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Prepare for Twitter’s Death

Move fast and break things certainly seems to be the motto.

Twitter seems on rocky ground. If you have a Twitter account, you might want to take steps, just in case.

This is an excerpt from TEH Podcast #176 in which I discuss the possibility of technical issues interrupting Twitter, possibly taking it down for an extended time.

If you’re a Twitter user — whether you plan to leave it or not — there’s something I think you need to do.

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Show Transcript

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2 comments on “Prepare for Twitter’s Death”

  1. Twitter look to be in a parlous state. Musk has taken an axe, or more obviously, a chainsaw to his recently puchased “tree”. I was reading an article by one of the techies he has laid off who was saying that he and a lot of his fellow engineers were dismissed or refused to meet the requirements of the new owner in respect of working conditions. He pointed out that these engineers are essential when things go wrong, which they inevitably do, to quickly get into the system and put them right. Their knowledge of the system allows them to perfprm these actions quickly. One of the things I have learned from a long career in technology, especially computing, is that you can’t buy experience! It has to be learnt. I don’t, personally, use Twitter, but I fear for its life. Musk has made, what appears to be, a knee jerk decision. RIP.

  2. I’m not very active on Twitter (I don’t tweet much), but I read a lot of posts from others to learn what they think about topics that interest me (I get Twitter emails every day).

    I experiment a lot (I think I’ve said that before in other posts), and I learned about Mastadon a few years ago. I signed up to see what it was all about, but I have not been very active on it. I tend to use it the same way I use Twitter (read other people’s posts), but I have an account anyway. I also have a account (I wanted to see what it was all about too). I use Facebook the most. I use it to keep in touch with my friends and family (It’s the only social media site where I post about as much as I read.

    The good news for me is that I already have a few options to choose from if Twitter goes away. I’ll probably use Mastadon and/or instead (if Twitter goes bye-bye) until I decide which of all the social media sites best meets my needs. Who knows, if Twitter disappears, maybe someone will come up with something new, different, and better to replace it

    One can always hope,



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