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Why has my laptop monitor started showing white as turquoise?

A laptop monitor started showing turquoise after getting cold out in the
car. Sounds like a hardware problem.

Why does Macrium ask for a Username and Password to schedule a backup?

Macrium asks for your username and password when scheduling backups because
it needs to know how to log into your computer.

How do I get Windows to actually shut down programs that cause it to wait for me on exit?

Programs cause Windows to wait on exit because they have something else to
do. A clean shut-down requires that all documents on the computer be properly

Why won't my newly purchased game CD read in my DVD drive?

Problems reading CDs in a DVD drive could be because the CD is faulty, or your
drive is incompatible. There is an easy way to tell which it is.

Do I need a firewall for my Android device?

Android firewalls are still not necessary. Both because of the way the
device interacts with the outside, and the (still slight) prevalence of
targeted malware.

How do I determine, not reset, the Windows administrator password?

You will not be able to determine the administrator password on your computer because it
is encrypted. There is a possible hack to reset it.

Will using a router improve my internet connection?

A router will not improve an internet connection speed, but it could be a
necessary addition to your computer safety.

I clicked on a bogus link in spam. What should I do?

If you clicked on a link in a spam email, you should immediately do a
thorough scan of your computer. Unless you are not running a Windows

Why is my Hotmail login not being remembered?

Hotmail logins will not be remembered if cookies are deleted or turned off.
Your computer’s cookie settings need to be reset.

Why are progress bars so awful?

Awful progress bars can drive us crazy, but there’s a good reason for it.
Progress bar software is difficult to write.

How do I install software from CD to a computer that has no CD drive?

A computer with no CD drive still needs to have software installed on it. It
can often be done through your USB drive.

Will deleting history free up space?

Deleting history to free up space depends on what kind of history you are
talking about. But it probably won’t be much space.

Should I update drivers regularly?

You should update drivers only when you are having a problem with your
computer. Driver update utilities, that update regularly, are not

Why doesn't CHKDSK work on my DVD drive?

CHKDSK will not run on DVDs because it is a hard disk repair and checking
utility. DVDs are not hard drives.

How do I get at system restore since it disappeared from my Start menu?

System restore can disappear from the Start Menu for many reasons. It’s easy
to search for it, but learning to back up your computer is a better idea.

Is 60 megabits per second too much bandwidth?

Too much bandwidth seems like a misnomer, but if you are not using it, why
pay for it?

How do I convert wpg files?

To convert wpg files you’ll need a graphics program that can understand Word
Perfect graphics files.

Why do I get only half of the pictures displayed in email?

Seeing only half a picture in Thunderbird seems odd. Perhaps the preview
screen is cutting it off.

Why is emptying my spam folder the only time my computer actually produces sound?

One sound working is good news. Sounds like you are plugged in! Setting the
rest of the sounds can now be done through the Control Panel.

Why do my quick launch shortcuts sometimes stop working?

Sometimes quick launch shortcuts stop working after a software upgrade. The
solution is kind of a hack.

How do I get a driver that Windows says is missing for my camera?

A missing driver for a camera can very often be found on the website of
the company that manufactured the product.

How do I block floating ads on webpages?

You can block floating ads from websites with your hosts file, but you should
first consider if that is really a good idea.

Can ransomware impact my backups on an external drive?

Ransomware infecting an external drive is a danger if your computer itself
is in danger of a malware infection.

Is it safe to let Quicken remember my online banking information?

Using Quicken with online banking is secure if your computer itself is
secure and you practice safe computing practices.

How do I edit the hosts file in Windows 7?

Windows 7 hosts file can only be edited with specific administrator
privileges starting with the Vista operating system.

Why do I still get viruses even though I run Norton?

You may still be getting viruses even though you run Norton because of your
own computer habits. There are a few steps to take to increase security.

How do I get Firefox to work properly on my Windows 7 x64 system?

Firefox on Windows 7 64-bit may run into difficulties from extra add-ons and
need a reinstall. As far as safety? You are the one in control of that.

Should I get Outlook or just use Windows Live Mail?

Outlook vs. Windows Live Mail is going to be a matter of taste and
functionality. Comparing their history might help you decide which one to

How do I get the document path and filename printed in the footer of my Word documents?

Printing the document path in a Word document is simple. In fact, you can
insert a lot more information than just the path.

Are multiple administrator accounts on a single machine a bad thing?

Multiple administrator accounts can be difficult to keep updated on a
Windows PC. You may have to log into each account.

How do I fix "Windows Installer not working" after I ran a registry cleaner?

An error after running a registry cleaner is, unfortunately, all too common.
I’ll point you at an article with some steps to try.

How do you put your signature at the end of every newsletter?

The “handwritten” signature at the end of each Ask Leo! newsletter is nothing
more than a picture of a signature inserted into the email.

Does Microsoft Fix-it really fix it?

Microsoft Fix it works on only the specific problem that it is designed to
fix, so it is not a general, over-all fix-it solution.

How do I go back to Windows 7?

You’ve tried it, given it a fair shake, but Windows 8 just isn’t for you. You want to go back. I’ll review a six-step process to revert. They’re just six BIG steps.

How do I get this downloaded .avi file to play on my DVD player?

You won’t be able to play an .avi file directly in a DVD player. Look for
DVD creation software that allows the disc to be burnt properly for DVD player

If flash memory is being used in solid state drives, isn't it going to wear out?

Solid state drives with flash memory will wear out much slower than their
very cheap counterparts in thumbdrives and dongles.

How do I delete my Gmail account if Gmail won't let me?

Closing a Gmail account requires several steps. If there is a problem, the
error messages will help sort out what’s going on.

Why can't I post a comment on your website?

In order to post comments on a website, you need to have your computer
configured in a way so that spam prevention programs can work. Otherwise, you’ll
get errors.

Why can't I copy this large video from my camera to my PC?

Copying a large video from a camera should just work – unless there is not
enough room, or errors, on your hard drive.

Why are my Office programs suddenly taking a long time to start and stop?

Office programs that take a long time to start and stop is a tough one to
diagnose long distance. There are a few steps to try to get you back up to

How do I get Windows Live Mail to increase my storage allocation?

Windows Live Mail storage should increase as you need more space, although it
might be better to use your own PC for your email storage and bypass online

How can I safely wipe and dispose of old hard drives?

You can safely wipe old hard drives using a USB connector and free software.
Giving them away will require a local solution.

How do I get rid of Google Redirect/YellowMoxie?

Google Redirect/YellowMoxie sounds like a virus. Time for some step-by-step
malware cleaning of the computer.

How do I install Windows 7 within Windows 8?

Installing Windows 7 within Windows 8 is a great way to have both operating
systems available on one computer. It can be done with Virtual Machine

Can I install my copy of Windows 7 into a virtual machine running that same copy?

Can you re-install a copy of Windows 7 into a virtual machine on the same
computer? There is only one way to tell.

Is there a way to determine if someone actually sent me an email if I didn't receive it?

Determining if an email was sent when someone says they sent it is tricky to
impossible. Email is just too easy to forge.

How Do I Burn the Latest Ubuntu to CD?

Burning Ubuntu to CD can no longer be done with the latest release. The file
is large enough to need a DVD disc.

How do I view a full-screen application in a window in Windows 8?

Along with the new tiled Start menu, Windows 8 includes some new default behavior, causing some to believe that applications only run full-screen. For traditional apps, that’s simply not true.

Why is my email bouncing because of too many being sent at once?

Too many emails sent at once can trigger spam filters on your email account
and cause return error messages.

Why won't a picture copied into Word from a webpage always print?

A picture copied into Word won’t print if hidden code from the web page is
not copied correctly into Word. There is an easier way to print the