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A padlocked folder.

Password Update Without Re-encrypting: How?

If your password is used to encrypt your hard disk, how can you change your password and still be able to decrypt your disk?

Bitlocker Protected External Drive

Why I (No Longer) Avoid BitLocker

BitLocker is a fine encryption program if used properly. The problem is that it’s too easy for the average user to skip steps that could result in data loss.

Encryption, conceptual

What Encryption Software Do You Recommend?

There are many different tools for encryption. The right one depends on what you’re attempting to accomplish.

Leo on the Desktop

Tip of the Day: Shut Down When Traveling

Windows Pro or Windows Home?

What’s the Difference Between Windows Home and Pro Editions?

I prefer Windows Professional editions. Here’s what I consider the important differences between Windows Home and Pro.

Bitlocker is ON.

How Do I Turn Off BitLocker on a Drive?

BitLocker is a fine approach to encrypting hard drives, especially the system drive. It’s easy to turn off BitLocker if you decide you no longer need it.

Encryption (Concept)

Find Your Lost Bitlocker Recovery Key in Your Microsoft Account

BitLocker might be turned on without your knowledge. That’s fine, but make sure you have the recovery keys stored somewhere should you ever need them.

Locked Laptop

How Do I Protect My Laptop Data from Theft?

Laptops are portable, convenient, and easily lost. If lost, all your data could easily be available to the finder. Encryption is the answer.


Tip of the Day: An Encrypted Drive is Not Encrypted in the Cloud

Whole Disk Encryption

Does Whole-disk Encryption Impact Computer Performance?

Whole-disk encryption has only minimal impact on the performance of modern computers and hard drives. I’ll review why that’s the case and outline something more important: your ability to access the data when something goes wrong.