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Are there any legitimate work-at-home sites?


Are there really any genuine work at home websites? I’ve tried to find many
work at home websites and work on those results but I’ve found nothing
fruitful. Please tell me if there really is any online work website which
offers work and also pays for your work.

In this excerpt from
Answercast #93
I look at the overwhelming prevalence of scams in the
internet work-at-home field, and offer a few suggestions.


Legitimate work-at-home sites

The short answer is – you know, there probably are, but I have no way of finding them.

The problem is that there are so many scams out there in this particular segment of “what’s on the internet.” The whole work at home market is overwhelmingly scams.

So I can’t even say that this is what you need to do to find work at home using the internet. Certainly don’t use any of those sites if you’re questioning whether they are legitimate or not. If you’re not absolutely positive that they’re legitimate, they’re not.

Asking for money up-front

They’re just going to take money if they ask for money up front – that’s wrong. The whole point is to make money. You shouldn’t have to pay them money to make money.

I do have an article, “How can I make an income working online?” That, at least, begins the discussion of what it means to work at home. Usually, what it means is working for yourself. In other words, not hooking up with some random fly-by-night company who makes promises that they won’t deliver, but rather setting up your own home based business.

I don’t have specific examples; specific places to send you to because like I said, it’s an incredibly difficult market. I just don’t have a clear answer for you. My recommendation is that you not try and find this kind of work this way.

(Transcript lightly edited for readability.)

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2 comments on “Are there any legitimate work-at-home sites?”

  1. There are various and sundry survey sites that pay for each survey. The one I’m trying seems ligit and I am waiting for a check from them. They told me they have to collect from their ‘partners’ before they can process my money. I googled them and they came up ok but it can take up to a month before you collect.


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