had fixed it rather than replaced it, but I can only assume that it was architected so poorly that a total replacement was the only viable cure for its many problems.


  64. Leo – or anyone else.

    I’m moving from Outlook Express on a W2K machine to Outlook 2007 on a new Windows 7 machine. There doesn’t seem to be a guide for migrating this scenario – everything points to moving OE to Windows Mail.

    Thus it seems this is going to be a two stage process. Load Outlook (a compatible copy) on the old machine, let it create a .PST there. Take that .PST and drop it into the Windows 7 machine so that Outlook 2007 can do its import.

    Does this sound right?



    That’s probably the safest approach, and the one I’d take.

  65. I have just bought a brand new computter and only want outlook express dont mind down grading can it be done. I dont want to use any other application.

  66. Hello, I used outlook express because it seemed to be the only, or at least most logical and versatile, program to use to access newsgroups. Outlook doesn’t do that, neither my preferred email program Pegasus Mail. Thunderbird seems to access newsgroups, but I’ll need a bit more information before I choose which to install. Will Windows Live Mail live up to my expectations?

  67. How can you open a new email in Windows Live Mail – maximized (each and every time)?
    Windows 7 – Windows Live Mail has replaced Outlook Express – sadly, whenever i open a brand new email – it does not open maximized – worse, it opens all over the place and is difficult to find, to see, and worse, needs to be moved over (centered) or maximized – each and every time. I tried the usual tricks (grab the edge, resize, reposition and “file exit” in the hopes of saving this as a default. But no luck. I can’t find a tweak or a registry edit that will force new emails to open maximized. Don’t bother suggesting other email clients (applications). No money. And Thunderbird has its own problems for the visually impaired.

  68. Since we were forced to buy a new computer we were very disappointed to find we had lost Outlook Expres with windows 7. We heard we can get it back under a new name —Windows Live Mail. Is this true and if so how do we get it. As stated above, we too want nothing but our outlook back.We were so used to it and it was quite user friendly!!My husband has Parkinson Disease and just can’t get used to new e-mail systems. We REALLY miss Outlook!!Thank you for any help you can give. Microsoft should make it an option for those with serious reasons to be able to keep their accustomed system.It should never be forced on people to change,especially on those with illness or handicap! Thank you, Carol Schuman

    Windows Live Mail is the replacement provided by Microsoft, and while it is similar to Outlook Express it is NOT Outlook Express. Outlook Express is simply NOT available for Windows 7. There’s one convoluted way of making it work, but it’s frequently not worth the work: What is Windows 7’s “Windows XP Mode”? (And can I use it to get Outlook Express back?)


  69. I loved having my email account from my isp set up in outlook express. I’m using windows 7 home edition 64 bit. Instead of installing windows live mail, I opted to install microsoft office 2007, and am using the microsoft outlook 2007 that comes with it. So if you must have outlook, get your hands on a copy of microsoft office.

  70. I just bought a laptop that has Windows 7 and have a Palm Treo phone that uses a Windows system, however, I am unable to sync my phone to my laptop because my phone uses Outlook and my computer has the Windows Live. Sprint is clueless on how to help me solve this issue and I have tried downloading my contact and calander to Windows live on my phone (which still didnt work), but even then I still cant sync it to my computer because it reads and error message that Outlook has not yet been installed. Ive talked to multiple people at Sprint and have tried to read through forums. Please HELP!

  71. I too miss my OE6 email with win 7. Firefox Thunderbird comes close but addresses will not auto fill. In order to auto insert an address one has to start a new To: line I found live mail far to busy (too much junk).

  72. it is soooo like microsoft to create an “upgrade” but it is an actual “DOWNGRADE” because the new live mail doesn’t archive, won’t import or export to other mail programs and there is no outlook express for windows 7, another great “screw the customers from Microsoft”

  73. i have an lg 500 cookie mobile(not recognised by windows live sync)
    installed lg pc suite 11(3 doesnt work with 500) it NEEDS outlook express, or ms outlook to sync.
    don’t have either. 1 used to be free with internet explorer, the other you have to buy ms office(i use open office, or work at the office)screwed i think !?!

  74. I got a new computer with Windows 7 and Windows Outlook, my old system was XP and had outlook Express. When I transferred everytning my address book did not transfer. How do I get my old Express address book to my new Windows 7 Outlook?

  75. i just purchased a new computer. the new computer has windows 7 and my old computer was windows vista. is there a way for me to put windows mail on my new computer? if not, what do i need to do in order to get my old e-mails from my windows mail onto my new computer?

  76. Hi,
    I’ve just upgraded to microsoft 2010, had been using both microsoft outlook and outlook express to run 2 separate email accounts. I had no idea that express was no longer provided. So i have all my contacts/emails from my microsoft outlook, but I have nothing from my outlook express!!
    I’m hoping you can help, I can’t seem to launch express or find it anywhere, I had hundreds of important emails I just hope they haven’t been deleted forever.
    Any help on where I can find them and import them would be an absolute god send as I’m freaking out!

  77. thanks so much for your powerful information, however, there have 1 step i haven’t follow before I read this passage, I haven’t export the email from windows mail from Vista and upgraded to win7, I saw the data is still here, but i can’t import to windows live mail of win7, thats very upset to me, kindly please let me know if there have chance I can get back windows mail’s e-mail data. thank you very much and have a nice day.

  78. Hi,
    The beauty of Outlook Express was that I could use rules to set up private rooms (subfiles in inbox) where writers could privately critique works. Also I could easily transfer text from Word to and from Outlook Express into the body of the message. These functions were ideal for writers. Since I had my computer cleaned because of a virus infection, I have not been able to get back my old email address, which was The problem is, an online email will not perform the rules for creating the folders I need. Is there an email address I can get that will enable me to perform that function? Thanks for any help you can give.

    It’s not your email address that determines this, it’s the email program you use. A program like Thunderbird, Outlook, and perhaps even Windows Live Mail (again, a downloadable program that you run on your PC) should be able to a) filter email as you describe, and b) work with almsot any email address you happen to have set up with yoru ISP or email provider.


  79. To use Windows Mail in Windows 7 all you had to do was copy the Folder “Windows Mail” from c:Program Files in your Vista to the same in Windows 7. Then simply run winmail.exe.

    Unfortunately, today SP1 has ruined that option. Microsoft has spoilt our fun again.

  80. I just noticed the same email messages show up on my Outlook Mail, which is provided by my ISP, as on my Windows Mail. I do not understand this.

    If I change my ISP, will these messages disappear from my Windows Mail?

    Thank You

    I don’t understand why you’re using both Outlook and Windows Mail – these are both two desktop email programs. There are scenarios where what you see might happen, but I’d have to understand what you’re trying to accomplish by using both.

  81. I have just purchase lenovo laptop having windows7 version. Ealrier I am used to with window xp and outlook express. Now in windows7, how to work with outlook express? from where it avail on free software version. Is it inbuilt in windows7?

    Please read the article you just commented on. It answers this question.


  82. I am now using Windows 7; transferred my contact list just fine and am getting MOST of my e-mail from my three mail addresses. I have one customer who is using MSN mail and g mail. I receive her g mail just fine. I am NOT receiving her MSN mail on Windows 7 BUT am receiving them on my i-phone!
    I think I read that i-phone gathers mail from Outlook Express. It is possible that I am not receiving other customers or friends e-mail as well. Does Windows Mail Live have any issues with this kind of problem? And why would mail from a customer using MSN not be accepted by Windows Mail live. She was not ever put in a blocked file (I checked that first thing).

  83. I use Postbox Express 2 which I got as a free download, although I believe one has to purchase it now. It is brilliant.

  84. Hi

    well i am using live mail in place of outlook BUT my Lenovo running Win7 is so slow when i sue live email anyone else had this ? am i doing something wrong?Norton keeps telling me Live mail usage of resources is too high????

  85. Hi,

    Trend Micro suggested I update my windows so I clicked on the link it suggested and updated Windows from the Microsoft web page.

    I have all my business emails on outlook express and now I cannot find them at all because the update has made Outlook 7 the default version.

    In my program files I can still see a folder called Outlook express and it has icons in it.

    How can I get my Outlook Express back so I can use it?


  86. @Sharon
    Whenever you run Outlook it makes itself the default email program. If you run Outlook Express you should get a message saying that Outlook Express isn’t your default mail client. Would you like to make it your default mail client? If you check the box OE will become the default. But any time you run Outlook it will automatically make itself the default mail client. As for the missing email, perhaps they were downloaded by Outlook and cleared from the server. In that case they should still be in Outlook.

  87. have new windows 7. cannot ger aim to function as with XP. Is it a lost Cause??

    If you mean AOL Instant Messenger, then I’d make absolutely certain do download the latest version first. If that fails I’m afraid all I can do is point you to AOL/AIM support and see if they have any suggestions. You’ll need to provide a specific description of the failure, any error messages and the like.

  88. I wish to keep Outlook Express on my main XP computer and would like to access it on laptop which is Windows 7, would I need to change my e mail addresses please?

  89. @Ivy Smith,
    The issue is not with your email address, but with the program your computer uses to download the email and with the nature of downloading itself. Downloading email takes it off the online server and saves it locally on your computer. It can then only be accessed on another computer or device with some fancy networking or syncing. AND that networking and syncing will not be possible because Windows 7 does not support Outlook Express anymore.

    Your best solution is to contact your email provider and see if they have an online solution for you so you can access your email online.

    Here’s an article that might help make it clear:
    What’s the difference between using Outlook Express versus my ISP’s email?

  90. This article would have been much, much more valuable if it just compared… side by side…. feature for feature…. Outlook Express VS Windows Live Mail.

    Can I use Windows Live Mail *EXACTLY* like I used Outlook Express?
    Download all my mail from the mail server, onto my local drive?
    Access mail OTHER THAN Windows Live Mail?

    “Can I use Windows Live Mail *EXACTLY* like I used Outlook Express?” EXACTLY? No, they are different, yet similar email programs. What I see people react to are not the featurelists that might show up in a side-by-side comparison but the nuances of how the user interface differs and individuals personal tastes and preferences.

    “Download all my mail from the mail server, onto my local drive?” Yes.

    “Access mail OTHER THAN Windows Live Mail?” “Windows Live Mail” is not a mail service, it’s a program, so in a sense this question makes no sense. I assume you mean “Access mail OTHER THAN Windows Live HOTMail?” in which case the answer is yes. Any POP3/IMAP/SMTP email providers can be configured.


  91. Outlook Express does not work on Windows Vista,Windows 7 or windows 8. The reason is that is because it is bundled with IE6 which is not compatible with Windows Vista or Windows 7.And when I copied the Outlook Express Program file from my XP to my Windows 7 computer,it did not work.

    But Windows Mail from Windows Vista does work on Windows 7 and Windows 8 if you copy all of the program files over from Windows Vista onto Windows 7 and Windows 8(and also the Msidcrl30.dill,dill file from Windows/ system 32 on Vista or Windows 7 into Windows/System 32 on Windows 8.)

    I now have Windows Mail running on both my Windows 7 and Windows 8 laptops. And Windows Mail also runs alongside Windows Live Mail without any problems. Andrea Borman.

  92. I installed Eudora 7 into my Windows 7 professional PC and am running it in XP mode and
    it works just fine. I hope I am not putting a whammy on my success by sharing this. I love Eudora and have been using it for over 14 years.

  93. I spent the last two days looking for the SEND command in Widows live mail. Where is it ????? Like Miss. Andrea in the post above, I tried to copy Win mail from my EXCELLENT Win-Vista computer to my wife’s new (used desktop) Win-7 64bit computer. I tried to copy Win-Mail to the program 86 file and the regular 64bit program file. Neither one worked. Don’t know how she did it, but she made it work. So back to square one. I have Win-8, Win-7, Win-Vista and XP, all on different hard drives in my desktop computer (switchable). I like Win-Vista best. It has only crashed a few times in the last five years.

  94. After ploughing through all of this, and being amazed by Leo’s patience at our reiteration!, I, too, am flayed by the disappearance of OE and XP. At bottom it seems that upgrading OE to OUTLOOK is the least complex for the neophite. My question is this: will I lose my work folders stacked in OE in the process of doing so? Some lost their contact list, horrors, but no mention of folders. What say you, oh wise ones??

  95. I too bought a new computer , 8.1 I hate it , I miss my simple Out Look Express email set up. Very Stressful Be cause I’am 76 years old , Hard to change!

  96. I used to have Windows XP. I have Windows 7 SP1 now and there is constant receiving e-mails to the inbox from October 2012.
    I downloaded Incredimail, incredimail2 and incredimail2.5 and the effect is the same. What is going on?

    • On your XP system you were either using POP3 and had it configured to leave messages on server, or you were using IMAP which also leaves the messages on the server. In either case you then installed a new email program from scratch, and it now sees and is downloading all the email from the server.

  97. I have a number of email addresses with different providers, for different purposes: gmail, hotmail,, but I want my personal mail, coming in on my isp email address, to be downloaded to a mail client and accessible offline. I also want it so that deleting an email off my phone doesn’t delete it in the client, which Outlook does on my current Windows7 machine, but Windows Mail doesn’t on my Vista machine.
    Any ideas?

    • If you don’t want things deleted off the client that have already been downloaded by the client, then you probably want to run POP3 instead of IMAP, probably with “leave messages on server” for some period of time configured.

  98. If I send something from the internet to windows live it will open outlook rather than my windows live.

    If I send a file from windows file explorer it will open windows live.

    How can I get everything to go to windows live mail program.?

  99. Because of (faithful) windows XP being dissolved, I was forced to get into windows 7. So where do I get my Email now under this absolute o*p#@*&^%xx garbage I was forced into??? Why do I no longer have any Email available to me??? Metro

    • Not the real Outlook Express. There are Outlook Express look and act alike programs, and maybe some hacks to make installing OE possible, but OE itself can’t run on anything but XP. None of these workarounds have any guarantees they won’t cause other problems along the line.

      • Well, I have been running the Outlook Express (not real) for a while just like I ran windows mail on 7 for years with no problem, any program may give problems, you never know. There are some real qualified people that install or reinstall for you if you like. But they will run

      • I have doubts you are running Outlook Express as well. You even say it yourself “Outlook Express (not real)”

        So you obviously have something other than Outlook Express.

      • That this is the “real” Outlook Express (which I think you confirmed). It sounds like another program completely that happens to have the same name, created by some third party. That means it’s not the Outlook Express people are expecting, and it’s not “THE” Outlook Express that came from Microsoft. Perhaps you can share where you got it from? Or how it was installed? That will tell us a lot. It may or may not be a good email program. It may or may not be a reasonable replacement for Outlook Express. It may or may not come from someone we can trust.

        But one thing we can say is that it’s very likely NOT Microsoft’s Outlook Express.

  100. Since I tried OE Classic I couldn’t care less about Outlook Express anymore. The original crashed on me for the last time, lost years of emails in DBX files and managed to recover only some. I’ve been using it for a few months now and in that time discovered OE Classic has great message rules, address book supports groups, identities, it can even edit/source/preview messages, has just about anything I had hoped for and keeps on improving. Recently got refurbished 4K monitor, it worked perfectly on that setup in Windows 10 (many older programs still have DPI scaling issues).

  101. I had Windows 7 and changed to Windows 10 when computer advised. I can no longer get my e-mail when I went to Windows 10. I do not remember my
    password. I no longer receive e-mail so how am I supposed to get on to Windows 10 to get my e-mailÉ

    • The solution is probably pretty simple. However, if you want to get some help with this question you’ll need to provide some more information, such as: what program you use to get your email, and what email provider you use.

      If you get your email through your internet provider a simple solution would be to contact their tech support. They will be the ones who know how to get you going again.

  102. If MS would stop changing the look, features and feel of OE and just fix any problems with it, there wouldn’t be so many complaints from people who have to be constantly changing the way they work. I used OE for years with not one single problem. Not one! I was never the victim of freezes or crashes or anything else. But since having to constantly upgrade, and now at the latest disaster – Windows 10 – I’ve had nothing but problems with just about everything. There is beauty and smooth sailing when things are kept simple. There is nothing wrong with simple! I’m just so fed up with all the so-called “improvements” that I wiped my computers and went all the way back to Vista. And it has nothing to do with being a Luddite. I don’t buy any of the arguments for “moving on” unless there is really something worth moving on to. I’m sick of constantly having to upgrade and accept the the ideas of someone else as to how I “have” to work now, and forcing me into spending money for something “NEW” when what I have already works fine. What MS fails to do is make something we can really count on and work with, with pleasure. I honestly haven’t enjoyed email since I was forced to quit OE / Windows Mail. There needs to be a way to make what they started out with work well, and keep with it, without making drastic changes in interface and bloating it with features that people are unlikely to use. I tried those features, it just made for more work. Human beings can’t take such constant, rapid change in how they do their work. They get overwhelmed, confused, stressed, enraged, which brings on a lot of other health and social effects now widely seen. Technology, even with it’s many benefits, has been a curse and will likely be our undoing.



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