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116 comments on “Recover Your Microsoft Account Later by Setting Up a Recovery Code NOW”

  1. To save the recovery code, you might want to save it as an encrypted file. One of the simplest ways to do that is with LockNote, free from Steganos. It uses AES 256bit encryption. Store the file in your Dropbox. It saves as a tiny .exe file. You might want to consider keeping LockNote on your desktop, for purposes such as keeping notes on birthday shopping and things like that.

  2. You could also keep it as a secure note in a password manager. LastPass has such facility, I assume that Roboform, Keepass and others have something similar.

  3. Thanks for this tip Leo. I found that one of the best places to store this code and other important bits of information is in RoboForm’s “Safe Notes”. They are always to hand, they are backed up in RoboForm’s “cloud” and you can sync them with your RoboForm on portable devices too.

    • Took me a while too. I normally only use my Microsoft account for OneDrive and account management isn’t under options in the gear menu there. However, by selecting my name to the right of the gear I found Account Settings. There are quite a few other changes too. The code isn’t on-screen now. You can arrange how to get it.

      • Well, they sent me a 7 digit number, but that was just to verify it was me. Then I found the Recovery Code setting as above, so sorry for jumping in too quickly.

  4. To save the code in a SAFE place, print it on paper and file it in a place known only to you with a note on a index card placed inside the computer as a key to finding the code print out in case you forgot where you put it and tell a trusted friend what you did and why in case your memory needs a jog to find the code if you forget. Don’t rely on a computer to recover your security codes or email addresses or other sensitive info. Crashes can be disastrous.

  5. To verify that this is your email address, complete the hidden part and click “Send code” to receive your code.
    so i can’t know the email i have that broplem. my email is blocket is {email removed}

  6. Hi Leo,
    I’m not happy with keeping codes/product keys. I prefer to do it only out of compulsion. The reason is that after sometime, I usually forget where I’ve kept it. This is the reason that I’m scared whenever I need to secure anything. Now, when a code is required after 5 years, what is my position?

    I’ve provided alternate phone numbers and other information for recovery to all my mail accounts, including for hotmail. Is it sufficient?

    • I personally use 3 recovery emails in addition to my phone number for my important accounts. This way I’m protected in case I lose one of my recovery accounts or am in an area where I can’t get phone verification. As for product keys and codes, I have an envelope at home where I keep them all. In addition I keep them encrypted in a DropBox folder and backed up on my external hard drive and additional cloud storage. Overkill? Maybe, but it’s simple and inexpensive and more than worth the effort.

  7. I can,t get into my facebook page on my new mobile phone..I have tried all my passwords it won,t take any of them.. Badly disappointed…

  8. dear sir i want recover my account but it is no going on now . in past i recovered many time my account via text at my mobile number but now mobile number is same but verification cod is not receiving and security question is my child hood friend {removed} i dont remember exectly pls help me my all work is against this account thanks my account is {removed}

  9. Another excellent article, thanks Leo!

    I have a question, before I set this all up.

    My ISP provides us with multiple email addresses. Is it safe to use one of the other addresses as an alternate for each of the addresses we use, or do we need addresses from totally different entity?

    • It should be OK to use your ISP’s email address as a recovery address. I personally have four email addresses and three phone numbers for recovery. The more the merrier.

      This recovery code is in addition to all that. You should be able to use this Recovery Code anywhere in the world even if your phones don’t work and you’ve lost access to your recovery email addresses. I have mine in an encrypted Dropbox folder which I can access from anywhere. If you uses that, don’t forget that password.

  10. I’m thinking that people who don’t see that gear icon…..and I’m one of them….will just stop right there, thinking this isn’t for them. I’m not sure where that gear icon is, myself, so I stopped right there.

  11. Most interesting and I definitely will get that recovery code thanks Leo. A question on the subject of getting from both Hotmail and Gmail messages that they noticed unusual activities and therefore block access to the account. This happens when I use a VPN such as Hotspot, how can I avoid getting those messages? Its always a lot of time loss to get through their procedures. Maybe you have a solution?

    • I have no solution. The problem that Hotmail and Gmail are battling is absolutely huge – account theft is rampant, it really is. These measures are their way of attempting to prevent that from happening.

  12. Thank you for the directions. I now have a Recovery Code. I keep a list of all my accounts, sitenames, URLs, usernames, passwords ( 290 as of today) for work and home in an Excel spreadsheet. I change my passwords at least once a year. More for work because we have to every 4 months. The spreadsheet is encrypted with a serious password. I have a printout stored in my bankbox in case of my death or a disaster. What do you think?

  13. Great article. I did generate a recovery code a while back. In fact, at some time I replaced it (generated a new one). I think I know which one is which. Is there any way to verify or test that I am using the right one? I only see a button to generate another new one.

  14. Like Pablo, I can’t get to my account. does not recognize my email and/or my administrator password and the gear icon does not give me any of the options in your description.

    • It’s not your administrator password it wants – you login to with your email address and your password.

  15. I followed your instructions where I was eventually taken to a page that said

    Help us protect your account.

    Before you can access sensitive info, you need to verify your identity with a security code. How would you like to receive your code?

    o Email rj*****

    To verify that this is your email address, complete the hidden part and click “Send code” to receive your code.

    I entered the ***** part and was told “That doesn’t match the alternate email associated with your account. The correct email starts with “rj”. Clearly, one portion of the instructions says to enter only the hidden (*****) part and the other says to enter “rj” PLUS the hidden part. I find this typical of Microsoft. Details are often not checked leading to errors and confusion. As a former computer professional I know that if you haven’t verified that a process works (especially a recovery process) then you don’t have a recovery process. In this case this was a mistake that was easily correccted, but this type of error should never have made it to a production (online) environment. Microsoft has once again dropped the (very important) ball.

  16. I have not used my Hotmail account in ages and don’t plan to. It’s not clear what other uses this recovery code is good for. Please illuminate me.

  17. Following your route does NOT take me to where I can set a RECOVERY CODE.
    It takes me to where if necessary I would enter a SECURITY CODE which I know from bitter personal experience, many times, is discontinued in a very short space of time —– so quickly that it has often expired before I can enter it into my Tablet, so I have had to repeat the exercise several times until with luck I manage to beat the system and enter it before it expires!

    So, given that I end up in a different place to the one you describe, where do I find the RECOVERY CODE page? I will start doing a search for it now!

    • The security code is a step on the way. In other words if you are asked for it you need to enter it before your proceed. This confirms that you are the authorized account owner. Once you enter the security code you’ll be taken to the correct place.

  18. I like this idea and will try again later, but the first three attempts failed. It wants to pair with a smart phone, and believe it or not, some of us don’t have one. It might not work with an old flip p;hone, at least I can’t get it to work.

  19. I have just had a long and fruitless Chat with a Microsoft advisor who insisted there was no such thing as a Recovery code —- he kept confusing it with the Product ID and then with activation and then the very temporary Security Code (which I have used many times when resetting my Microsoft account password}. Here is a directly copied quote:
    ‘Recovery key and product key is the same.
    Actually no such thing recovery key, we from Microsoft called it as Product key.
    You seeking help where you can find a recovery or product to store for future use.’ And so on. I thought you might be interested.

    • Since Microsoft doesn’t offer support for their email accounts, he wouldn’t be expected to give any advice on it. Therefore there’s no reason for him to know about it.

    • They seem to have accounts and products confused. There’s no such thing as a recovery code for a product (like Windows or Office). Make sure they understand that you’re talking about an account.

  20. I’m assuming that this is not the thing to do if you are using WIN XP SP 3 32 bit????
    Also, I am using it on an aged desktop computer, no gearbox anywhere for me, except on Firefox….no-one mentioned a Browser, so I guess that isn’t the one you are talking about,
    In Microsoft Office Outlook I did find a button that asked, “do I want a Digital ID?’
    It appears this is so one can sign documents by proving who you are?
    My question is, is this for me or not? and if not, why not? and, if not is there an alternative?
    Good idea, great article….but mightily confused, as usual…(sorry, novice here).
    Peace & Love

    • This should work on any OS including XP, MacOS, Linux or any phone or tablet OS. This is all done on the website and has nothing to do with which OS or browser you use.

      Unless you know what a digital ID is, you probably don’t need one. You would need to send a copy of the public key to your recipients for them to verify your digital signature.

    • Microsoft Office Outlook is in no way related to This article is all about your Microsoft account accessed via What OS you are using has no bearing – if you have a Microsoft account online it applies.

  21. Thanks for that, Leo. The only slight problem I had with following your instructions was that I couldn’t find a “More security settings” link. However in the same place was “Managed advanced security”, which took me to the right page.

  22. This was extremely helpful. Hotmail/MSN/Outlook did not, to the best of my knowledge, have this in their help area. Yea! I will be able to access email while traveling. Thanks Leo.

  23. My question is when they wanted me to verify my identity with a security code. They wanted to know how to send my code and it wanted me to fill in my email address to get the code. My problem is I tried this several times but I never get a code to my email. How can I get a code when it doesn’t come to my email?

    • Was it an email address you entered as a recovery address? Otherwise they wouldn’t be able to send it. If they sent it to addresses not registered with that account, a hacker could steal the account.

      • ok; I got my code; but I’m confused about this. I use outlook on my computer without ever logging into anywhere. I use RCN for my computer access (high speed cable modem; it’s like Comcast; but a competitor in my area) and so I think my emails come through the RCN server technically and arrive into my outlook inbox.

        so would this article apply to me? or is this only if you log in and use outlook ‘in the cloud’? I’m so confused (insert googly eyes here which I don’t know how to do) : )


        • Outlook – the program from Microsoft Office that runs on your PC – is not not not the same as Your Microsoft account is an email account that uses a Microsoft domain like,, and so on, or a different email account that you have somehow registered with Microsoft as your Microsoft account to access Microsoft online services.

  24. Leo, You said to get a recovery code for my Microsoft account after you said to get it for Hotmail or Outlook which you then stated are Microsoft accounts.
    I’m confused once again.
    Sounds like you want EVERYONE with a Windows machine to do this recovery code thing.
    But, I don’t use Hotmail or Outlook. I use Windows Live Mail which is also a Microsoft product (I think)
    So are you saying that I should be able to find my way to getting this code with WLM or what because I can’t figure out how to do that with your instructions.

    •, Hotmail, and accounts are all Microsoft accounts. They’re all accessed through the webmail interface. All of them should be able to be protected with a recovery code in the same manner as described in the article. This wouldn’t work with other email service providers (ESP) on a Windows machine unless that ESP provided a similar service.

    • Other Microsoft type accounts that I use and need a recovery code are: Office 365 and OneDrive. I think the one Microsoft account ( that uses my email as account number, covers all my subaccounts and subscriptions. And I think the one recovery code I acquired will work with all of them. My only problem is finding out how to verify the recovery code I wrote down was the most current. I can’t find a verify button.

      • There is no verify. You can only create a new one and replace your old one. If you login to all those other services with the same email and password, then they are all the same, single, Microsoft account and the one recovery code would apply.

    • Your machine login is not neccesarily a online account and it is not a “microsoft” account. Those accounts are local to your machine.

      If you have an email address with Microsoft – like or or or you have registered your other email address with a Microsoft online service then those are Microsoft accounts.

      Microsoft has further confused this with Windows 8 and on which allows you to set up your local machine so that you can login to it using your online account. Unless you login to your PC with an email address then this is NOT you.

  25. Leo, this inspired me to create a recovery code. Problem is, my screen looks nothing like your screen captures. I have windows 8.1 and there is no gear icon. There is, on the dropdown under my login name, a list of options for Profile, Order History, Return History, Digital Content, and Payment, plus an item that says “looking for Microsoft Account Settings?” and when I click that it takes me to generic support for Windows. Not very helpful. I poked around and see no links for security. The Profile link only allows me to edit my name and email address.

      • I use W8.1 and the Mail App does not have the gear icon. Like all such apps, the user is restricted as to what they can configure. The use of a browser on the desktop, not the ‘modern’ interface, should access and show the gear icon.

  26. My wife’s hotmail was blocked when we went on holiday to France from our UK home (both in EU countries). I used the Recovery Code issued by Microsoft last year – but it failed! I have eventually managed, after spending 3 days of our holiday, to get it working again. But this is so unnecessary and may be considered as being illegal as in the EU we have unrestricted movement across border within the EU, same as US citizens do between states.
    I gather that the way the MS system works is to use a list of recognised devices for your account – but how do we add a new device to that list?
    Likewise, it seems they use the IP address to determine which country you’re in and perhaps a rough location too (rough because that can be several hundred miles out if the ISP uses a randomised list as some do). Seems like a typical MS approach by not securing the real problem but making users life unnecessarily frought just because they take a holiday!

    • I don’t believe companies are required to give that kind of access between countries in the EU. This is a security issue for MS, and they even sometimes block access in different areas in the US. I have half a dozen recovery emails for my Hotmail account. Not that I need so many, but I usually add another one when I need to give instructions to people on how to do it, so I take the opportunity to add a new address each time :). One tip is to use an alternative email address which doesn’t have that kind of security in place as you can lock yourself into a verification loop when your alternate email provider send your verification code to your Hotmail address :(.

  27. On my Windows 8.1 laptop, there is a Microsoft Store app that wants a MS account to be setup in order to down;load any app on the store.
    Does this code recovery article apply to that account as well?

  28. When I logged in to set up a Recovery Code a message unexpectedly indicated my Microsoft account was “temporarily blocked” (no idea why b/c I’ve never had a problem with the account or access to it). So I opted to get a reset code by text to my phone. Nothing had arrived after 5 minutes so I tried again. After another 5 minutes I opted to have them call me (a robo call, I assume) with the code. But the MS site indicated that exceeded my allowed number of attempts (apparently just two). Moments later two texts arrived in quick succession, with two different codes. Figuring the last one was still good I went back to log in but found there is no way to get to the enter code page without going through the text/phone call routne which, of course, it refused to allow. Grrrr! For anyone in the same blocked status just be patient after requesting a code…wait ’till Miami freezes over if that’s how long it takes. Good luck setting up a Recovery Code.

  29. I followed your instructions and eventually was asked how I wanted to receive my code ; I chose an option for that, but then could not proceed further because there is a box with the word “code” before it which needs filling : they are ASKING me for a code so that I can get a code ! I don’t understand.

  30. I followed your directions and found that I already had a recovery code, since it said “replace” (when I got to that spot). News to me…!! Anyways, I am confused after reading all the comments above. What are all these “accounts” and “emails” – Hotmail, live, outlook, msn, etc.. I see that they are all Microsoft accounts, but I thought I only had the emails that I normally use – the one that I get my internet service from, and (2) free accounts, used for different purposes.
    OK, so then I went to and 2 of those accounts are listed on the left and the emails in the inbox are so old, they’ve long been deleted from the actual account from which they came… Can you explain this system and how it works? Thanks!

    • One other question – what apps need passwords? I got the following in an email just now and I don’t understand what to do – maybe I don’t use any apps?

      “App passwords need to be updated
      You changed your password recently. Since you turned on two-step verification for the Microsoft account ( deleted ), you need to create new app passwords for any apps or devices that don’t support two-step verification. Any existing app passwords will no longer work. “

      • Not sure, but it sounds like you turned on two-step verification for your email account. If you pick up that email using a phone or table, even a computer, then those are probably the apps the message is telling you about.

      • You apparently have two-step verification turned on. App passwords are used when you have a specific app (or application) that needs a password but can’t do two-step. An example might be a desktop email program.



  32. i forget my a/c , i have alternative email but i dont have alternative mobile no ,( Activated two step very fiction ) . how to reset password plz help me ….?

  33. One thing to add, follow the instructions as Leo put it. Don’t choose to save the key on Microsoft’s servers, this weakens the provided security. If Microsoft’s servers were to become cracked, the thief would have hundreds of millions, if not billions, of user’s credentials, as some users has more than one Microsoft Account.

    This is another reason why I use a Local account on Windows 8.1 & don’t bother with 10 at all. Rather, I run Linux MInt as my primary OS & that’s where I perform transactions, check emails, etc.


  34. There is no longer an “account details” under Options to click on, and the screen shots are no longer accurate. I don’t know how to insert a screenshot of what I’m seeing here. I get locked out every year when I travel to Europe, and I don’t have a cell phone over there to have a code texted to, so this is a huge annoyance every year, so I’d really like to get a security code before I leave this year.

    • Companies constantly change their web interface – but it’s still helpful to know what to look for, often takes a bit more looking to find it

  35. When I got down to putting in my other email acct for recovery & clicked send code nothing happened. Did it several times & nada?
    What now?

  36. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work anymore. Microsoft has removed much of this functionality. I was only able to create the code on my ‘old interface’ Live account. I couldn’t do it on my ‘new interface’ Outlook account. When it came time to use the code, it wasn’t accepted.

    It might be time to archive this one!

    • I just checked, and I was able to get a new recovery code from for my Hotmail account.

      • Yes, I know– I was able to make one, too. And then when I was overseas and locked out, it wouldn’t accept the code. Try to use the code and see if it works.

  37. Will the security code help when I can’t access my hotmail because I am traveling? This happens even in the US. I set up my account so long ago that I am apparently unable to answer enough of their security questions to satisfy them (and I answered a LOT!) Can someone let me know if this works for when I’m traveling and using a computer other than my own? Thanks!

    • It should. That’s one of the things it’s designed for. It’s also a good idea to have more than one recovery email as those can also get you in when you travel. A good alternate email address is with a company like ( or ch in Europe). They don’t require second factor authentication when you travel.

  38. Hi. My Outlook email address is: {removed} Recently, I changed my phone number and I have no way to activate that number anymore. Meanwhile, from Outlook I received a message saying that they want to check whether anyone else using my account or not. So, to check that they sent a verifying code to my earlier number which I don’t have anymore. Besides this, there is another option to activate the account, where they requested for few information like_
    1. My last sent email subjects (4 nos.)______I hardly can remember the exact email subject of my recently send emails as my last sent email maybe about 20 days ago. But still some of them I managed to get from the receivers I sent before.
    2. Additional folders I created so far (4 nos.)_____So far I didn’t created any additional folders.
    3. Passwords I used so far (4 nos.)_____I’m using this password for about 10 years now, so I can’t remember others.
    4. Country/Region: I opened this account at Bangladesh and later I moved to Singapore 4 years ago. I don’t know which one they are asking for.
    5. Postal Code: I changed my apartment several times. So I don’t know which one they are asking for. It should be among them (120346, 120340, 120326)
    6. Credit Card Information: So far I used 2 credit cards so I don’t know which one they are asking for. But I have both credit cards information.

    Please let me know how I can recover my account now.

    • You may not be able to. This simply underscores the importance of backing up your account contents, and keeping recovery information up to date always. Sorry I don’t have better news for you.

    • Yes. On my Microsoft account I still see the Gear, and options, and Account Details. It looks mostly the same. So try again.

  39. “If you previously had a recovery code, it is no longer valid”
    If someone hacks my account, and changes the code, won’t this render my recovery code useless?

    • Yes. This is one reason that recovering your account quickly is important, and one reason that recovery codes are only a part of your overall security.

  40. Good write up. And still viable.

    To avoid confusion though you might want to update the document, as is often the case, documentation about websites is a moving target. Microsoft has changed the page layout, so the screen captures in this document no longer match their site.

  41. thanks Leo, I have finally generated a recovery code from Microsoft. None of the options you mentioned came up; it took a half hour chat with a microsoft chap to help me out and get me that code. I have two step verification, but as part of it was my phone no it didn’t seem the best security! But I’ve got the verification code now, written down in a safe place, so lest the worst happens, I have it. Thanks again Leo.

  42. Leo. I followed the steps. The windows matched those in your article (I’m on 8.1) and the process worked without a hitch. Thank you
    I’ve printed the code, and I will store one copy in my filing cabinet, and another copy with my out-of-house backup (in a plastic bag in a box in the garage, down the bottom of the garden – safe if the house burns down).

    • Save it somewhere secure for the day when you need it. It’ll be part of your account verification process should you ever need to re-verify the account or if you ever lose access or your password.

  43. I broke the golden rule of computers. “IF IT AINT BROKE, DON’T FIX IT!” Don’t tell me it’s a coincidence, when I start up I get “”We are unable to connect right now. Check your network and try later.” This happens EVERY start-up but has never, never happened before.
    DUH. I ignore it and plough ahead. I get a name I’d forgotten was on the computer and must choose between “local” and MS. I insert my password and I am told to get a second code. I finally get in. What has happened to my 4 digit pin?

    If I drop this stupid 2 step thing – will I get everything back as it was? If I reinstall from a backup will MS still demand passwords and if so which one – the one before I changed it yesterday or the new one. What a mess.

  44. I, today, found that it’s even worse than I thought. Since i changed my login on Oct 29, Macrium backups have failed due to 0x8004230f, unexpected provider error. I followed Macrium instructions to no avail – unfortunately I didn’t notice that I wasn’t backing up until today. I looked at system restore and it will not work anymore.

    What on earth is happening?

    If I restore from a back-up on say 28th of Oct will MS require my new password or my old. Could be a problem b/c I erased my old PW.

    Of course I am afraid of being locked out of my computer.

    Any suggestions?

    • That depends on how you log in. Logging on to a restored backup would require the current password if you log in via a Microsoft account and the old password if you log in through a local account.

  45. Well, I read your article, and it is disturbing how microsoft lacks “support” for their clients.
    I had my MSN account closed to 19 years. When they instituted the two step verification process, I did my security updates.
    I have my alternate email, I have phone number, security questions, what else ????
    Even when I went through the process to reset my account, answered all the questions, I was not able to reset my password, hence locked out for 30 days.
    The best past of the story, my issue began after an updated to my registered device. My laptop performed the update, I was not able to access my account, I couldn’t add it and kept saying my password or email was invalid. I called Microsoft, and I received no support to resolve the issue.

    • Microsoft does offer support for their clients. A few months ago Microsoft techs spent about 6 hours fixing my Windows installation. What they don’t offer is support for their free promotional email accounts. It would cost them millions to support those free accounts from which they don’t receive a cent. That being said, I’d never use a Microsoft mail account as my principal email account.

  46. I already went to the painfully situation that lost access to my Skype account, trying to create a new one to gain access with my cellphone, and this is the point I am already confused, because I did tried to access Skype with my Hotmail password and didn’t work !!!!!! it took me 4 months of stubborn intents with their uncooperative, inefficient online help, they were miserable days…….. I was afraid that in every intent I was going to loose mi 12 year old email account where I have all my online communications.
    Leo why it didn’t work the way you explained in this article that you can access with another account or service of Microsoft, please tell me if Skype, Hotmail, MSN is 3 different accounts or you have one Microsoft account with it’s own password that give you access to any of those other accounts independently? right now I go to any of those services (accounts) and log in with the password created for every account …… can you explain please

  47. Hi, I got a mail saying that they are unabe to verify my ownership and because there have been multiple unsuccessful recovery attempts so we recommend you to make a new account.. I have been using this account since 10 years and I have all the information neeeded .. I am using Skype too from this account , I remember my password and all the security questions but still they are not giving my I’d back.. pls help me

  48. How do I turn off this terrible 2 step authentication? I inadvertently clicked something in Skype and ended up having to change my pw and got locked into a continuous loop getting email “authentications” and being sent around and around. Then I find that I have inadvertently changed the PW for MS and hotmail. Hotmail doesn’t recognize the new password which I don’t know why it was needed. And the messages say it’s because I have this stupid 2 step A. Now my computer demands a pw where I only used a Pin. All this because I accepted thew latest Skype. I don’t care about Hotmail but I get the message: User interaction is required” then I put in the password (new) and I can’t see anything happening though maybe it is b/c my hotmail is unused and I only get blanks or MS ads.
    I do have a 6 digit # Could this be the dreaded recovery code? If so where would I use it. How can

  49. I need help because I’m on limit 640 and when my recovery code was set up after a hard reset and I pressed next but then it just stays I did this 4 times with new recovery codes but still please can anyone help me please email me my email is {email removed} Thank you.

  50. i have recovery code ..i used this code once .now i have hard reset my phone and that code is not working ..kindly suggest me what to do

  51. I received a recovery code on 9-12-18. I obtained it because I cannot use my email or Skype accounts when out of the USA, thanks to Microsoft’s difficult verification system. Thanks to your very clear article, I was able to get a recovery code. I am now traveling outside the US and the problem is that I cannot enter the code. I click on the “I have a code” link and try to enter my recovery code, but it will not accept all the characters and it says my “code” should be 7 characters and all numbers. This makes me think I am entering my code in wrong place, but don’t know how to do that. I can’t find an explanation in your article about that.
    To be clear, all I am doing is trying to log on to my hotmail accout, and I get the “Help us protect your account” page and follow instructions. That is where I see the “I have a code” link. Where do I enter a recovery code and how do I get there. (If I am supposed to get a response from you via email, I will not be able to access my email!)

    Thank you

  52. my country code (South Sudan) is not listed in the drop-down list among the country codes. how can i enter my number for verification.

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