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48 comments on “How Do I Find Out Who’s Trying to Change My Password?”

  1. In a case when when someone is trying to get into my accounts, I’d make sure I had a good long passphrase as these hackers might be able to guess a short one. Actually, I’d suggest everyone with a short or guessable password to change it as you never know when you might be the victim of a a hacking attempt.

  2. I don’t know what to do. I think my email has been hacked or phished. I don’t know if Hotmail is really Hotmail. or not. I have seen my Hotmail account send email to myself {email address removed} to {email address removed} for drugs and Russian dating sites. How do I know who is real and who is not. How do I know whos links are the real links and not the hackers? Please if you what should my IE internet options be set at for the safest possible. How do I if this is really your page and getting to you?

    Thanks for your help!

  3. I know of many Yahoo and MSN users who have either closed their accounts or have just left them for some other more secure account because of this problem, I know that Yahoo and MSN are in the act of improving their security and infact yahoo should have ssl by the 8th of Jan they say? Expect problems when they do. Because of personal settings?
    I dont know if Microsoft has fixed the problem yet but there was a problem with ssl and outlook in Office?
    These are all things that should have been done long ago like google did with Gmail.

  4. I have created a account for my office files but i forgotten my password,can you help me to change my email address and password so i can be able to download apps to my phone

  5. I don’t know if my email was hacked, but somehow my facebook email address was changed to my gmail one, but my password is still the same. I can still log into my facebook account no matter what email address I use.

  6. I recently logged into an old e-mail address I use occasionally, and found that someone had changed the password. After securing my account, I found out that they had been using it for months, and had even set up an Instagram account using my e-mail address. I thought about deleting the account, or doing something else to get back at them, but decided against it. A few days later, when I tried to log into the account, I found out that they had managed to change the password again. So I secured my account again, this time making sure it was more secure than before. This was in November, and after that I got busy with the holidays, so I didn’t bother checking the account again until today. And guess what? They had somehow gotten into it again. I don’t know how this was possible, as I had done everything I could to secure it – change the password, change the recovery e-mail address, etc. But this time I added a phone number, and made sure you needed a two-step process to log in: you’d need to get a verification code texted to you, and then you could sign in normally.

    When I looked at the e-mails, I saw that someone had sent them an e-mail with some photos. And the e-mail address was very similar to mine (only different by one letter). And in the photos I recognized the person who had set up the Instagram account. She had also used her real name to go along with the e-mail account, so now I know her name and what she looks like. I was also able to locate her Facebook page, where I found her current city, birth city and birthdate.

    So now that I have all this information, what should I do? Go to the police? I have my account back (for the time being), but who knows for how long, or what she will do again, to me or someone else.

    • This sounds very strange as email accounts shouldn’t be that easy to hack into, especially with 2 factor authentication. I’d make sure to check all of the recovery information, as it seems the only way she could have got in to the account would have been to add her own recovery info. Check to make sure that there aren’t any other email addresses or phone numbers that aren’t yours listed as a recovery method.
      Since you have her contact info, you might want to warn her that you know who she is and tell her that you’ll go to the police if she doesn’t stop hacking into your account.

  7. I do NOT have an Instagram account but i got a txt with a passcode in it and i want to know who is using my #
    I expect to hear from this matter within 24 hrs or i will make other arrangements

    • Contacting law enforcement is the best thing you can do in a case like that. Only law enforcement officials can get access to the information you are looking for. Taking matters into your own hands can often backfire and get you into trouble.

  8. Someone deleted a lot from my gmail account, like pictures, and vice recording and changed my password (i have now a new password )

  9. I have My password to this boy I know on my instagram account and he tried to login and now my account is saying that there is suspicious activity in my acc and so idk what to do now.

  10. Somebody hacked my old email,{removed} and changed all recovery options and changing my games,social media accounts etc. I need help to get back my old email account quickly please my new email account is, {removed} please reply quickly

  11. hi,

    cut the story short, i have a family member who was my security email, fell out and now this person keeps trying to get into my emails. i changed the security email to another and it says 30days till this changes over, changed my password and a few other things like postcode, details, in the mean time can this person still try get into my account if they click on forgot password and send the verification code to their email address can they still access my account. get into my emails.

  12. Curious. Someone is trying to reset a snap chat password repeatedly. Is there any possible way of locating the IP address of this person? Many companies send you an attempted login with IP, so I assume it’s stored. Law Enforcement is useless, since this person didn’t actually get in.

    • As the article states, there’s generally no way outside of law enforcement. What I highly suggest is that you change to a really strong, 16 or more character password, if you haven’t already. And if SnapChat has two factor
      authentication, I’d definitely go for that. You don’t want to be vulnerable to a brute force attack.

  13. i have someone gmail address and password what should i do that when i change his id password then after he will not able to change because the id is created with his number

    • If you change his password or even access his account, you are breaking the law and subject to criminal charges.

  14. 🙁 like to be honest someone change my password and I say please give my account I don’t know my password right now please help me ;(

  15. My account is getting locked continuously. Someone is deliberately giving wrong passwords just to lock my account…..What should I do in this case?

  16. i have my account but any one change my account password or recovery number or email address and password or i didn’t know how to get it back
    plz help me

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