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Customizing Windows 10 – Ask Leo! Live

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Edited from the full Ask Leo! Live Event video, available below.


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8 comments on “Customizing Windows 10 – Ask Leo! Live”

  1. This video has been my favorite so far. In fact, the title alone made me drop everything I was doing to watch immediately. As a long-time Windows 7 user and a soon-to-be Windows 10 user who likes to customize everything and check all the settings, this video gave me a good idea of what to expect and how to start my customization after a fresh installation. As it is not always obvious what the various options will change, I especially appreciated your descriptions and explanations. I also found it interesting to learn how you typically run. It would be awesome if you could cover parts of the Control Panel (or the Windows 10 equivalent of the Control Panel), along with any other settings or configuration changes that you deem important. Thanks again, and stay safe.

  2. I tried to get to the display settings and when I do, the Settings window pops up for less than a second and shuts off. I tried to get to it by clicking on System in the Settings App and that just shuts down the Settings app. I can get to these settings via the Control Panel which I’ve pinned to the Start Menu so it’s not a serious problem but it would be good to have settings working correctly.

    Also, the Peek preview button is set to on and grayed out. This isn’t a problem because it’s the setting I prefer but I’m curious as to why it can’t be changed.

    • With the settings app bailing on you like that I’d probably start with things like SFC, but honestly — that wouldn’t last long for me. I’d be looking at re-installing the current version of windows (basically an upgrade to the same version by downloading from Microsoft), or if that didn’t do it, then “Reset This PC”. Settings is too important an app.

      • The first thing I tried was SFC. It said it fixed some damaged files but it didn’t solve the problem. I considered a reinstall which I will eventually do but for now, the Control Panel workaround works for me.

  3. I notice that “Buttons on the Taskbar” shows a small envelop for Microsoft Office Outlook 2016 app when unread mail exists and the taskbar setting is turned on. If the taskbar option is turned off it is not displayed.

  4. @Leo – once again another lovely video. One point I would like to make is the “Use Peek to preview” is to preview the desktop when you move your mouse to the Show desktop button. There is no option to turn off thumbnail preview in Windows 10. (There are registry hacks to turn it off but no option!)

    @Mark Jacobs – the “Use Peek to preview” button is greyed out because you don’t have “Enable Peek” ticked within System Properties -> Advanced tab -> Performance Settings -> Visual Effects


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