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Android Hotspot Configuration

Tip of the Day: Your Personal Hotspot

Tip of the Day: Shoot Horizontal

Yes, You Should Give Google Your Mobile Number

Google will use your mobile phone number for verification if you lose access to your account. Some people don’t want to provide that information to Google.

Am I at Risk Because I Don’t Get a New Phone?

What happens when the manufacturer stops security updates on your phone?

A One-step Way to Lose Your Account … Forever

I see people lose access to their important accounts all the time. Most frustrating is that it’s often their own fault that they can’t regain access.

How Do I Change the Mobile Number Associated with My Hotmail Account?

Mobile numbers are an important component of Hotmail and security. I’ll review how to change the mobile number and keep it up to date.

My new toy

No, not my Mac. That’s a topic for another day. ­čÖé I don’t normally talk much about ┬ámobile technology because I tend to feel that I’m nowhere near an expert on the topic. Besides, there are plenty of other resources on the web for getting more qualified help. That being said, I recently upgraded my … Read more