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Tip of the Day: Explore Help About

A magnifying glass hovering over a Thunderbird email client logo, with a series of footsteps leading from the logo to an illustrated folder labeled "Profiles."

What Is the Thunderbird Email File Location in Windows?

Thunderbird stores everything in what it calls a profile. I’ll show you how to locate yours.

About Thunderbird

Thunderbird: a Free, Open Source, and Powerful Email Client

Thunderbird is a robust and powerful email program that can meet the needs of both light and power users. I use it all day every day. Storage Full

How Do I Move Email to an External Hard Drive?

The space limitation has many people looking for ways to download and preserve emails offline.

New Email

How Do I Change My Email Address?

Changing an email address involves changing more than just the address. I’ll look at common scenarios and a few additional approaches.


How to Move Email Messages to Another Account

When changing email providers, old email can be difficult to move. I’ll look at some of the options.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Back Up Your Email Using Thunderbird

Using a desktop email program to back up email avoids potential data loss. I’ll show you how using and Thunderbird as examples.

My Aborted Plunge into Thunderbird

Migrating from Outlook, I jumped into the deep end of the pool … and jumped back out. Update: Since this was recorded in 2006 Thunderbird has progressed significantly. I now recommend Thunderbird as a capable, full-featured, cross-platform email client, and have been using it for several years.