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Tip of the Day: Add to the Start Menu in Windows 10

Windows Explorer is Missing. What Do I Do?

Is it really gone, or just hidden? Either way, we’ll work through the solution to get Windows Explorer back.

Tip of the Day: CTRL+ESC for the Start Menu

Tip of the Day: Consider Shell Alternatives

Tip of the Day: Resize the Tiled Start Menu

The Start Button Is Missing and There’s No Taskbar. What Do I Do?

Taskbar and Start button disappeared? We’ll look at solutions for several reasons why this might happen.

Customizing Windows 10 - Ask Leo! Live

Customizing Windows 10 – Ask Leo! Live

I walk through my initial customizations of a Windows 10 Home machine, including Start menu, Task bar, Notification area, and more.

Tip of the Day: The Many Ways to Start

Tip of the Day: Jump to Letter in the Start Menu

Tip of the Day: Windows 10 Start Menu Folders

Open-Shell: Regain Your Start Menu in Windows and Much More

The single biggest complaint about Windows 8 and 10 is the tiled Start menu. Don’t like it? There’s an app for that.

Tip of the Day: Pin an Email Account to the Start Menu

If you have multiple email accounts configured in the Mail app, you can create a convenient shortcut on the Start menu for each.

Tip of the Day: Pin a Folder to the Start Menu

The new Windows Start menu has given one of my oldest questions an easy answer.

Tip of the Day: Just Start Typing

One small change to how the Start menu works, coupled with the increased power of Windows Search, and you might find yourself leaving significant parts of the Windows UI behind.

How Do I Get a Program to Auto-start When I Sign in to Windows?

I’ll show you how to locate the Startup folder and put a shortcut to your program there.

Is It Safe to Store Files on My Desktop?

The desktop is not a place I keep things I use, because it’s always obscured. It’s also a fragile environment to keep important files because it is prone to mis-swipes of the mouse and more.