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Tip of the Day: Edit Your Facebook Comments

Don’t reply to yourself to make a correction — edit your Facebook comment instead!

Dialing Back Social Media

Facebook is holding you for ransom. Sign up for Confident Computing via email instead.

No, Your Facebook Account Has Not Been Hacked

There’s a common situation that leads people to think their Facebook account has been hacked. They’re wrong.

Tip of the Day: Facebook Recent Posts

Tip of the Day: Get Log-in Alerts from Facebook

How Do I Switch Back to the Old Facebook Layout?

Every time Facebook makes a change to its interface, many people want to go back to what was. I’ll discuss just how realistic that desire is.

Facebook Privacy Settings 2021

You can and should be aware of and control your Facebook privacy settings.

Tip of the Day: Don’t Rely on Facebook for Storage

Tip of the Day: Save a Facebook Image

Why Does My Facebook Post Show as “Unavailable” to Some People?

Sharing posts you find on Facebook often results in an “unavailable” message. That’s Facebook respecting privacy settings.

Tip of the Day: Use Available Recovery Options

Tip of the Day: DON’T Log in with Facebook

Tip of the Day: Set a Facebook Legacy Contact

Tip of the Day: You Don’t Always Need an Account

Tip of the Day: See Posts by Liked Pages First on Facebook

The Most Searched-for Term on the Internet

The most searched-for term on the internet tells us something about people’s understanding – or lack of understanding – about how their browsers and the internet work.

How Do I Recover My Hacked Facebook Account?

Unfortunately, Facebook account hacks are common. I’ll look at the process Facebook takes you through to recover a hacked Facebook account.

About that Facebook test…

Facebook did some testing. It’s made some people upset. What’s important to realize is that testing is ubiquitous on the web and happens in many different ways.

Would deleting Facebook help clear up a malware infection?

Deleting Facebook won’t help, so I’ll look at more general approaches to removing Potentially Unwanted Programs that are, effectively, malware.

Why is my picture showing up next to emails I send?

It’s really nothing to worry about; the recipient’s email program is likely grabbing information from your profile. There may be something you can do about it, if you care.

What is Facebook Fan Friday?

On most Friday afternoons I’ll make a post on the Ask Leo! Facebook page along the lines of: It’s Facebook Fan Friday! For the next hour or so I’ll do my best to respond to every question asked in a comment to this post. What’s got you scratching your head today? And for the next … Read more