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How Do I Change My DNS to in Windows 10?

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6 comments on “How Do I Change My DNS to in Windows 10?”

  1. Is it a better idea for the alternate DNS IP address to be for a difficult provider than the provider used for the preferred DNS? I ask because what if CloudFlare is having a problem, wouldn’t both of their primary and alternate DNS IP address be impacted by the problem? Maybe the alternate provider should be your ISP or at least another primary like Google’s Public DNS or OpenDNS?

    • That’s kind of how I’ve viewed it, yes. But there are times when only one of a provider’s servers will have issues as well. Pragmatically most all of these mainstream services so rarely have errors that it probably doesn’t matter.

  2. I use Google’s DNS. My reasoning is that no one has the Internet better mapped than Google and Google has some of the fastest servers on the Net. Is that a reasonable assumption?

  3. A few questions please:
    1- will the results from changing DNS be the same regardless of which provider or which geographical area or even which tower is used?

    2- rather than guessing whether it’s helping or not, is there a test program (like that will show the difference?

    3- With a stable ethernet connection on Comcast, is any improvement likely to be noticeable and if so, what specifically will improve – page loading times, video refresh, etc?

    • 1a. Results as in values: should be the same, unless your local country forces some domains to be blocked at the DNS level.
      1b. Results as in speed: should be tailored to your location, meaning faster.
      1c. I don’t see how towers are involved. DNS servers are unrelated to towers.
      2. Sure. Here’s one:
      3. It depends on your ISP. Generally page load times get slightly better.


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