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How Do I Get a Program to Auto-start When I Sign in to Windows?

Leo, I’m trying to find out how to add a program to auto start on boot up in Windows. Do you know?

Windows 8 and 10 have done a stellar job of hiding how to do this, but nothing has really changed — at least not when it comes to this.

You can add a program to auto-start the same way you did in prior versions of Windows. Let’s do that.

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Footnotes & references

1: Type the string into the Run dialog box and click on OK.

2: This just opens the folder in Windows File Explorer when you sign in.

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Tip of the Day: Pin a Folder to the Start Menu

Windows Explorer seems to have been removed, what do I do?


Microsoft malicious software removal tool seems to have removed Windows Explorer in my Windows XP. What can I do?

I’m actually very skeptical that Windows Explorer has actually been removed. However, there are a couple of steps that I would have you take to diagnose exactly what’s going on and perhaps repair it.

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Is It Safe to Store Files on My Desktop?

Hi, Leo. Since the days of Windows 98, I’ve been keeping a few files and folders on my desktop for quick access. I’m now running Windows 7 and up until recently, I’ve kept five folders with photos and some videos in them and three text files on my desktop. Last week, for no apparent reason, two of the folders emptied themselves of all their contents. Also, one of the folders and two of the text files up and disappeared completely. Fortunately, I was able to recover most of the data. I’m wondering what the problem was. I searched the internet for similar things and found one article that said one should never keep files or folders on one’s desktop. The desktop should be only for shortcuts. I’m wondering about your thoughts on this situation.

We’re actually treading into what I’d call religious territory here. There are definitely some strong opinions on both sides of this issue.

I actually agree with the article that you found. The desktop should be only for shortcuts, not for files.

Personally, I’m not a fan of putting even shortcuts on it.

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Classic Shell: Regain your Start menu in Windows and much more.

By far, Windows 8’s new Start screen was its most strikingly different feature as compared to Windows 7 and prior versions.

Unfortunately, that new tiled Start screen leaves many with a very negative first impression of Windows 8 – a first impression that then goes on to color their entire Windows 8 experience. Even after Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 returned something similar to the start menu, many users are still left with a less-than-favorable reaction.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Classic Shell is a free set of software that gives you your favorite Start menu back, as well as restoring and adding functionality to both Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer.

It’s a great way to make Windows more useful to those who dislike what I’ve come to refer to as the “tablet-ification” of the user interface.

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Footnotes & references

3: It does. Honest. But that raises an interesting point – many of people’s reactions to various Windows 8 features are often matters of taste and personal preference. What I think works well with a mouse many people might agree with, and others might disagree with. It’s always been so. That’s why this article exists – to provide alternatives for various points of view. But the mouse works well and you don’t need a touch screen. Honest.
4: In fact, as part of my testing, I first installed it on my Windows 7 64-bit desktop, fully expecting to remove it when done. Instead it returned a feature that I’d long missed – multi-column sub menus off the Start menu, rather than scrolling. As a result, it’s staying.