How Do I Change My Email Address?

How do I change my email address?

This question (and variants of it) are incredibly common.

Unfortunately, the answer is rarely simple. Changing an email address often means one thing to the person asking and something very different to the services that provide email. Some services make the change easy(ish).

Others? Not so much.

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What changing an email address means

Conceptually changing an email address is very simple: you used to get email at and now you want to use Everything about those email addresses is different – the name, the domain, and even the provider.

Unfortunately, changing an email address also means changing where you login and where all of your information is stored – in other words, it means changing your email account.

Thus changing your email address often means setting up a new email account.

From scratch.

A new email address: the online, “simple” version

Let’s assume our two email addresses are for free online email account services like Yahoo!, Gmail, or any of a host of others.

at signThe process looks like this:

  • Create a new account at the new provider.
  • Tell all your friends to start using that new email address.
  • Change the email address on record at all your other online services like stores, social media sites, online registrations, and so on. All of them. 1
  • Export your contact list from your old account and import it into to your new, if possible. If you cannot, begin building your new contact list from scratch in your new account.
  • Start using your new email account.
  • Move any email saved in your old account that you want to preserve to your new account. Exactly how you do this is rarely easy, other than perhaps simply forwarding the email to your new address.
  • Watch your old email account for people or services who haven’t switched and remind them (from the new address) to use your new email address and update their address books or change your registration as appropriate.

As you can see, even the “simple” version isn’t very simple.

A new email address: using an email program

If you’re already using a desktop email program like Thunderbird, Outlook2, or another, the process is actually somewhat simpler:

  • Create a new account at the new provider.
  • Configure your email program to use that account as the default.
  • Tell all your friends to start using that new email address.
  • Change the email address on record at all your other online services like stores, social media sites, online registrations, and so on. All of them.
  • Watch your old email account for people or services who haven’t switched and remind them (from the new address) to use your new email address and update their address books or change your registration as appropriate.

Because all your email and contacts are stored on your desktop, there’s nothing to worry about – all your old email is saved regardless of what email account you use and all your contacts are there as well.

But I don’t want a new account – just a new email address!

Many people simply want a new email address that delivers to the same place that their old email address did. Unfortunately, as I said above, in most cases the accounts and email addresses are effectively the same thing: your email address actually identifies your email account.

Setting up a new email address typically means setting up a new account with all the hassle that entails when you’re trying to save information in the account. Email providers make it difficult (if not nearly impossible) to move the information stored in your account to another provider.

Email sent to the new email address is delivered to the new email account. End of story.

Or is it?

What if I don’t have access to the old account…

All of the discussion here is about an orderly, planned transition from one account to another, and assumes you have access to both.

Unfortunately, one of the very common reasons for changing your email address is because you’ve lost your old one and can’t get it back.

When that happens, there’s little to be done. The best you can do is to set up your new account, tell all of your contacts (the ones you can remember, anyway), try to change your contact email address at your various online services, and move on with your life.

This is perhaps the best time to consider purchasing your own domain and setting up your email address on that.

Forwards, fetches and aliases

If you can keep the old account around, there are a couple of techniques that may let you set up a new email address or account and still keep managing your email in your original email account.


Many email services now provide you the option to automatically forward email sent to one account to another.

For example, when setting up your “” email address, you can tell the provider to automatically forward any email sent to that email address to your old email address. You’ll need to login to your new account periodically to make sure it’s not shut down for lack of use, but other than that, you rarely need to touch it.

You’ll get email sent to the new address delivered to your old account. If you want to send email that comes “from” the new email address (i.e. sending email that comes from your using your old email account), you’ll probably need to set that up with your old email account, but once again, many email providers have made this possible.


Fetches are similar to forwards, but work in the opposite direction. Rather than telling the new email service to automatically forward all email to the old, we configure the old email service to periodically fetch the email from the new.

This is often refered to as a “POP3” operation, because it’s set up exactly like configuring a desktop email program using POP3 to download your email. The difference is that rather than downloading it, you’re simply moving it from the new email service to your old existing one.

Once again if you want to send email that comes “from” the new email address, it may take extra steps, but many services that offer POP3 remote fetching also typically make this a little easier too.


Aliases are relatively new – and in fact, I know of them only in

Essentially, an alias is an additional email address configured with your existing email provider that delivers into the same email account. In fact, one of the most common uses with is to add an email address to an existing Hotmail account. Both are delivered into the same account interface.

In, look for Create an Outlook alias in Your email accounts within the options (accessed via the gear icon in the upper right, and the More mail settings menu item).

I have to stress that in all three of these cases, you must have (and keep) access to both the old and new accounts to keep the  forwards or fetches or aliases working.

Your own domain: the ultimate answer

If you’re going to make a new email address, I’d like to make a recommendation.

Buy your own domain.

Then set up a forward of an email address on that domain to the email provider of your choice.

There are two big reasons for this:

  • Your email address – the email address you share with the world – is not tied to any service. It’s yours for as long as you choose to own the domain, regardless of what email service you forward it to.
  • You can change where it forwards. If today you set it up to forward to your Yahoo! account and someday that account is compromised or you just want to change, you can change it to foward to a Gmail account or an account or any just about other email service. Your email address remains the same, even though you might change how and where you access your email.

There’s one other benefit – all the cool names are available when you own your own domain. The name “leo” (which is almost always taken on every email provider long before I ever get to it) is always available on every domain I own. So I can be “leo@” whatever domain I have.

And for the record, this is exactly what I do.

I own several domains, but those that have email do nothing more than forward to my Gmail account. I never use my Gmail email address, and people rarely, if ever, see it. Everything is via my own email addresses on my own domains.

And if Gmail ever fails for me … I can switch it all to use Yahoo!,, or just about anything else in a matter of minutes.

Footnotes & references

1: This makes the assumption that you are indeed changing your email address, and that it’s your goal to stop using the old one at some point. If you’re keeping the old email address and simply adding a new one you don’t need to do this unless you want to.

2: Outlook the program (part of Microsoft Office), not the unrelated website ( If the difference isn’t clear please see How do Outlook, Outlook Express, and relate?

274 comments on “How Do I Change My Email Address?”

  1. Someone keeps e-mailing with the same email address and when i e-mail them back and ask who they are, they will not respond. How do I find out who that person is with that email address?

    • I am very disappointed! Come on Leo!!!!!! I would have expected more from es·pe·cial·ly YOU!!!!!! I expected different results LEO! You are “supposed” a genius.

      • 1) Create a filter in your email client to delete on entry so it gets deleted automatically
        2) Sign their email up to various online services.

  2. i want to change my hotmail email address so i am going to have to start a whole new account. what happens when you just stop using your old hotmail account?

  3. hi, um i dont want to change my ending like i want to change the first bit which is {email address removed}. I don’t like it and want to change it. Can u tell me how to do that?

    please i really need to know!

  4. On free services, simply log out of your existing one, attempt to sign in again, and select the “create a new account” options that the free email service provides.

    For pay services, check with the provider or your ISP.

  5. That depends entirely on where your email address is. You’d have to check with the ISP or mailing service that hosts it … they’re all different.

    • Leo, sometimes even that doesn’t work. My wife and I had email with cable co X. We canceled the account, and went with another service, and opened gmail accounts for both of us. My cable co address was canceled, but years later, my wifes is still getting mail(spam, of course). I monitor my mail with PopPeeper, and have her cable address included.

      • Leo made that comment 11 years ago. Since then, things have changed with AOL. I logged on to AOL recently with a screen name I haven’t used in 17 years and found I still have access to it now that AOL offers free email addresses. Practically speaking, I no longer have that address. I simply ignore it and as far as I’m concerned, it lo longer exists.

        Are you saying she’s able to log onto her old cable company’s email website, IMAP of POP3 server? I’d consider that an plus. She can go back periodically and see if any old contacts have written to her at that address.

        Having an email address which nobody sends mail to is akin to the old philosophical question: If a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it fall… For all intents and purposed, that account is dead,

  6. i really want to change my e-mail address and keep everything else the same, but i dont know how. I have looked on loads of sights and can’t find an answer, please help!! emily

  7. i need to now how to change stuff like the secret question on my email addy and fast because this boy is gonna delete stuff and send things to people because he nose my secret question so please please please please please please please tell me how.

  8. Hi,

    I am currently signed upto Onetel for my broadband connection, but still retain my dial up connection with AOL, with which I have the alloted 5 screen names.
    However, when I login to AOL, I cannot find any way of accessing the facility to change any of these existing screen names to new ones.
    I am retaining the ‘master’ screen name, listed above.
    Can you please help me?

  9. im going to delete my email account and get a new one, i still want everyone to get ahold of me, if someone sends an email to my old account will it be forworded to my new one? and how do i let everyone know i have changed it?

  10. It depends on the emali provider, but most will NOT forward your mail. You’ll have to let everyone know by sending them an email yourself.

  11. I am getting fed up with my old account so I want a new address, but i can’t remember how, i’ve tried typing in on the msn search bar “how do i get a new msn address” and it doesn’t come up with anything good!!! How do I get a new one?

  12. Hey Leo… I really need to cancel my email address. I am no longer with aol anymore, I am with comcast. Please help me do this leo. thanks

  13. This is a new computer. I still have my old computer with the email “ on it. I just want to use the same email on my new computer. How do I do it?

  14. I don’t believe so, but you’d have to check with Verizon. Basically they have
    to keep your old account active to keep your old email address active.
    Obviously you can do that by continuing to pay for it, but I don’t think that’s
    what you have in mind.


  15. As mentioned above regarding changing of email address with ISP’s,it is not manadentory to create a new account in order to change the email address,instead you can call your ISP and put a request for change of email address,all it’s gonna cost you is a phone call.

  16. I realized that I’m not happy with my e-mail address with Comcast. I would like to change it ASAP! Please reply how I can change that with Thank you for your assitance.

  17. I need a new yahoo e-mail and have no idea how to go about it. I have too many unwanted messages every day. I think it’s my fault. Can you help?

    1) Sign Out from your Yahoo account.

    Click the “Sign In” link, but don’t actually sign in

    Click the “Sign Up” link to create a new account.

    – Leo
  18. I hvve switched from comcast to verizon. how i forward all my email from my old comcast email aggress to my new verizon email address

  19. I have a paying AOL acct & would like to change my
    E m to a personally unique one (operatic character,f.e)
    Do all my correspondents need be individually informed ?Thanks for your help. P.lynn

  20. Someone knows my email address that is a stranger that I don’t trust and am afraid they will give it out to spammers or may cause id theft. What do I need to do to stay protected? Is it still safe, or should I cancel my email account, or simply change my email address? What would be easier?

  21. Is there a high risk for id theft if some pissed, random stranger knows my email address? Would it be safe to keep the same
    address/account or should I cancel it and create a new address/account? Thanks

    If someone knows only your email address there is next to nothing that they can do, other than spam you perhaps. I don’t worry about it.


  22. i want to change my email address by not using my name because there are someone i dont trust that already knows my email address

  23. i wanted my email change because someone has broke into my account and started writing people on facebook and on here

  24. I want to change my e-mail address. i was forced to use a hotmail e-mail address when i registered as the e-mail address of my website was not valid according to the website.

    BUt i want to change my hotmail e-mail into my own domein e-mail address.

    Why is this not possible/allowed? cause i keep gettign a message that teh e-mail address is not valid.

    Thank you

  25. is there any way I can block and sender without it going into junk mail. There are people who I do not wish to receive email from and I would like their emailed to be returned to them “undeliverable”

    Depends entirely on what email program you use. It’s not advisable, but it can be done in some programs, though it can be a little complex.


  26. This guy do not work for us anymore,his name was Gerhard but how can i change it to my name.My email only say it comes from me but the adress is stil on Gerhard.Please help me.

  27. i want to change my email addres to {removed}@GMAIL.COM so for how long am i going to wait for respond.thank you TMB.

    Not long. Please read the article you just commented on. It answers this question.


  28. I have changed my email address and cancelled my old address I need to record this change on Facebook. Do I have to close my old Facebook entry and create a new one? That is a pain as I have to go through the personal details again!!

  29. you won’t let me change my e-mail address which is now retired to my new addy!

    *I* have no control over it – I’m just Leo, answering questions. You need to talk to your email provider.


  30. Dear Sir:

    I have a new computer, and I just hooked up to broadbend.

    My E Mail address is with Loxinfo here in Thailand.

    I have created a new Address,

    However the Computer does not seem to accept this address.

    Could you please advise me how to change the loxinfo address to the new Hot mail address.

    Many Thanks
    Kind Regards,


  31. how do i change my gmail address?

    There is no “change” – you can only open a new account with a new email address and stop using the old.


  32. How do I change from AOL back to my hotmail acct. or should I just keep them both. What do you recommend? I like the hotmail better.

  33. I use outlook express for my email. I’d like to change my name on my email address, but I don’t know how to accompolish that.

  34. About a year ago I was in a heated debate over politics with a rude neocon that attacked my views pretty harshly so I ended up violating yahoo’s TOS terms of service the one who attacked was the one who reported me and so they closed my account and his as well. I wasn’t expecting this to happen but it did now looking back it was stupid of me. Now I want my account back and if I can’t have it then at least allow me to delete it off of my group. How can I delete a closed account if I have to log in to delete it. I don’t understand. I have several email accounts with Yahoo but the one they closed was my primary and left all my other ones open with a threat that if I violate their terms again they will close all my accounts. I just can’t delete that account name. Can anyone help? Thanks.

    If you cannot login to the account and do not have access to the account you cannot close the account. But – it sounds like Yahoo closed it for you? Anyway your only recourse is to contact Yahoo, but I don’t expect much.

  35. there is a couple people that has my information if i just change my passcode would that keep people off my computer

    Not enough information for me to give you an answer. Depends on what information you’ve given to people and how it is you believe that they’re accessing your computer.

  36. I keep getting emails they I don’t want & somebody has got my email address that I don’t wish for them to have access to any longer.

  37. @Pat
    You didn’t include enough information to get a complete picture of what might be happening with your computer. It’s possible that your computer was hacked and someone is accessing it remotely, in which case, a reformat and reinstall of Windows would be in order.

    Or if the messages were simply being sent through your email or instant messaging account to people in your contact list, it would be necessary to change the passwords, security questions and alternate email address for that/those account(s).

  38. my computer has not been used for abot a year, now i can not get into my email, i can not get into any thing help

    We’d need a lot more specific information about what steps you’re trying, what errors you’re getting. Please ask new questions at the ask-a-question page:

    Even changing one letter on your email address requires setting up a whole new account. Unless, as Leo suggests, you have your own domain name, it probably can’t be done as very likely the exact letters you want are already taken.

  40. I bought an I pad and another Pearson set me up from their lap top, some sites require their pass word which I don’t know so can’t access the site. hope you can help me change it.

  41. @bobby
    Unfortunately, there is no way to shorten your email address without setting up a new one. The good news is that you can use email forwarding to make managing several accounts easier.

  42. @ken
    Even changing one letter of your email address requires setting up a whole new one. Depending on your setup, you may be able to do a redirect that makes the change seamless.

  43. NEW eMAIL ADDRESS (just re-subscribed to your newsletter) {email address removed}

    THANKS, Leo
    P.S. Stopped using my gmail account when they advised me that my account had been “compromised”. Now using a “stronger” password with the new hotmail account.

  44. Yahoo told me my old e-mail address and password had been compromised and that I needed to change it.(GREAT TIME IF YEAR FOR THAT!) Thank You

  45. @Sara
    You can change your email password by going to the website of your email provider. The procedure is different for each provider. To get the instructions for your particular email provider you can Google “change {name of email provider} password”.

  46. is it true that (if you don’t mind that i use this column to make you understand by asking you), the speciality of the alternative e-mail is not the same as the ordinary e-mails? Can you explain what is alternative e-mail?

  47. @brotherbingjohnstern
    Alternate email is very simple. It is another email altogether that you use for recovery purposes. Very simply you then have two full email accounts.

    Which actually brings up an interesting thought; the alternate email also needs to be set up with all security precautions… such as an alternate email! 🙂

  48. but if somebody in meantime using hotmail email account change user name and wants also to change his email name,it should be allowed and possible,am i right?

    No. A new email name, a new email address, is a completely new account.

  49. I haave AOL’s “free” version. All I want to do is create a new email and password. I can’t find instructions for doing so. thanks

    Typically you go to where you login and somewhere there is a “create new account” link. If you’re already logged in automatically, log out first.

  50. when i put my email address into login in it keeps telling me invalid why is this

    Depends entirely on what you’re logging into.

  51. I use as a email service but I’m unhappy with it. I want to change to a gmail or rogers account but I don’t want to loose my contacts. Is there a way that the email can send a short message to people trying to send me an email that my email address has changed and to email me on this new email?

  52. @Iva
    If your current email provider allows it, you can use the Out of Office function to send a message with your new email address.

    The following article explains proper OOF etiquette:
    Out of Office Replies are Evil

    Another option would be to send a group email to several people by inserting each person’s email address into a bcc field of an email. Bcc is important so that each recipient won’t receive your a copy of your whole mailing list. You may want to put your email address in the to field. Your email provider may have a limit on the number recipients you can send to so if you receive an error message to that effect, you may have to send it out in more than one message.

  53. @Telephonics
    As the article says:
    “There’s really no way to change an email address. The best that you can do is create a new account with a new name, and start using it, and at the same time, simply stop using the old account with the old name. ”

  54. Yahoo give you (or at least they gave me) a chance for a second “main” email address PLUS their extremely useful Disposable Addresses system. All completely free of charge (or you can pay a bit and get some extra stuff and no flippin’ ads – although I still use the free version).

  55. I would like to use my gmail address to signin to facebook and use as my official facebook email. How can this be switched?

  56. @Richard
    In order to change your email address in Facebook, click on the Gear Icon in the upper right hand corner, choose Account Settings from the pulldown menu and click on Add Another Email on the General Account Settings page. For there you can add another email address and set it as your Primary email. You can have several email addresses and a mobile phone number associated with your account, It’s not a bad idea to have more than one option to recover your account in case of hacking or forgetting your password.

  57. Hi I have a really silly question that would have been clearly and concisely answered if I read the article. Obviously I have not read the article. Also, I have the delusion that the comments section is a good place to ask Leo a question. Somebody help!

  58. i have this really novel way to transfer all my info to my new account. i take a pen and paper and write down everything i want to transfer then add it to my new account by hand. thats also my backup. just because you can do it electronically, don`t mean you have to.

  59. For some lucky people there’s an intermediate approach between “forwards, fetches, and aliases” and their own domain. A number of university alumni associations (and perhaps other organizations as well) offer what is termed a “virtual email address”. If Some University offers such a feature, you may be able to set up an email address such as You then can specify that any email sent to your virtual address be forwarded to your current actual email account. The beauty of a virtual email address is that you can change your actual email account, perhaps to take advantage of new features, without changing your virtual email address by merely changing the forwarding address. So it might be worthwhile to check whether such a feature might be available to you.

    • Definitely worth checking the “other organizations” as well. I know, for example, that joining the Amateur Radio Relay League (association of amateur radio operators or “hams”) has this benefit. Other organizations and affinity groups may also offer something similar.

  60. No issues right now, but just a thank you for keeping this website up and running with, to me, some of the most valuable technology knowledge there is out here on the www. Anytime one of your newsletters pertain to any issue I may have experienced or that I want good, trusted information on, I have an ‘Ask Leo’ folder in my email, and I just tuck it in there for future reference. It’s invaluable to me. Again, thanks and keep up the super work.


  61. I notice this thread dates back to 2004 so I don’t know when things changed in relation to your comment – “Aliases are relatively new – and in fact, I know of them only in”

    I have an alias with my Yahoo account and I started that account in 2009. In fact I use my alias for this site, rather than my regular Yahoo email address.

    • I agree. Maybe it’s the term alias that is new. My email address with my ISP is my account number I can log into my account and specify any email to go in front of (as long as another person isn’t using it already). I believe they have been doing this for a long time.

      But really, isn’t an alias just a forward?

      • No James, an alias isn’t a forward. It is a second or third or even fourth email ADDRESS attached to the same email ACCOUNT. The messages come and go via the same email INBOX. It is different to having two completely separate email accounts from the same email service provider, where you have to log out of one account and in to the other to check mail from the second address.

        Regarding my two email addresses on my Yahoo email account, I also have another completely separate fake account for which mail does NOT come into my regular inbox like the two addresses already mentioned. The main purpose for creating it at the time was to get a better understanding of the two different concepts, and also to experiment with a site that I had no intention of linking my real personality to.

      • Technically no, at least not necessarily. It’s all very much under-the-hood kind of stuff that depends on exactly what software is being used to handle mail. A forward will actually throw the mail back into the mail system to be send and routed and delivered (even if it’s a VERY short trip), whereas an alias is simply a notation that “oh, that email lives here too”. If you’re ever curious, check the headers of the email. A forward should add headers showing the forward happening, whereas an alias should not.

  62. Changing your email address is just like moving. If you look at Leo’s steps, they are all the same as moving:
    – Create a new account = buy a new home/rent a new apartment
    – Configure your email program = put stuff in boxes and moving truck
    – Tell all your friends = tell all your friends
    – Change the email address … at all your other online services = tell your employer, bank, credit card company, etc., etc., etc.
    – Watch your old email account for people or services who haven’t switched = watch for mail that still gets sent to your old address/use change of address cards from the post office

  63. the BT yahoo mail mandatory upgrade is dreadful and has a lot of derogatory comments on line written about it – what do I have to do to move to something that works much more smoothly ?

  64. Excellent article. The last suggestion is paying to get your own domain i.e getting a domain name and using it on your own hosted domain or on an Email providers service. If so why would I want to forward the mail from it to one of the free services such as Gmail or Yahoo since I now have an email service?

    • Email services aren’t always provided by the various domain registrars (owning a domain does not imply that you have a mail service – for that you’ll often need to purchase additional web hosting), and when they are, they aren’t always as feature rich or solid as some of the more mainstream services. Almost all provide simply email forwarding, however, typically at no or low additional cost.

    • Victor,
      There are a couple of reasons you may want to forward to something like Gmail.

      One is to use an interface that you like an are familiar with. Often the service delivering your website won’t have a very good online interface in which to read your email.

      The other is because of spam. These days gmail seems to have the best spam filters around. If you run your email through their service it can sort out a lot of the junk for you.

  65. You cannot simply change your email. If you want another email for yourself then you have to create a new email account on any mail service providers (like gmail, yahoo, sify etc).

    You can then use this new email in place of your old email for future references.

  66. Couldn’t access my aol acct. so changed the address. Now I am panicing that i wont get my mail. what do i do. Am computer illerate? above e-mail is my original one.

    • Janet,
      Changing your email address sets up a totally new, completely unrelated email. You can forward email (if you can get access to the old servers.) You can also use POP3 or IMAP to download your old emails into your new one. But that also requires access to the old email address. Ultimately what you should do is take steps to recover your account.

      I’ll point you at this article. Although it is about an email that has been hacked, it has all the possible ways to recover your old account.

  67. Hi,
    I am computer phobic – seriously – have used them at work for over 20 yrs. And in all those years,I’ve had problems no one else had. Right now my problem (my own fault) is I can’t access my gmail acct on my IPad 2. Since retiring, It’s all I use. I took my IPad to Apple Genius for a software upgrade. They didn’t do a back-up. Afterwards, Gmail didn’t recognize my name/password. I deleted acct and set up new one. Still didn’t work. Finall got google to send reset to alternate email,but can’t remember name/password. Don’t really send emails,just receive. Help!

  68. If I change my e-mail address and I have accounts like snapchat, facebook, myspace, soundcloud, pinterest or twitter with this e-mail. I have to make other accounts because I deleted that email i used to use?

    • As long as you can still log on to those accounts, you can get into those accounts’ settings and change the email address associated with it. In fact, most social networking websites allow you to associate more than one email address with it in case you lose access to your account and one of those emails.

  69. Hi, Leo… first time on here. Just had an experience with MSN tech support. We’ve had troubles ever since Outlook took over MSN/Hotmail. We used to be with Qwest and were assigned the MSN email account. Since CenturyLink took over Qwest we’ve not had troubles, but now that the Outlook update has taken place, the email page in our browser doesn’t work. Half the buttons are missing and the rest don’t work. We called MSN technical support, and after about 20 minutes, the tech told us we’d been “hacked” by someone in Washington (he didn’t specify state or DC), but he could fix our trouble for “just $99.99 for two years protection”. When I said we didn’t have that kind of money to spend, he wanted to know how much we felt we could afford. When I said we’d simply stop using the MSN email account, he told me that the “hacker” had our IP address so he’d have access to ANY account we tried to use. It sounded as if he was suggesting that the NSA had our information and we needed help only he could provide, at which point I knew we were being shaken down and I thanked him for his time and hung up. We KNOW we were talking to MSN because it was the 800-number from their own site. Just thought you’d like to hear.
    Thanks for being here for us know-nothing shlubs… we greatly appreciate what you try to do here.
    p.s. The email account we gave above is the one that MSN won’t let us into any more… we’ll just open a new email account with someone other than MSN.

    • I have a hard time believing you were talking to an MSN Tech Rep. For one, he is totally wrong that a hacker could do any damage simply knowing yout IP address. Any website you access or anyone who receives an email from you can see your IP address. An IP address doesn’t give much information at all. In fact for most people, it changes every so often. What can people tell from my IP address? Where did you get this 800 number from? Maybe it was an unreliable source.
      I might be wrong on this, but if you have your MSN account through Quest, Quest would be responsible for support and you would not go directly through MSN.

    • I’d be interested in understanding where you got that number. Technically “MSN” doesn’t exist any more – Microsoft retired the brand years ago. It was replaced with Windows Live, and now just your “Windows” account and It wouldn’t surprise me if there were a malicious person setting up some kind of MSN support website where Microsoft was never involved.

  70. what i’d like to know is when I try to create a new email address and it comes back at me that I already have an email account in my name, and don’t give me the option to change it, what does a person do then

  71. Hi…… I am assuming when I first signed up for Pinterest thru my Facebook account, it was thru my old yahoo address. I have since changed to gmail because I forgot password an apparently my ans to security questions. I have changed to my new email on facebook….however, now when I log into Pinterest it keeps asking me to confirm my email address with the link attached but when I do hit confirm I noticed its sending to my old email. And if I hit dismiss, it lets me on for just a little while then force closes pinterest. Can you help me?

    • As the article says, just open a account if it is available and switch to using that along with occasionally checking your old address for emails from people who don’t have your new address.

  72. I have Windows Live mail and my ISP is My husband died about a year ago. How can I change my Win Live Mail email address to just [email-removed]? Do I need to keep my old address for awhile…until everyone starts using my new address?

    • It’s a good idea to keep the old address for awhile. Some services will allow you to forward it to the new one while people get used to it.

  73. Hello Leo sir,
    I want to know the process of changing (editing)date of sent emails in our sent boxes.Due to certain reasons we want to manipulate the date of emails to oue client and also want to keep the record for presentation .If it is possible to make this please guide the way we can get achievement to perform the same.Hope to listen from you soon.
    With regards
    Pankaj yadav

  74. i had change my password but still it was opened in my Brother’s mobile can he access my account without using new password. if yes then how can it remove? if he is staying out of country.

  75. I got this new email address but the person who had it before must of deleted it, but all their stuff is still connected to it facebook etc anyway i can clear the email address from all these?

    • There’s nothing you can delete. Facebook and other sites connected with that account will still continue to send emails to that account. What you might be able to do is message this person through Facebook or one of the other services you are getting emails from in their name and let them know which accounts are affected. This is much worse for you than for them, as in a way you are the owner of their Facebook and other accounts.
      I don’t suggest marking those emails as spam as it might cause your emails from Facebook to be sent to the spam folder.

  76. Hi. I have an Email “{removed}” and I want to change to “{removed}” It is possible? If you help me I will thank you a lot.

    • Since they’re both from the same ISP you’ll have to contact the ISP. (And NEVER post your email in a public forum like this – it’s an invitation for spam and worse.)

  77. sir if i change my email address {email addresses removed} can other mails which comes to the older email can comes to the new mail address? please sir tell me

    • Not directly, but you can set your new email account to fetch the emails from the old account and accomplish the same purpose.

    • I’m not exactly what you’re asking. You can certainly use Google Apps to host your email, and presumably if you have your own domain you can set up whatever email you like.

    • I’ve removed your email address. Posting an email address in a forum is an invitation to spammers. As the article states, if you want to change to a different email provider, simply go to their Website and open an account with them. From there you can either keep the old one open and check it periodically for email from people who might still write you there, or close down your old account.

  78. hi team i got a question need help,,i recently bought a mini mac computer and email etc was set up for me from my mobile phone,in other words i purchased the phone first,then mac mini.
    i accidentally messed it up on the mac and could no access it,so changed the pass word on the same
    email address on my mobile phone,team got in touch week later to ask me confirm new pass word on my mobile an can now get access on my mobile.
    the problem now is i cannot access it on the mac,what do i need to do to get access on my mac,
    recently purchased iTunes card and was unable to redeem it on the mac mini,strange as i changed my password on my mobile phone and think,it should have changed on mac computer.
    so i was only able to redeem it on phone scanner,something must be wrong on computer mac,can you help please.

  79. hi this is priya and i need an help regarding gmail, that i had created an account which was group mail and everyone in my class knows the PASSWORD, so often some students are changing the password without my knowledge by using my mobile number,,so how to recover those problems since its an group mail i need to say the password for my friends to take any of the materials……so i need help,,,,,,,please help mmmmeeeeeee

  80. Sorry, i want to change my password as when i sign out from the account again and again my password and the e-mail will appear. I tried several times but failed. please do move it when I sign out. not only password but also e-mail address .

  81. I cant get into facebook or anything else that requers e mail address and pass word. Im told my pass word is to weak. So please help me with this thanx.

  82. G’day
    I get a load of unwanted rubbish, soliciting females etc. It appears to me that somebody has given my email address. Avoiding to receive this in the future the best policy is to change my e-mail address by adding or deleting one or two letters. BUT,,,,,,, ow to go about this?? Google Chrome is the provider.

  83. Friday: 9 October 2015 12:20 p.m.

    When I opened up my Gmail account, I wanted my Address Book shared with my main Yahoo A/c BUT Gmail moved them all out of Yahoo and when i want to EDIT them I cannot get in as normal.

    I would appreciate if you would help me in getting a copy of them returned to My Yahoo forthwith.

    Thank you. {removed} TO {removed}

  84. hello
    i have given irctc register email as {removed} .sify mail had closed its mail i forgot irctc password .when iam trying to recover password they are sending to sify mail what can i do

  85. I currently have a Gmail account. I want to switch to an entirely different email provider (like yahoo for example). I just want to know, is it possible to set up some kind of automated reply on my Gmail saying something like “hey, i don’t use this account anymore. Find me at this email address instead”? Thanks.

  86. I need to try to keep some reference emails from my old company’s exchange server. What would you say is the best way to do that? I use Outlook from MS Office as an email program for that address. You also mentioned you purchase a domain and all or some of your mail is through there. Do you have to pay additionally for email service that you don’t end up using?

  87. When I received my tablet at Christmas I put my email address in which I use on my laptop, except I realised I had left out a letter. Is there anything I can do to rectify this.

    • You should either be able to go into the account settings on your tablets email program and change it, or if that’s not possible on your tablet, delete the account and set it up again correctly.

  88. I have already changed my email account from my service provider which is chatr that was on my new phone number ({phone number removed}) now I would like to change my email account to my Acer tablet and delete my old email account… Please Help..can you activate my new email account it is currently ({email address removed}) immediately would be great.!

  89. I have recently changed to windows 10 and keep being informed that my 2nd e mail address is ” out of sinc ” or that the address is not updated. This is also the address to contact ” my sky ” who won’t let me in until I have received their confirmation on that address . But I cannot access that address + full circle.
    Can you tell me in simple language how to resolve this issue please. If so – many many thanks.

    • It’s hard to tell from your description. You’ll need to figure out what the error refers to. My advice is to slow down and read the errors and information more carefully. My guess is that the error is about your recovery email. The other thing I can think of is that this error may be coming from your email client, telling you that your send or receive information needs to be updated. So read those errors carefully, they are actually telling you what to do.

    • I am getting a slimilar response from Mail on Windows 10.
      “Your [account name] account settings are out of date.”
      When I click on “Fix account” it takes me to settings giving me no (apparent) indication of what is out of date.
      It is a Hotmail account, so is it related to Microsoft migrating Hotmail accounts to Outlook?
      My Hotmail accounts work fine in Thunderbird.
      I am experiencing issues updating to my brand new Samsung S5 neo. Might that be related.

  90. I use my old email from gmail
    2 open uc browser and it work but can’t use it any where else like here at opera mini.Gmail did sent me an sms but it say wap is unable at this time but it deduct data. And if I log in other sides it is not recognised. So best way was 2 try 2 change from gmail 2 yahoo

  91. Leo, since I am NOT up on computer jargon, I ask my daughter, Wolf, for help. Thanks for a lot of info …that I don’t understand. (Maybe someday I will get it.

    • You should be able to go into the email account website and change the password. I can’t be specific on how to do this because each email provider is different.

  92. I need to change my email address because i am receiving porn emails everyday about 50-100 per day and this is totally disgusting please can u help

  93. You’d have to be much more specific about what kind of problems you are having. What email service? Do you use an email program? Which one? WHat steps do you take to access your email? What exactly happens when you try?

    • Like Mark says you’ll have to start a new email address, and stop using the old one. In Gmail, if you want to continue getting mail from the old address you can then set up the new address so that it picks up all the mail from the old address using POP3. Everything from the old address will then feed into the new address, but when you reply you’ll be replying with the new one. Also when you compose an email you’ll be composing with the new one.

  94. I am 65 years old, disabled, and have VERY LITTLE knowledge on computers. I only started using one about three years ago. I use it for face book and games. Being dissatisfied with my provider, I changed companies, knowing nothing about losing my e-mail address or at least not being able to use it. I don’t shop on line or pay bills on line. But some games require your e-mail address to log onto them. When I put in my (gmail) address, it says my password is wrong. To get a new password, they tell me to check my e-mail for further instructions which I can’t do. I can’t even find how to get a new e-mail address if that is what I need to do. Can you PLEASE help me?

  95. My email Had a bad scam not so long ago, so would like to change the old address {email address removed} to {email address removed} please. Can the old email still be used on my account ,or does it need to change too.?

    • Since changing an email address really just means getting a new address, you can access your old email account as long as you keep it open. As for accessing it via your new account or vice versa, the article gives a couple of ideas on how to do that.

    • How do you access your emails? Do you use an email program, if so which one, or do you access your emails via a website, if so which one?

  96. I have updated my laptop
    my email address was {email removed}

    it is now {email removed}
    and I would like to keep the same as I have had for a long time

    • The article you are commenting on explains how to do that. But why would you need a new email address because you have new phone?

    • That’s literally untrue. You do not need a new email because you got a new phone. You may have other reasons, but getting a new phone needn’t be one of them.

  97. weli, I am new to BT, and am finding it difficult to find email places on here. AOL was VERY much easier.Not that I want to go back to them, it finished up a bit of a mess. Any help you can give me will be Much appreciated.

  98. my e mail address with orangehome is closing down. i already have another account with g the problem is i do not know how to set it up on my laptop as i am still on windows xp

  99. I can not get into my e-mail, and I don’t want to change my address. I have to text on my cell phone, which is a pain in the neck, I’m really getting
    aggravated. {email removed} @ yahoo. com

    • You haven’t indicated what you’ve tried to resolve this yourself, or even the specifics of how it’s failing. Can’t help you without those details. Have you tried the “lost password” or other password recovery links provided by Yahoo!? That’s where to start.

  100. I need to change my email from (old) {removed} to another(new) {removed} because I cannot remember my password for the
    old email address

    • Please read the article. It has all of Leo’s suggestions for what you should do if you find yourself in a situation like this.

  101. I want to get rid of aol email account (experiencing internal error messages and cannot open messages) and switch to a google account. Is there a way to do this and have any mail from aol account automatically forwarded to new Google account as I have far too many contacts to notify .

  102. Please try to assist us to acquire new email address thanks as I am Bed ridden or wheelchair bound cheers
    P.S long time ago there was a free service for us disabled citterns
    God BleSS

    • All you need do is visit (or or and create a new account. It’s a very simple process – not much more complicated than posting a comment here. 🙂

  103. I made A One-Letter spelling mistake in the creation of my gmail a/c. Hence there is the need to correct it. Pls kindly help me up to d task……

  104. I Was Wondering If There Is A Way 2 Get Back In And Put In My Old E-Mail Cause When I Set My New Laptop-Tablet It Had Me Put In Another E-Mail That Was In There. I Don’t Want 2 Have 2 Go Thru All My Contacts And Preset Accounts And Give Them The New E-Mail That Is On There, Or If There Is An Easy Way 2 Do It In A Easy Way That Won’t Take Me Forever Since I Have A Lot 2 Contact…..

    • (As a side note: the way you capitalize every word is REALLY hard to read.) I’m not sure I understand. Where, exactly, did you “put in” your email? If you have another email address that you want to keep using it, just login to the email service or configure your email program to access it.

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