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Prepare for Twitter’s Death

Twitter seems on rocky ground. If you have a Twitter account, you might want to take steps, just in case.

How Do I Recover My Facebook Password?

If you’ve lost your Facebook password, there are a couple of ways to recover: use the Facebook process for account recovery, or check your browser’s remembered passwords.

Facebook Trusted Contacts is Going Away. Prepare Now.

Facebook is removing an account recovery feature, making this an important time to take stock of your own account security.

Why Does My Facebook Post Show as “Unavailable” to Some People?

Sharing posts you find on Facebook often results in an “unavailable” message. That’s Facebook respecting privacy settings.

How Do I Delete My Facebook Account Permanently?

Deleting your Facebook account requires some preparation, including understanding exactly what you’ll lose.

Why Do I Have Two Facebook Accounts with the Same Email?

It’s easy to get confused between Facebook accounts and Facebook pages.

Why Am I Getting “We Received a Request to Reset Your Facebook Password”?

Why they happen, and what to do about them.

How I Avoid Social Media Algorithms

The goal of many social media companies is to keep you engaged as long as possible. You can avoid social media algorithms and take back (some) control.

How Does Facebook Track Me Even If I Don’t Have an Account?

Facebook can use standard web protocols to get an idea of what you’re doing online, even if you don’t have an account.

No, Your Facebook Account Has Not Been Hacked

There’s a common situation that leads people to think their Facebook account has been hacked. They’re wrong.

How Do I Switch Back to the Old Facebook Layout?

Every time Facebook makes a change to its interface, many people want to go back to what was. I’ll discuss just how realistic that desire is.

Facebook Privacy Settings 2021

You can and should be aware of and control your Facebook privacy settings.

Facebook Hacked? What You Need to Do NOW!

Facebook account hacks happen. Take these steps to recover your account and prevent it from being hacked again.

Should I Use Facebook to Log In to Other Sites When Offered?

Many sites make it easy to log in by using your Facebook account. It’s easy — but is it safe?

I Have Two Facebook Accounts, How Do I Delete Just One of Them?

Facebook identifies your account through your email address. Deleting one account won’t delete the other.

Where Do Facebook Friend Suggestions Come From?

Facebook invitations often include suggestions of other people you might know. I’ll look at where they might come from and whether they are a concern.

Busting Some Facebook Myths

Facebook is full of myths and misinformation. I’ll look at a few of the current offenders.

Could Someone Set Up a Fake Facebook Account in My Name?

Facebook identifies accounts with an email address, and tries to collect email addresses of friends. That can lead to fake accounts and unwanted invitations.

Is My Facebook Account Being Hacked?

I woke up to the possibility of my Facebook account being hacked. I’ll review the security options I have in place on my account that let me sleep at night.

How Do I Recover My Hacked Facebook Account?

Unfortunately, Facebook account hacks are common. I’ll look at the process Facebook takes you through to recover a hacked Facebook account.

How do I get rid of this annoying Facebook share pop-up?

Facebook popups asking you to share content can be annoying. There’s a reason websites do it, but the best practice is to be unobtrusive. So what can you do to get rid of those annoying popups?