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A photorealistic image of a computer screen overflowing with icons, windows, and notifications, representing the abundance of features and capabilities added to software over time.

Why Does Software Only Seem to Get Bigger?

It’s a march of technological progress: computers can do more, and we expect software to do more. That leaves those of us with older machines in a difficult spot.

Steaming Mad!

Ignored by Online Services? Remember, You Are Not the Customer

When free services seem to change arbitrarily, it’s easy to wonder if they’re paying attention to their customers. They probably are — just not the ones you think.


Why Ask Why?

It’s common to ask “Why?” when it comes to computers. It’s also common to be frustrated with the answer.

Never Attribute to Malice . . .

Malicious intent is commonly understood to be the cause of technological trials and tribulations. It’s usually the wrong assumption to make.


How Do I Switch Back to the Old Facebook Layout?

Every time Facebook makes a change to its interface, many people want to go back to what was. I’ll discuss just how realistic that desire is.

Moving from Evernote to Todoist

How You Recover When Good Apps Go Bad

I frequently advise people what to do about unexpected and undesirable software changes. It’s time for me to take my own advice.

Don’t Call Yourself Stupid

Don’t Call Yourself Stupid

Some people call themselves “dumb” or “stupid” when it comes to computers. There’s little that frustrates me more.

Embracing the Most Important Attitude

There is one approach to life — one setting in your psyche — that affects your experience with technology much more than any lack of skill or knowledge.

"... the more frustrated and resistant you are to the changes you’re facing, the harder you’re making it on yourself. "

How To Reduce Your Frustration with Technology

Believe it or not, there’s one change you can make that can dramatically impact how well your technology works for you.

Never Stop Learning

Never Stop Learning

Five Tips to get the most out of your technology. Tip #2: Never Stop Learning

Coping With Change

Coping with Change

The first in a video series “Five Tips to get the most out of your technology.” – Tip #1: Coping With Change

2015 Survey results

Some high-level results from my 2015 reader survey – what’s bugging you? I now have a better clue.

Amazement and Wonder!

Amazement and Wonder? Really?

After a week of random problems I felt the need to remind myself of how how amazing and wonderful technology can really be.

Time for Change

Why do things that aren’t broken keep changing?

Online change is inevitable. The problem is, of course, when a service’s ‘improvements’ are viewed as just the opposite by some.

You Speak, I Listen

Over the past several weeks I’ve surveyed my newsletter readers. The response has been overwhelming, and it’s time to share some of the results and a few of my take-aways.

500 and change

As I mark the newsletter #500 milestone, I’ve elected to make a couple of minor changes to Ask Leo!. I’ll tell you what’s up, what’s changing, and why. I think you’ll like it.

Your efforts will pay off fortune cookie.

Do We Really Need to “Get Used” to Things?

“Getting used to it” might not always be ideal, but being open to it can result in sometimes surprising improvements. Besides, you’re doing it already, almost every day.