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15 comments on “How to Recover an Account Without the Recovery Phone or Email”

  1. I cannot access my account. It’s old I have no verification emails or phone numbers to use. I really just want to sue ms. Class action. Whose in? Funny that under this box it says name and email. Because I used to have both of those.

  2. hi .. i want to cry
    i can’t go into my inbox only after 30 days !!
    i was inside my inbox in my outlook email , and suddenly a message appeared to me asking me for verification code because i was trying to access sensitive things in my account !
    the number phone on they want me to send the code to it was old ,i do not use it anymore , so i asked to change it to receive their verification code , i received the code , i send it , then they said that i cant access my account only after 30 days !!
    i sent jobs requests to that email , how can i see my messages ?? who can i go to my inbox ??

  3. Hi Leo,
    Really clear and understanding article, in my case, someone have provided updated recovery info that was and old mobile number without access anymore, I checked and it is not in use when called, they replaced old recovery info with an alternate email address that I don´t know.
    However if it can be of any help I was able to change my password providing many subjects emails and recipient also, so for now the can´t access my account, but still need to wait for the 30 days period to change recovery info.
    My concern is if the were able to updated without the old number active I SUPPOSE that change will be rejected and I will be in full charge of my account when period expired without a confirmation from the old mobile number, if this is correct I suppose I will be in the same situation to update my recovery info.
    Really annoying that I was able to probe to MS system that I own and have access to the account and I need to keep waiting for the period with the high risk that security info finally updated and will lose any access and the have total control of my acount.

  4. Hi,
    A friend of mine forgot his email account passwords, and because he changed job he changed also mobile number that I have set it as recovery option when I helped him create his account.
    The problem is that he has still access from his mobile phone (iPhone) and he receives new emails but can’t send as it’s prompting for password! I have tried all options for recovering his account even send data from last emails send and Microsoft replied we haven’t supplied enough information! That is a joke of course. What else can we do? I have even tried to send same email as recovery option that in our case would work but the system it does not accept it !
    Thanks for your time.
    BR, Ilias

  5. Thank you for your answer.. i want to know, if I do not use my email for more than 5 years, it turns off by itslef? or show me this message “Help us secure your account
    We have detected unusual activity on your Microsoft account (email), or believe your credentials are at risk. For your security and to ensure only you have access to your account, we will ask you to verify your identity and change your password. ”
    to confirm that I am the owner of the email

  6. Can’t sign in and the phone number we used is a landline, dont get text. We don’t get cell service were we live. My other email has been closed due to inactivity. I need my outlook email account ‍♀️

    • As the article stated and reiterated several times:
      “Important: if you cannot do this — if you cannot provide sufficient information to prove you are the rightful account holder — I know of no way to proceed and regain access to the account. The account is likely lost, and I cannot help you.”


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