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105 comments on “How Do I Change the Mobile Number Associated with My Hotmail Account?”

  1. I am sooo frustrated and in tears… It does NOT work on the ONLY device I have Safari Aplle IPad gen 2 ;'( After I click on my name it DEMANDS I get a code to sign in to CHANGE ANYTHING AT ALL now!! Cuz of stupid spammers and hackers I’m losing my 15 year old active account I use consistently–I just want to change my DAMN PASSWORD but all. Y security info is OLD AS OF JUST ONE MONTH AGO…. CAN YOU HELP PLEASE

  2. If you use Windows 8.1 with an MS login (Hotmail, etc.), I would hope that Microsoft would offer some kind of phone support for password recovery as that password is not only for for your email but for your supported OS.

  3. Wow – how did you go straight to the security reset page? When I test my Hotmail account and click on “Security and Password” I have to go through a screen to use my already-set recovery email, or phone, to get a code to proceed to the security settings screen.

    There is an option to select for “I don’t have these any more.” Of course I, personally, have several options set for recovering my Hotmail account. But I went through the recovery screens all the same just to see what would happen.

    Turned out it was fairly simple as long as I took the time to read the instructions on each page. Microsoft asked me for a secondary email. I typed it in and was immediately sent a verification email which allowed me to verify that that account as active. Reading the instructions let me know that I would have to wait 30 days for access to the security reset page – apparently no hacker is willing to wait that long. I then had to log back into my Hotmail account and verify that I had requested access to replace my security information. Of course I said, “Yes.” I then had access to all my emails and everything, just have to wait 30 days to reset my security information.

    And just for a good laugh… because I already had my proper security information set correctly I immediately received a text message and two emails to verify that it was indeed me updating my account. I went ahead and used the verification button in one of the emails to bypass the 30 day waiting period and went on happily with my life.

    Moral of the story… listen to Leo and keep your recovery information up to date on all accounts!

  4. I have a serious issue with this mobile phone number used for security confirmation… I am traveling extensively between Europe USA, Canada, and South America and have a pay as you go contract for each of them because it is MUCH CHEAPER, than having a single permanent number. My cell phones are not smart!! And my iPad is only WiFi.
    All in all this set up is definitely not ideal for double security protocol.
    Microsoft is not the only company assuming that you have a cellphone attached to your hand. Many more sites are now requiring this extra step for their own security…. Any alternative solution?

    And anyway, why assume that everybody has a cell phone?

    And on the topic of mobility, the banks are going one step further, not only do you need a cell phone ton confirm/verify whatever, but some of them require you to carry around either a code generator which is matched to your account, or a small device similar to a calculator, with a card like a credit card. You enter the card into the calculator, you type your account number and you get a code on the display that you have to enter into your computer to access your account….

    Our lifestyle involves staying two or three month in different continents/countries. Cell phones and security devices. Are growing while laptops and tablets are getting smaller :-)))

    Maybe you have some comments on that!

    I enjoy your notes!


    • doesn’t require you to have a cell phone. They also allow you to use an alternate email address or even a land line phone (they can give you an automated voice call) to send the verification code to. One caveat is: you have to make sure you keep those updated to email addresses you can access. I have 3 alternate emails and 2 phones associated with my Hotmail account.

    • Me too I am traveling a lot but I keep active a phone number from a country that I last visited 7 years ago. I use it to receive sms messages. Free of charge. To keep it alive I have to use it actively every 6 months. Costs me $2.- a year. My phone takes two SIM cards.

  5. We all get our button pushed from time to time and I’m certainly no exception. However, I learned many years ago with windows 3.0, one must be patient, breath slowly and read and follow all instructions. If that didn’t work, well you slept on it till the next day! Sometimes a nap would do the trick! Jeanine, I’m sure it didn’t demand you do anything, only asked. The link Leo provided is spot on and I hope it helped you change your password.

    I have followed Leo for many years and with his easy to understand advice, I’ve dug out of many a deep dark hole…Thanks to you Leo for teaching me the importance to backing up and imaging my systems! Jeanine, be calm, slow down and you will get through this…

  6. Hotmail/Outlook also offers something called a “Recovery Code”. It’s a very long character sequence which they ask you to write down and keep in a safe place just in case of ever needing it to regain access to your account. A failsafe I guess in case everything else … er … fails. Worth doing just in case of need, in my opinion.

    • Neil: Thanks for the tip. Every Hotmail/ user should know about this. I just got mine. It’s amazingly simple. Here are the steps:
      1. Click on your name or photo in the upper right of the page.
      2. Click “Security & password”
      3. A few lines under where it says “Recovery code” click “Set up”
      4. Print or copy and past the security code into a text document which you keep encrypted.
      I put mine in a Dropbox folder encrypted with Boycryptor

  7. I got caught out earlier last month by Google. Why would anyone from England go on holiday in Peru, they thought? Despite the fact that I have an alternative e-mail, Google insisted that the only way to prove I was me was to send me a text. Apparently, they don’t know that a phone (not smart, doesn’t take pictures, hasn’t got GPS, just a phone for talking to people with) that isn’t designed for use in North or the East coast of South America just don’t work there. So to use my Google account on my laptop, I have to change my password. Yes Leo, I know that changing passwords often is a GOOD THING but to add insult to injury, they then refuse to believe that I would be in Amsterdam a few days later on the way home. This paranoia is getting too much.

  8. I have a follow-up question. How common is it to have unsuccessful attempts on a Microsoft account from different countries? I have not been hacked (knock on wood), but I was looking at the recent activity on my account after reading this article. Every few days or so, an attempt is made outside the USA to log into my account. Should I be worried? Is this common?

  9. Microsoft email (hotmail etc.) offer 2 factor authentication using Google Authenticator (ie a random code generator that changes every 60 seconds) which you access from a smartphone app. This should ensure that without the smartphone nobody can access your account. No cellular or wifi connection is needed as the app runs standalone on the phone.

  10. hi am having problem with my code number, how will i change the code number and put the new one becuase the old number is not working again.

  11. im having trouble with my outlook account. I have just signed on and its telling me I need to security code to verify my account when they have a old email address I don’t know the password to and a old number I don’t have anymore.. also I have tried going on to account settings then security and password to remove them and add new ones but everytime I try its asking for the security code again theres no way I can get this. hope someone can help as im really stuck thankyou

    • Unfortunately Ellie, that’s just the thing that nobody can help you with. The whole point of verification information is that it be set beforehand, and that you can actually access it. The only good advice is to learn from this and go through all your other accounts and set up, or update, your retrieval information. That means your banks, other email addresses, social media… anything that matters to you.

  12. Hey Leo I am Having Issue To Change my Phone number Whenever i Am click on my Security &pasword option its Asking me question which is given below

    Did you request a security info change?
    Someone with the email address of {email address removed}​ started a process to change the password or security info for this Microsoft account.
    Yes, this was me
    No, this wasn’t me

    When i press yes its Showing my Old Cellphone number Please Advise need your help If you can..

    • yes its happen also to me this day..i dont know what to do and it keep sending the code in my old phone number which i dont have anymore.its really frustrating cause i used that email in important transaction..someone pls help us….

      • Same as here, what to do for solving this problem? my account will be locked after 30 days from today. How i solve this? Kindly share the info. Thanks.

  13. this is pretty useless information since to make the changes mentioned you have to be able to login into your account! If you don’t have the number that you used for verification any longer you are pretty much screwed.

    • In the case of someone of someone locked out of their account, who no longer has access to the email accounts and phone number associated with their Hotmail account, you might be right, but if you have current email addresses associated with your Hotmail account, this method would work and prevent losing your account in the future. I have 3 email addresses and 3 mobile phone numbers associates with my Hotmail account which I can use for verification and recovery.

  14. You can’t change phone numbers with what you describe. The screens are NOT even the same! I just can’t believe that this is so IMPOSSIBLE to do! Thank you MICROSOFT! 🙁 I should not have to spend hours to do something so brain-dead simple as change a phone number for security!

  15. Can’t go in to my email because i no longer use my old phone number and I’m in a different country so it ask me for my old number and send a code to

  16. Hello Leo,

    The screens are now completely different to what you have in this article. Instead of the Microsoft Account box there’s now a full screen page with a new layout.

  17. Hello,

    My name is Marta, I am from Spain and I am living in China. In this country most of the websites are blocked so I have the need to use VPN from different countries.
    Therefore, my hotmail account has been blocked. I created this account 14 years ago and I have been very happy since then, Now I can’t have access because the security questions are from the year 2000 and I was 14 years old.
    Please, help me recover my account.
    I have lived in the US for the past four years and used my e-mail account which is now expired as well as the telephone number.
    SO I can’t provide enough information. What else can I do?
    I am flying to Spain on Sunday for Christmas and the confirmation number is there, I need it by then, please.I am also waiting for interview answers and it is very crucial that I have access there.
    I am in tears, I don’t know if I am hired for that job, and I won’t be able to visit my family during Christmas.

    • So Leo… do you think it would be possible for folks who are cut out of their Hotmail accounts to open an account on a country specific server, and then retrieve their Hotmail emails through POP3 or IMAP interface. For instance, a US person could use Yahoo or Gmail or any other in-country online service. Set up a POP3 access to their Hotmail, and then retrieve their emails through the Gmail or Yahoo account. I’m thinking that Hotmail may allow that to go through. But someone would have to try it out to see if it works.

      Alternately, why not contact a local webdesigner or tech person from their hometown, and have that person access their account and set up access through a server that will not block them. Seems like it would work unless I’m missing a critical piece of how Hotmail is blocking the accounts.

      I’m curious what you think!

  18. This is such a great example of how ridiculous and difficult all things microsoft-based are. I am being given a 30 day waiting period to change my password (for the 2nd time I might add) unless of course I want to use my old cell number as a verification (which I have also been unable to change for months). So instead of being able to change my password to keep my information safe, someone will have at least 30 days to dig around in my inbox and try to find anything they can to steal my identity or reek havoc. Thanks microsoft and hotmail. You’ve always been so simple, helpful, and secure.

  19. once you have removed your phone number, how long does it take for it to be permanently deleted? i don’t like tech companies having this kind of detail as you don’t know who they are sending it out to.

    i removed mine following the step on here.

    thanks for all this info…

    • When you remove the phone number, it is immediately removed from the active database. As for backups and archives, there’s no way of knowing how long a company keeps those. If it’s a legitimate company, they have better things to do than to sell your phone number to others.

      • Hi mark, thanks for your reply. Would you happen to know why, if it’s immediately deleted, that you sometimes hear Microsoft keeps it for 30 days. My phone went to someone else this week so I hope your right and it’s has been taken off!

  20. hi i am in very big problem right now i am in forgein county for visit I tried to login my account here but due to two step verification I couldn’t not so I tried to reset my password still asking for two step verification which i setup i get the security code from alternative email asddres but the problem is its sending the security code to my cell phone which i am not receiving because i am in an international country i tried resetting recovery I also tried to login recovery Request which u posted still didn’t work and I don’t have other verification option other then cell phone code and alternative email code please help me and guide me through it it’s really important

  21. I cannot get into my account. It says my password or id is incorrect. When trying to recover it with the options of sending it to my e mail address or my phone I must fill in the missing numbers in phone number or missing letters in my e mail address. The problem is that neither the phone number nor the e mail address correspond with my e mail address or phone number. If asked for a answer on the security question, my answer is incorrect. It is as if my e mail address is taken over by someone else. Please help, I am losing business

  22. I need help please, iv forgotten my password and ,when i try setting up a verification code its going to my old phone number, so i still cant access my verification number to recover my hotmail account, its really stressing me out …
    the reason i need it so much is cos iv bin locked out of my Facebook vos i forgot my password ,n my hotmail account in what iv used on my Facebook so im lock out of it all .
    Please one again help me thanks .

  23. I had Hotmail account for 15 years, and when i went abroad , I couldn’t log in and my phone didn’t work either, so the code was sent to my yahoo account and when i tried to open my yahoo account it asked me to send the code for my yahoo to my hotmail!! so both accounts wanted to send the code to each other and i couldn’t open any!! This is really frustrating!! Please help !!

  24. I forgot my password,and same time I change my new contact what can I do ane how I can get back Hotmail.
    thank you for reply and have a nice day

  25. Since traveling abroad on holiday I can’t get into my emails & have forgotten my password but have changed my number since so I’m lost as nothing I do is working

  26. I have plain GIVEN UP. Occasionally we customers MUST change our phone #.
    MSN has made it incredibly difficult and so very very very time-consuming to edit my phone#.
    For the past few days I have been on a 30-day “probationary period” . During this time of shame, in order to see my E-mail, I must type out my e-mail address and also my password. EVERY TIME. ( “Keep me logged in” does not work) Then comes a couple of pages of rationale on their part before I am allowed in. Occasionally not, which is why I write this. I haven’t seen my e-mail at all this a.m.

    I’ve had two e-sessions with the MSN HELP dept., Both quite frustrating and very very time-consuming.
    Surely there is a better way.
    But, whatever. I have given up. I am transferring everything to a much better system.
    Hotmail shutdown caused me to lose some valuable pictures. Now is holding customers in similar contempt. Bye, MSN…………

    • You should NEVER lose email or pictures because an online system shut down. That tells me you weren’t backed up. Regardless of where you go to, make absolutely certain your email and anything else you use that system for is backed up somehow.

  27. Hi leo, great atricle

    Is is just me or is it TOO EASY to just change the number associated with the account, for example cant a hacker use his/hers mobile number to get the code and after the 30 days gain access to security details.
    Hotmail does have a message the next time you log in confirming changes and telling you what to do if it was not you who requested the code etc. but what if you have not checked your e-mail within that 30 day period and you are none the wiser the next time you log in, say 2 months later.
    Thanks in advance

  28. Hi I recently was hacked with a virus and wanted to change passwords. A friend helped me to change phone # from home phone to my iphone6 number..for recovery I guess. I had to wait the 30 day waiting period (which is up today) so I can change my password for my email account(Microsoft) Our home computer has everything in my husbands name and passwords and such. By doing the phone change security is that going to or has it already affected my husbands account or any thing other than my personal info for my email, phone etc?? If so is there a way to cancel the whole phone change thing ? All I wanted to do was change my email password and what ever my friend did I’m afraid I am changing my husbands info on our account! As I said our account is in his name. . And I didn’t want to modify any except change my phone number preference and my password. Can you help me? I’m a nervouse wreck! Thanks

  29. i cannot remember my username or my password i would like to update my phone number please ? i appreciate youre time and patience thankyou ian k .

  30. Actually I’m so much disturb about my account verification because I lost my that phone number which is related to my Microsoft account so iam not received the code for verification of my account .so please help me how I will solve that problem.

    • If you don’t have the recovery information set up with a phone or email you have access to, it most likely that you won’t be able to recover the account.

  31. Please I have used this hotmail in filling my forms which is so important to me.Meanwhile I cannot log in with this account.please help me reactivate this my account and my password

  32. I got a big problem because i lost my phone so i can’t access my verification code any more and i can’t open my Microsoft account. Please help me what to do

  33. Thanks for this important link. The new Hotmail security was driving me insane. I changed jobs, my cell was work provided… I had no way to get back into my account except go through endless contortions.

  34. Sir I hade more than 5 gb data on my onedrive account .. and my account didnt even seeing exist.. is there any way I can recover my data . That is much more important for me please give me any hint to save that data

  35. I cannot remember my sign in code and my phone number changer since I moved from Florida to NM Help. I I can change my phone number for contact I can do the rest

    • If you don’t access your email for a period of time (different length of time for different providers), the account is automatically shut down.

  36. want to replace my old number then my celphone was stolen
    to recieve my security code account volsss help me
    nee to open my yahoo mail for the important matter pls.

  37. I can’t get into my hotmail as I can’t get a txt on my phone as it’s a number I had about 7 years ago and don’t have now

    • If you don’t have any other recovery options set up you might not be able to recover the account. One thing I would try is calling the number and see if anyone else has it now. You may be lucky and find a nice person who will help.

      • That’s an interesting solution. It never occurred to me, but it is likely to work. People are generally helpful. I do see one potential issue if the person thinks you might be a scammer.

  38. Hi, I cannot follow this process as I stupidly registered my landline in the ‘text to’ when I set it up. It wont let me change it to a different (mobile number) without a verification code, and there is nowhere to click to choose a voice message option. Am going round in circles as it just keeps saying ‘you cant access this site at the moment as it requires a security code’ and then it wont let me enter a code because I cant receive the verification. Thank you. (This has all happened because I am trying unlink my son’s xbox stuff from my email, so he tried to change the name and now its all gone wrong and affected everything! He is now grown up, so we want to link different email and payment stuff to it. Turns out we can only link it to a brand new account, but if we transfer it he will lose all his gaming status, wins and powerups etc) In the meantime I cannot change the security info i need to change because of this ‘circular’ security default. Any help would be much appreciated. Many thanks.

  39. i am unable to log into my email. i am in alot trouble now because it’s my primary mail. the reason is i had changed my number recently and i don’t have access to it. now i given the mail address of my friend and they sent code there when i entered that code and give me a form which i had completed more then 3 times but i cannot recover my account. the problem is they ask name the email adressess to whom you sent email recently but i don’t remember it. can you help me through this. thanks in advance

  40. Hello Leo
    Since I’ve updated my telephone No. in my other email, which is outlook one and taken 30 days waiting and after that I started using such outlook mail, I find it not necessary to repeat waiting time /30 days related to hot, since all e mails are referring to Microsoft account. Is it right? Please send your reply to my out look mail which is ; {email address removed} If you didn’t mind, since I can’t inter and use my hot mail one which till now keep using my old telephone number which had been completely became unused forever. Waiting your reply urgently.
    Thanks and best regards.

    Dr Mazen Alkhaldi, University Faculty, UAE.

    • I’m afraid I’m having difficulty understanding exactly what it is your asking. Sorry. (And, as per the instructions, NEVER post your email address publicly.)

  41. Thank you
    just I want to ask that, I have my mail opened but, I want to change the associated phone number bearing in mind that this number is no longer in service.

    • Please read the article you just commented on. If you don’t have access to the old number you’ll need some other way to confirm that you are who you say you are.

    • Which account number are you referring to? There is none. If you mean the phone number associated with your account, the article you are commenting on explains how.

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