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13 comments on “Why Am I Not Getting the Email Newsletter I Signed Up For? Three Steps to Improve the Situation”

  1. I am a software developer that owns a small business. I have created a reporting tool that attaches pdf documents and fires them off with an automated COM email object that I purchased from Server Objects INC. I used to work with no problems. But over the past year Spam filters have been blocking. I test with hotmail and yahoo emails, and they are blocked there. Other clients have been blocked as well with various domains. I have no problem sending a manual email to any address that fails with the automated version. I have talked to different email providers with no avail. Do you have any advice on the problem? How do I get my legit auto email to respond like other big name companies that are able to get email throught to me in an automated fashion.


  2. This is a tough one, and rest assured, large corporations and on-line publishers are facing the same issues that you care. Here’s one site that will allow you to test your content: . I would also recommend placing the PDFs on a website and emailing a URL rather than sending the attachment. If there are security issues, you can set up a simple password protected site.

  3. out of 10 emails sent out I have only received 1
    it was sent from 25miles away.But from Canada and Philly I get no answers.I have called them and they say they have sent several out.And I’m not getting them.It’s beginning to @*^? me off.

  4. The email that is being sent to me is not getting through. Is there anyone here that can check to make sure that my email is working properly? I have a business and rely heavily on my email. Thank you.

  5. I am not receiving emails from another hot mail account. This email is on my SAFE list and doesn’t show to be BLOCKED. What can I do to receive the emails that I have been receiving for a year now?

  6. hi. i have a problem with my yahoo. i am not getting any frind send me e-mails, but they get failure friends have yahoo, but they don’t have this problem.Can u please help me?

    thank u.

  7. i get notice that i have e-mails in my in box but when i go to see what they are there is none but my way old ones that i had saved wh is this & how do i fix it i have done the spam thing bt it is still not working whatdo i do HELP

  8. In this case, there could be a mail server issue. It can be on your side or the sender’s mail server. You can always verify it with your mail server provider if they interruption or an issue.

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  9. In regard to not using the mailer sites “unsubscribe” instructions: It has been the experience of both of the adults in our household (no kids here) that this often does NOT release one from the list. We have been continuously requesting removal from a couple of sites for going on a year. To date we still get their ‘mail’ on a weekly basis. This seems especially pervasive with some of the ‘social networking’ sites. (one of the ones we reference above). Having retired from a medical field, I find my former professional associations extremely difficult to get released from.

  10. Re John Orella’s problem with the “Unsubscribe” facility, what I do when subscribing to anything is use a disposable email address (such as available on Yahoo and GMX). Then, if the unsubscribe facility does not work, simply delete the specific disposable email address to instantly solve the problem.

    • That can happen with mass mailed newsletters. You can usually whitelist a sender’s email address by putting it in your address list.


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