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Why don’t pictures show when I visit websites?


Why don’t pictures show when I visit websites?

Website pictures show as red X’s? Or perhaps the images are garbled? Or maybe they look stretched and out of proportion?

There are a number of things that can affect how pictures show up in your browser. Some you control, but many problems are also caused by the websites themselves.

Let’s look at a few things that can happen.

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If you get a red x like this: image, that’s the browser’s indication that it tried to download a picture but was unable to. If instead you get this little icon: imgae that’s what the browser uses to indicate that it’s still downloading the picture, but hasn’t gotten around to trying (because it’s busy download other items on the page) or at least hasn’t yet given up. Be patient, and you’ll soon either see the image or the red x.

What if ALL you get is red X’s for all pictures on all sites?

Most browsers allow you to turn off downloading pictures completely as a way to download only the text of a website faster. The first step would be to check to make sure that’s configured properly. In Internet Explorer, that’s in Tools, Internet OptionsAdvanced, and then in the Multimedia section of the list, there’s an item Show Pictures.

If that’s set properly to show pictures, then you might check to see if you have any ad-blocking or content filtering software installed. Sometimes they can erroneously start blocking everything that isn’t text.

If you’re seeing red X’s on only some sites, then it’s more typically either a problem downloading or a web site design issue.

Image not found imageA common place for examples of both is eBay.

I’ve seen eBay simply be too overloaded to reliably deliver its pages, and typically what happens is that images will fail. This can happen on other sites as well, and the thing to do is simply try again later.

eBay also lets you host photos of your auction items elsewhere, and sometimes people just get it wrong. They enter the location or name of their picture incorrectly, and hence the picture simply can’t work. This also happens frequently on discussion boards where people try to post links to pictures that end up being incorrect.

Another common mistake is for a website to reference a picture by a path local to the designer’s machine, say “c:picturesimage.jpg”, rather than via a proper URL, such as “”. To the designer it works, because there is a “c:picturesimage.jpg” that their browser picks up when displaying the page for them. To the rest of us, it’s another red X.

If a picture is garbled even after having been downloaded more than once (by hitting refresh), then it’s probably a problem with the picture itself. There’s nothing you can do but perhaps notify the website owner.

If a picture looks out of proportion, perhaps appearing squashed horizontally or vertically, that too it typically a website problem. HTML, the language used to make web pages, allows the designer to say “the picture is this big: x by y”. If the picture is NOT that big, then the browser makes it that big by shrinking or stretching it. If I have a 200 by 200 pixel picture, and I tell the browser to display it as 100 by 200, then it’s going to squish it together to make it fit (and it’ll probably look horrible).

Finally, in the Advanced Options we looked at earlier, there’s a setting labeled “Enable Automatic Image Resizing”. That’s not related to HTML sizing we just talked about, but rather it allows Internet Explorer to resize pictures to fit your window if they’re too big. Resizing a picture can cause distortion and other problems so that’s an option I typically turn off.

205 comments on “Why don’t pictures show when I visit websites?”

  1. I encounter the problem like you talk, but still can’t fix the problem done by all steps of the article.

    the problem website was design by our company, I guess we should notify the website owner.

    anywhere thanks you very much your comments.

  2. I am having exactly the problem you described with red x’s, and I have already taken a look at “Show Pictures” and Auto-Resize.

    I am connecting this laptop to the Net via a ComSocks “proxy server/gateway” set up on my main system, where the modem resides. Slick stuff, really.

    Is there any chance that’s part of the problem? It’s a quick hookup all things considered though a dialup, but I just can’t see what’s up with this red x biz.

    Please help, and thanks much. :=)

  3. One thing to try is to right-click on one of the red-x’s select properties, and see the URL for the picture. Copy/paste that URL (it is selectable) into the address bar and see if it works that way.

  4. Not sure where you got that, but there’s nothing at that link. The red x is legitimate – it means there’s nothing to get.

  5. I am building a website and I use frontpage 2000 and the problem is that on my computer(XP)Sp2 some gif,jpeg are not showing up but on older computers(98) shows all of them! What am I doing wrong?

  6. I am having the exact problem you described above. I have items listed on ebay and the pictures appear to me but not to others.

    I did a test by moving my stored photos to a removable disc and the auction pictures disappeared.

    How can I alter the path of these pictures so they will show up? I have hundreds of auctions! I am desperate and will appreciate any help!

    Thank you!

  7. It depends on how you’re creating your HTML. Make sure your pictures are placed on a web server somewhere, and then make sure that, as the article instructs, the pictures are referenced with an “http://…” type of reference rather than a “C:…”. The later is your local hard drive, and no one but you can see that.

  8. I too am having problems with the red “X”. I’ve gone down the entire list of settings suggested on the MS Support page and everything is set correctly. I’ve also disabled my Norton internet security, anti-virus, firewall and Spybot. Nothing has helped.

    The other notable is that when I right-click on the red “X” to examine the type or format, I don’t even get a properties option. All I get is the small window with unselectable options to “COPY”, SAVE PICTURE AS …”. SAVE BACKGROUND AS …” and the last option IS selectable which is “SELECT ALL”.

    I recently did a system restore and cleaned house. Before I did that I had no problem viewing just about ANY image with the exact same protection software. After the restore I added two elements that were not there previous. (A) I updraded to IE6-SP1 and (B) I added “SPYBOT”.

    Does any of this help point to a better possible solution?

  9. Whenever I try to make my website have pictures on Internet Explorer the pictures come up and I can see them – great! But others can’t.

    So I try making it on AOL and all the people on AOL can see the pictures but those people on Internet Explorer can’t.

    Ive tried everything you have said and nothing works.

    Any ideas on how to let everyone see the pictures?

  10. Red x’s on websites,I had red x’s on ebay.try tools,internet options,privacy,sites, I removed all and websites that I had trouble viewing came up perfect, no more red x’s. You could go through and remove just the sites you are having trouble with but some sites rely on others to function. Ebay relys on double click and it was in the blocked sites. I just removed everything from the blocked sites, now I have no more red x’s on the websites I frequent.

  11. I have three computers running WXP networked to broadband. I cannot access images on a particular motorcycle website on the third one only. All internet options settings are definitely identical and I have fully studied your detailed article on this subject. I do not get red exes but ‘show photo’ but clicking on image will not open it up. There is absolutely no problem with accessing images on any other website on this third computer which is a laptop. It is a real mystery and I would be most grateful if you have any ideas. Many thanks. Jennifer

  12. I got the red x to go away by just telling the Windows security to let me download Java. It worked for me!
    Thank you everybody!

  13. Hi,

    We have 2 computers and on 1 I see red exes all over the screen on websites like CNN etc. When I click on the properties I see links like this one:

    So all the red exes are bug.cgi things. It seems I need to change the settings on this computer but not sure what to change. Any advice.



  14. Actually “” is a reference to your own computer … something’s not right. I would suspect spyware or a virus actually. My first recommendation would be to scan for both.

  15. I just deleted a supposed to be movie I downloaded from KaZaa and I got it all to work properly again.I guess a virus could do it too.


  16. I can’t see pictures that are saved as a jpg file. Its becoming a big problem for me. Is there any way to fix it? I resently re-installed windows XP and it worked before. Is there somthing I need to intsall?

  17. I have 3 computers, only the notebook has this problem ( red x syndrome on only a few sites). Tried all the fixes on this page, no luck. HELP!!!

  18. Just because it says doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a virus/spyware on your comp. I was getting this for some of the sites and it turns out it’s because ZoneAlarm was set to disable web bugs under Cookie Control. So if you have ZoneAlarm or an ad/cookie blocker, see if there’s an option disabling web bugs.

    I am curious as to why eBay has so many of these web bugs. These web bugs are suppose to be like cookies. And when I disable them the site looks all jumbled.

  19. I have broadband ADSL and can always download all the images on a certain site perfectly OK. But my friend has 56Kb modem access and can always only download about half of them, the last half always coming up as red crosses. What can be the reason for this?

  20. hi I have a myspace and one of my pictures doesn’t show up it just has a red x, but with my other pictures they do show up. I found that when I am logged on the picture shows up but if I am logged out the picture doesn’t show up. I have found that there is a problem with the url. How can I change it?

  21. had the same thing on a site ( )….but also had a piece of javascript added to the bottom…


    Looked as though it was only on the homepage and it was continually trying to refresh.

    I got the guy to check the site and it looks as though someone has gained access somehow and has changed the homepage (last updated this wednesday and the guy has been nowhere near it).

    Hope it’s not a php exploit with the forum and someone now has root access to do as they please….but from the sounds of things it’s not malitious, or is it? :-S

  22. i had the same problem at some sites.i’m using norton internet security and turning it off just worked for me…no red Xes anymore…also erasing your files might help…

  23. I am currently using FireFox browser. When i go o my site it shows the icon not the red x thing but the second one you had show(the one that looks like a piece of paper with some shapes in it) But is cut in half. When i use internet Explorer it shows the red X’s


    i still dont get what i should do

    PLease help


  24. Well, it’s basically the same story as for IE users. You say this is your site? Can others see it ok? Especially if not, my guess is that the links to the images are incorrect as outlined in the article.

  25. I do not see my problem addressed here. A couple of days ago all of the pics I posted from albums stored in MSN Groups either post as RED X or quickly turn RED X on my main PC. They still show correctly on my laptop and others in my group tell me they can still see them, so I know they are posting. Any idea why I cannot see them on my main PC? I would greatly appriciate any help. My sincere thanks.

  26. Found your site on a google search – very useful, thanks! If you’re suing the Firefox browser, you need to go to tools, options, web features – and allow “load images”. a lot of sites, especially blogs, now have their images stored remotely at Flickr, so you also need to uncheck “for the originating web site only”.


  27. If you Firefox doesn’t display images, its probably because they are called from another location. Easy to fix, Tools > Options > Web Features…it will show two checkboxes, one for ‘Load Images’ and a sub checkbox ‘for originating website only’. Make sure the ‘for originating website only’ is UNCHECKED and the ‘Load Images’ is checked. That fixed my display problems with PayPal and viewing images from all websites. >>> Jerry Decker –

  28. Hey there.
    I’ve got a weird problem with pictures on my IE and Firefox. There are a bunch of times when I go to a website, or in my mailbox (WebMail thru school) where I don’t see any image where I would see one with another computer. I don’t even see the red X or the other icon! I’ve got ZoneAlarm set up, and the Windows protector thingy is also up (though I’m not sure if that’s a good idea!). Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening? Thanks for any/all help!

  29. Some pictures on my computer just don’t show up… They come up with an icon that shows a red square, a blue circle, and a green triangle… Not the one shown in the article either.

  30. Ok, heres what i did. Go on your system and find a file called HOST, windows/system32/drivers.etc. Open it using notpad, then do a search and find and delete only ones that are Then do another search for the site that is not showing picturs. Delete that site, it may be in there a couple times. After that, save the file, close your IE explorer or firefox, then reopen and goto the site. Now the pictures should be there

  31. I have a problem with my images. I made a website and the images (banners/buttons) are not loading…I get the RED X. The thing is, my html code is correct, AND when I view the webpage on a mac computer the images loads fine (images and all), however when I view it on a PC, the images are red X’s. I thought there was a problem with the folders, but I uploaded this other image (3 months ago) in that same folder and viewed it online (PC) and the image was fine. I’m confused…

  32. It sounds like what happens to me when I have mixed upper and lower case filenames, and am hosting on a Linux server. Under Windows, “PiCtUrE.jPg” is the same as “picture.jpg”. Under Linux (and most other operating systems, for that matter) it is not.

    So that would be one thing to look into.

    The other is the use of “” versus “/” as directory separators. http://site/dir/filename.jpg and http:\sitedirfilename.jpg may, or may not work on different systems. The correct way is to use forward-slash “/” on the internet. Backslash “” can sometimes work, and sometimes confuse, depending on the systems and browsers involved.

    Good luck!

  33. I started having this problem on msn messageboards this week right after I had to reinstall McAfee. Seems quite a few other posters on the board started having the same problem.

    I had an online chat with a Mcafee technician and solved the problem. It is in the “privacy service program.” When you are signed on as the Mcafee administrator, right click on the little Mcafee “M” icon on the bottom right of your screen, then go to “privacy service,” then “options.” Click on the “block ads” tab, then uncheck “block ads on this computer.”

    I did this and now can see the photos. Apparently the privacy service was reading some photos as being ads. Of course, if you start getting unwanted ads, you will have to enable the “block ads” function when you are not trying to view photos.

  34. My issue is when I forward an e-mail, the pictures in the e-mail are only readable by half of my friends. The same e-mail sent from someone else is legible by all my friends. What is my PC or MSN (MSN e-mail) doing to the pictures? Thanks

  35. Others can see the pics on this particular site, it’s a yahoo group, but I get red x’s, I have show pictures ticked off in Advance and can see pics on other sites like Flickr, any answer to this question??? Thanks

  36. hi there,

    i was wondering if you could help me ,when i open my ebook it is in pdf format i get little red outline squares where the images should be ,do you know what the problem could be?

    your help would be much appreciated



  37. Pictures are blocked along with on line checking account statements and other documents.
    I get a blank white screen with a little box in the upper left corner with a red square, blue triangle, and green circle. What’s happening?

  38. I occasionally have the same ‘red square, green triangle and blue circle problem as Tom (Sep 27’05) and Heather (June 24’05), and have even found this on loading someone’s instruction manual CD. Problem is unresolved by Tony’s suggestion (July 1’05). Any ideas would be gratefully appreciated. I was thinking that it was merely indicating that to read it I needed a special programme from somewhere…..

  39. I know what you mean by that…in my case my computer always was able to open pictures in the website….and then there is the puzzle contest on that page…I click it and it should take me to a page that is a picture I said unfortunately when I get on that puzzle page the picture is not there and the little red x is….I dont know the email address to contact or I would ask them if there is a glitch in their system…I have norton antivirus and dont know how to check if its the reason..when I bring it up I only get info for norton 2003 and 2004—-I have norton 2005…..also I have windows xp professional with the service pack 2….and also the new windows firewall and security system with microsoft antispyware…if you can let me know if any of these items might be aproblem…and how I can solve this so I can go into the picture puzzle I dearly love to do …thank you for your help ahead of time…vickie cloud

  40. This was really helpful advise. My computer would not show any pictures on my or a lot of the apparel websites, or I adjusted my google adblocker & now my pictures show!

  41. This might help someone. I spent the last week trying to get rid of red x’s. I tried all of the suggestions, nothing worked. I was ready to reinstall windows. This evening I turned off my turbo booster that comes with my internet provider and the red x’s went away. I turned it back on and they came back, so it’s off for now. Hope this is of use to someone.

  42. Some pics show up others don’t on websites , This just all of a sudden started, on my computer at work they all show up. Any Ideas?

  43. I have 2 meg broadband i have checked Tools, Internet Options, Advanced, and then in the Multimedia section of the list, there’s an item Show Pictures.
    this is on but i still wait and get no picture.
    Also i cannot view movie trailers even though I have flash player 8 what do you suggest?
    many thanks

  44. Hey Leo,
    I had System Mechanic5 (IOLO) installed for trial use, uninstalled it and removed the settings from the register edit. After doing so, I no longer get images to show up and none of the suggestions you mentioned above worked.

    Can there be something I can do to repair?


  45. My pictures were just fine until I accidentally downloaded the FunWebProducts smileys. Now I get a mix of pictures and Red X placeholders. However, I discovered something tonight. If the picture is located on a url that has capital letters in it, it shows a red X. If a picture is all lower case, it shows up fine. Does this make sense? For instance, I see a red X for this picture at this url:

  46. i go on almost every website and the pictures dont even show. on some myspace pictures the red x comes on but all the others stay blank. Also I have checked the tool thing and it didnt work. help me plz !!

  47. The only pictures on any website that are not showing up are the ones on MySpace and this only occurs on my laptop. They just stopped showing up out of the blue. Pictures show up on my laptop on every other site except MySpace….plz help me.

  48. i have had a problem with two sites and myspace on myspace all the pictures have the X in the corner and i have turned off the popup blocker and everything else you have suggested. on st mulligan the website comes up black and the only thing it says is the copyright and enable popups to view site in its entirety which i have turned off popup blocker
    please help
    thank you

  49. Ok I did that tool thing and nothing is working for me. The myspace pictures come and go so what is the actual problem. Please help me. Thanks

  50. yeah. i have the same problem on some sites. I tried everything that you showed me but it doesnt work. I know its not the sites problem because my friend can acess it fine. Also, i tried with both browsers and it doesnt work. Please help me, its really bothering me

  51. omg. i have the same problem! but only on myspace. NO pictures will show up on myspace, no matter what picture. i tried everything you suggested and nothing helped, i dont know what to do!! please help :[

  52. I’m having the same problem on myspace. It started out of the blue tuesday or wednesday last week, Nov. 21 or nov.22. I can’t view any pics, photos, either my own or any of my friends. I tried everything. I even updated to Internal explorer 7 and still no luck. It only on myspace on my home computer, I got back to work for thanksgiving holiday, and I had no problems with myspace on my work computer. I even try to comparing the settings on my work computer and my home computer and nothing. I emailed myspace twice, first time I got a response that they working on it and be patient, the second response was suggestions on how to download images, which isn’t the problem. If any one can help yet me know

  53. For around 12 months now i’ve had the problem on myspace with only red x’s showing in place of pictures. At first it wasnt all pictures- some still worked, others didnt. These days none of the pictures work at all, i tried following these steps, installed the new IE7 and even downloaded firefox to see if it was any different on there- it wasnt. And yet on any other computer i access myspace on it works perfectly. Ive emailed myspace about it, but they just said it was a problem with my computer, nothing to do with them.

  54. Thanks everyone, I thought maybe it was just me. The xxxx’s started showing up on my page as well (MYSPACE). What is going on? They really need to fix it. Yeah it started happening to me around thankgiving. Thanks everybody!! I now know I’m not crazy

  55. The problem appears to involve NORTON INTERNET SECURITY’s “Personal FireWall”. The same thing happened to me with and Disabling Norton’s firewall cures the problem, but presents questions, and, of course, you can not connect a Windows-based PC to the internet with hardware firewall, software firewall, and content inspection services.

    Although I managed network security policies for a government network for 6 years, and an Internet provider for 12 years, I have not been able to resolve this broken image issue yet. It may be a new Windows viruses or malware. At first I thought is was because I have restricted thousands of IPs and IP blocks in my firewall and router (and even routers up stream) to help limit some small portion of the spyware and malewares embedded in Windows-based PCs and Windows applications, and the fact that some web applications pull content from source foreign to the root domain. But it’s something else!

    MicroSoft Windows has averaged over 1,400 new viruses and malwares per day over the last 6 years. Using a Windows-based PC has become virtually impossible, even for security experts supplied with millions of dollars of resources. Over 90% of your time on the system will be managing firewalls, making updates, and wasting entire days as I have with this issue. Thanks to MicroSoft, the Internet has become a kind of X@$&y*!

    At last count, there were nearly 500,000 Windows-related viruses, spywares, and malware … and those are only the

  56. Excuse please, should have read “you can not connect a Windows-based PC to the internet WITHOUT a hardware firewall, software firewall, and content inspection services. “

  57. O.K., as for and, the image links are all routed through connections to the same IP block. Blocking this range may also restrict many other web sites that route connections through these servers. The block is: – Allowing connections to these IPs cures the problem, but my systems have detected illicit connections utilizing IPs within this block. GOOD LUCK !

  58. When I go to (the ONLY site this ocurrs at), all images will load on the FIRST page load only. Click a link, and images come up broken. The site worked for earlier versions of IE, it works for Firefox.

    If I delete temp files, the site is good for one more page load, then only broken images. What gives? Why does IE7 not like my favorite site like this?

  59. i think what is needed is that everyone needs to complain about the myspace red x and as for the other sites i have found that most of them work there is the odd occassion that they dont

  60. hi
    while i visit few sites on IE7 i find few image links doesnt appear in or not apper properly. Staus bar shows that still few image r to be downloded and after some time still few images doesnt appear. This site works fine with IE6.
    Leo can u plz help me

  61. I have tried everything I can think of to take away the red x and put my pictures on my site where they belong. I know it has something to do with Fireworks design program but I’m not sure what to do. Can you help. Rita

  62. ok so im having the red x problem only on myspace and its really starting to make me mad. we just got highspeed today and thats when it started. when we had dial up it was fine. do you know how to fix it?

  63. I Heve been into Internet Options then Advanced and clicked on the box next to Show Pictures but still nothing happens?

  64. Leo, I had a problem viewing photos at All I got in the ads were the little boxes with red “xs” and spent two days trying to resolve the problem. Here’s what fixed it for me:

    > Click on the “Start” Button
    > Click the “Run” option
    > Type “cmd” to get into the command mode
    > At the DOS prompt type in the following line (without the quotes…)
    > “ipconfig /flushdns”

    If the server you are connecting to on the other end has changed their file locations, or anything that affects domain name serving, you are probably still using the old address stored on your local computer. The flushdns command rids your local computer of dns information and forces it to go out and get the new, updated stuff!

    This is what fixed my problem today! Wow! What a relief!

  65. hi
    i have the the same problems with some web pages, what is strange that on the same page with the X if u go to File => New => Window or Ctrl+N , the new window for the same web page comes with no X.

  66. ok so im having the red x problem only on myspace and its really starting to make me mad. do you know how to fix it?

  67. I have problem not pictures or image end some websits exaple just i can see the name of the odjet or articule and not red X just blank space but and other computer is find is not problem
    I trated option,advance,and show picture istill same problem

  68. im having the same problem as lauren! i went from dial up to cable modem and wireless. My daughter uses her desk top and everything is fine. main problem is myspace the little red x appears instead of some of my friends pics. it also happens when my 3 yr old is on noggin. its like some images upload and some dont? HELP

  69. Same issues as others on myspace- I could use another host for photo’s but it shows a red X in place of all my friends photo’s, family- ALL the photo’s that are uploaded into MySpace are just red X to me now. This has been a couple weeks. Started as one here & there- progressed to ALL, over the next couple weeks. I’m looking at canceling membership as it does me no good to be there if I can’t see/share the photo’s 🙁 I have cleaned cache/temp, tried changing settings… tried EVERYTHING but nothing changes. I sent a note to MS and they sent an automated “answer”- explaining how to “add a friend” LOL That wasn’t the problem! MySpace is the ONLY site I am having issues with & prior to the past few weeks- there were NO issues!? I just can’t figure it out! I go to MS forum but it doesn’t look like there are any other users experiencing this- yet a few here seem to be?

  70. how do you check whether its the softweare on your computer stoping you from viewing images and showing up with a cross? please RASAP

  71. my problem is only on myspace, and only on my laptop, which i use at home and when i’m on the road. several of my friends’ photos are showing that red ‘x’ in the upper left hand corner. i have tried absolutely everything from turning off my firewall, flushdns, disabling third party browser extensions, to everything i’ve read from anyone making suggestions, and nothing has worked. could the fact that i’m on dial-up be a factor? my pc at my place of business is showing everything just fine, and i have dsl there. i’ve also noticed that the only pics turning up with the ‘x’ are of those friends who recently changed their default photos. this is frustrating the life out of me. can anyone help????

  72. When I receive some email, picture do not display in the main body of the mail. They just appear as a box with a red cross in the corner. Other emails are OK. The problem emails display OK on another PC. Both machines or running win xp and emails are downloaded via the same ISP to Microsoft outlook 2000. Can you help?



  73. on myspace the pictures dont show up, there arent any red x’s or anything, its just blank, but then once you click home or go to a new page, it shows up for a brief second.

    can i do anything to fix that?

  74. There are certain pictures that are completely red~~no boxes with red ‘x’s….completely red. have you come across this before ?
    thanks 🙂

  75. on some e-mails , all the pictures don’t show upand I get blank spaces with red crosses however they show up on my photos but I was reading two reasons that could be but I couldn’t do anthing about the problem. please tell me if there is somthing I can do & exactly what it is thank you!

  76. There are certain pictures that are completely red~~no boxes with red ‘x’s….completely red. have you come across this before ?

  77. Like everyone else, I don’t see any pics on my laptop only from myspace. It seems that’s one and the few sites that arent allowing me to view pics. I have also tried like everyone, to disable links, change firewalls, delete temp folders and clean the cache. Its frustrating. Someone told me its a program I have to upload, is that true? If anyone has an idea as to what the heck is causing this, please let me know!! My friends laptops can see pics just fine on myspace.

  78. My question is why don’t images on myspace don’t show all the time on my computer, if you have a answer to this your quick respond would be grateful
    thanks Leo

  79. I tried to download from another email and I got the red x instead of the cert. When I downloaded the cert. from my flash drive I get half a picture. If I just forward from my other email I get the cert but I need it bigger..Am I losing it?

  80. I have no problems with pictures on emails that are sent to me,it is only when i forward these same emails to my friends that the pictures are blank with a red cross in the top left hand corner sometimes.

  81. Some pics are showing up as red x’s only on myspace. I have tried adjusting internet options, changing content type, etc. and it’s still not working. Can you help?

  82. Why when I look at certain pages do I see red boxes instead of the pictures themselves? How do I resolve this? They’re not the red X boxes, they’re completely red.

  83. Hi My laptop wont show scene7 images from the s7ondemand site. When i try to go to the website it is not recognised. does anyone no why?

  84. I have the same problem as William described. On my Yahoo homepage, the pictures in most of the boxes are not showing — instead I am getting the box filled entirely with the colour red. This started about a month ago and my setting for pictures is enabled. Pics on other sites seem to be coming through fine.

  85. I have the same problem as it seems others do. When on myspace I have problems viewing pictures. Not on everyone’s pages but on certain pages I can’t view pictures. Can you please help?

  86. I can’t even understand the page because it doesn’t have the description of one of the pictures of what could happen. I see a red square, a green circle, and a blue triangle.

  87. I’m having the same problem as William, Michelle and Sarah — the solid red box, but only on one website. As this is happening in both Explorer and Firefox, I’m wondering if this might be a Java issue?

  88. I am getting white boxes with red x’s on myspace and also some emails I receive. I have followed your instructions but nothing seems to work. Can you please help? Thank you.

  89. I am having the same problem as some other people so I have avoided the Yahoo homepage. Here is my problem on my Yahoo homepage, the pictures in the boxes are not showing I am getting the box filled entirely with the color red. It is very frustrating. HELP

  90. this article helped me soo much! after i read it it, the problem seemed so simple but i just couldnt figure out how to get pictures to show up on my pages. i was in the right advanced area i just didnt know where to look

    long story short….THANKS ALOT!!!

  91. Thanks….all I needed to do was click “Show Pictures” and everything cleared up….boy IE7 can sure cause some trauma!!!

    Phil Freeland

  92. I only have trouble seeing the Yahoo pictures (I get red blocks like many of you) when my Verizon Internet Security Suite is on. When I disconnect that, everything is fine, but then I don’t want to leave my computer unprotected. I don’t know how to turn off whatever setting is stopping me from seeing the imsges. But it’s really annoying.

  93. Of all the articles I’ve read about the red X’s NONE of them address the problem if you are running att yahoo e-mail. They do NOT have the same commands that Outlook Express has. Does ANYONE have the problem with ATT Yahoo ???

  94. i have just built a basic website in office publisher all my photo’s come up in firefox but some are missing in internet explorer and i just get the red cross how can i fix it? please

  95. One of the computers on our server is having a problem viewing images and even buttons on websites visited. There is no red ‘x’ and no downloading icon, only blank white space – which they can roll over with their mouse and view the tag on the appropriate button…only if they know it is there….What could this problem be?

  96. Leo thank you for your help. this information helped like you mentioned to go in the multi media and then click on the tab that says show pictures it worked. I was going crasy trying to figure out what was causing this and thankfully I found your site. Thanks David

  97. Thank you Leo.

    I do not know how the view pictures box got unchecked in the Internet Explorer Options, but your solution fixed the problem.

    I had even attempted to run the Beta version of Internet Explorer 8.2 hoping it would solve the issue but only after uninstalling it and following your advice was I able to once again view pictures from web pages.

  98. when my Verizon Internet Security Suite is on. When I disconnect that, everything is fine, but then I don’t want to leave my computer unprotected. I don’t know how to turn off whatever setting is stopping me from seeing the imsges. But it’s really annoying.

  99. For those with the Red box when using Verizon Internet Security Suite, disable the Ad blocker option. You can find that option it in the Pop-up blocker section of the of the security suite services menu.

  100. I have a system that keeps getting the “Show Pictures” setting turned off. I go in and set it, and everything is fine during that session, but after a logoff or reboot, the setting is gone and has to be turned on again. System is clean for malware, as far as I can tell. Any ideas?

  101. THANK YOU! I finally got to view the pictures on my internet explorer!! I don’t know how it happened but I’m glad it is back to normal thanks to you! It was very easy to fix with your instructions. PLUS, before I wasn’t able to see emoticons on my messenger…now I can…makes it more fun…lol. Thanks again!

  102. this was a big help, i had some virus issues and when i solved them my pics wouldn’t show when using the internet. now it works. thanks!!!

  103. I am setup through yahoo/firefox. Advertising sites I have been on are fine except one no pics. I tried internet explorer and can see the pics but will not let me download pics for ads. If I can just get the pics on the yahoo/firefox it would be okay I don’t need to use both. New to computers so know little!

  104. I tried the above, but everything you suggested was already checked. I don’t have any content filtering software installed that I know of. The websites that give me the most problems are Amazon and Target. Even my IT guy doesn’t know why and he knows everything! Any more suggestions?

  105. This was of great help..thank you…after searching through many websites i came to this one and finally got rid of the red boxes. YAY! Now my explorer works fine. I only had to disable my ad blocker in my VERIZON SUITE..

  106. everytime i go on myspace some pictures come up but some dont. they are not red x’s or nothing. they just dont come up. and it’s only on myspace. all the other social websites the pictures. i have tried everything bit nothing is working. and i heard that you are the only guy who can solve problems like these. i also heard that you were the best. so can you please help me. im begging you. please and thank you.

  107. thx alot i had ad-block plus installed in Mozilla Firefox and when i disabled it it showed the pictures. thx for telling me ad block plus will block pictures

  108. Quite often the search button on a site will not show up. When I tab I get a blank square which will search when I click it. I added a BBC news page to my Yahoo home page and only get a blue box instead of a picture (no red X). Now I have lost the picture from the yahoo news site. Deleting and reselecting didn’t help. When I select “change appearance” I don’t see anything but when I click on the blank space the size of columns change.

  109. I’ve been having problems with myspace itself, no other site gives me problems. For some reason it takes too long to load and icons/pictures either show a red x or doesnt show at all. I have no clue whats wrong and I’ve gone through pages of serch engines trying to figure out whats wrong. I came to your site in hopes of finding out how to deal with my problem, but nothing seemed to work. I even tried reseting my internet options. Please reply back or update your blog.

  110. I am currently using Chrome and I am unable to not only see pictures of certain sites but I also am unable to watch any youtube videos saying that I either have an old version of Flash Video or Java Script turned off but after downloading the newest version the problem persists. Please help

  111. It’s not a website issue, as other PC’s can view the images just fine. There’s a setting on one of our PC’s at the shop that won’t show images from some websites, specifically something with a *.swf extention seems to be the issue. Ideas would be great–updating everything hasn’t fixed this yet…thanks ! Yes, I’ve tried all the above adjusments to no avail.

  112. I’ve tunred on the function in IE for showing pictures. I got no ad ware installed that messes up the picture.
    It is only one site that I got problems with. Couchsurfing. Now I’ve tried both IE8 and mozilla firefox, but none of them shows the pictures. The strange thing is, that I’m able to see the pictures when I for instance log on to my work computer (witch by the way also uses IE8), and there I’m able to see the pictures. It is only on my private computer that they won’t show.
    I’ve looked through evey detail I can think about, to solve this problem, but now I’m at a loss.. anyone?!?

  113. I have enabled the Show Pictures option in my IE8 advanced settings in internet options. All goes well and pictures return on whatever webpage that i am viewing, but if i am to open up a new tab or even close internet explorer and reopen it, the pictures do not show and the Show pictures option is unselected again.

  114. Hello Leo, I cannot see pictures or blocks of color on web sites. I have the same trouble on Firefox and IE. I have checked internet options and all seems to be checked OK. Yes I have read your article 🙂 I cannot see color changes in background on Yahoo either?? When I’m not on line everything works great. Help…

  115. Hi – I have an issue which has just started occuring. I got a pop up telling me something needed an update, I was in hurry so ignored it thinking it was Shockwave or Java and clicked DON’T INSTALL. Since then I have a problem when I open the first window in IE7 with no pictures and style to the text. Stangely if I open a second window/tab it works fine until I have the back button on the browers, the browser goes back and the pictures do not download and the text is all over the place. I end up closing the session and clearing the cache. We then go into the same cycle again. For example I can open Ebay in the first tab and it is all over the place but works fine in the second tab.

  116. The header in the image file may be preventing it from displaying properly. I am having trouble displaying images in IE 8 that have “Adobe” embedded in the JPG header. All I get is the image placeholder (red X). These same JPGs display just fine in Goolge Chrome. Adobe never seems to play well with others.

  117. sometimes when i get a page that requires me to click a button to accept or not accept, the placeholder is there but not the image of the button, which still functions. the name of the image is sometimes inside the placeholder. images from the same pages also do not appear, but their placeholder does.

    i have looked through all the settings for firefox and Avira Anti Vir Personal, firewall settings, MS explorer, computer management settings, image settings, with no luck. any suggestions. i use the most update version of firefox (3.6.2, my default internet program), IE8 (updated, not my default; multimedia settings set as recommended in your article), and Windows XP home (SP3), Avira Personal, and SuperAntiSpyware (4.34.1), Windows Firewall ON and set to allow FireFox.exe as an exception.

    my computer is a Dell Latitude D830, core 2 duo. this started several months ago and out of the blue (i simply don’t recall making a conscious decision to turn off images of this sort). it is really bewildering and frustrating. any ideas?

  118. hi i am having a lot of problems. none of my browsers are showing pictures on many of websites. like the “google” on google home page is not showing, facebook blue part is not showing site is looking very different, small buttons on facebook related to notifications, messages and friends are also not showing. apart from that all the boxes in which we type on various sites are either not appearing or are looking very different. most of the clickable buttons are not visible like down load button and so on. colour scheme is not as before and this is not in just one browser but all. i ve checked IE 8, firefox, chrome and netscape. i tried doing something with msconfig and am unsure if these two things are connected or not but the problem started after that only. please help me i ve searched a lot and downloaded many softwares to fix it but all in vain and it is getting really frustrating. thanks in anticipation please help asap my other email id s are [links removed].

  119. Hi,
    A few months ago I realized that I couldn’t see certain images on web pages. I can see personal pictures on face book but everything else is white besides the print. Also I realized I wasn’t seeing some links but they still worked. I could see a box appear when I help my mouse over it. There is no box with an X and mostly no box at all, just white. Also, I can’t see any of the images on The same thing occurs.. Just a white screen. This seems to occur on almost all web sites I visit. However if I use a search engine in ‘image’ mode I can see the pictures fine. I have checked my internet settings and anti virus settings and everything seems fine. Please Help…

  120. I cannot view the yahoo logo on the page! And also the pet society with a red cross just like that! is it because of adobe

  121. If you want things to work period,first off never buy a Dell or Gateway computer. I have been told(but not sure,as I only have tried these brands)that American companies just do not know how to make a good running computer. That Japan(Sony,Toshiba),or maybe German made make the best. Get a Sony Vaio instead. Never one problem for me that I couldn’t fix,like re-installing software. I’ve never tried others,but if you see the difference in these brands,you will understand what I mean. I call Dell “Hell” and Gateway “The Gateway to Hell” they are so pathetic. Also,sometimes if you get the red x,you can right click on it,then click on “Show Picture” It will work most of the time,never if it’s a problem with the site though.

  122. OK So When I go on The Internet i See No Images For Example When I Go To MySpace i Dont See My Background On My Profile.Or The Background On My Homepage.Or When I Change My Status I Dont See The Faces. I Cant Even Add a Mood.

  123. I have a related problem. All of a sudden on my Macbook Air, Firefox, no images are loading on any pages, from the Yahoo! home page to Facebook to anything. I went onto my Dell PC and the images are fine there. What happened?

  124. I have had problems with my homepage loading, it isn’t complete at all – I refresh but it still the same. Pictures in my emails aren’t loading either, some do and some don’t – I have tried all of Leo’s suggestions but still nothing is working????

  125. Hi Leo,

    I just had the proverbial lightbulb blink on, in that I’ve had quite a bit of problems, along with countless others, in getting certain web site images, graphics, etc.. to show up. This happens in my email a Lot.

    I’m looking at my email and I see this ad that has a place to click “AdOptions.” I don’t recollect ever seeing this before, so of course I click it. It takes me to the “Silverlight” web site and I start reading more up on it. I uninstalled this some time ago, why I’m not sure, maybe rebellion.

    Ok, so I’m reading about Silverlight and I’m curious to see what you think about it, as I always do on topics that I’m curious about. I seen one post where you had stated…

    In a way, Silverlight is much like Adobe’s Flash in that it enables a bunch of functionality that “plain old HTML” simply doesn’t support such as animation, video, multimedia and more. In fact, Silverlight is considered in many ways a Flash competitor.
    (End quote)

    I’ll bet now you can guess what I’m wondering. Could Silverlight be responsible for most, if not all of the issues with images and other multimedia not displaying? I don’t recall ever seeing Silverlight given as a reason why multimedia isn’t displaying.

    I’m going to reinstall and see if this might possibly end the never-ending frustration of blank and missing pieces to the puzzle of the information highway.

    I would expect not. Silverlight has little to do with simple images and common multimedia. Silverlight really only affects applications that might require it.


  126. Hi Leo, I am having the same problem as Nort at February 5, 2010. I tried going into Advanced Settings and checking “Show Pictures” and it was already checked. It is very frusterating because on some websites I can’t see the checkboxes to delete items or the search box to type in search terms…PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

    I’d start by having you clear your browser cache: What’s a browser cache, how do I “clear” it, and why would I want to?


  127. “If that’s set properly to show pictures, then you might check to see if you have any ad-blocking or content filtering software installed. Sometimes they can erroneously start blocking everything that isn’t text.”
    I have a Vista, where exactly can I find the history of the softwares I downloaded?? It’d be nice to know since I cleared my Cache and I still can’t view images.

  128. don’t use INternet Explorer, so how can I access the tools needed to allow me to show pictures received in emails without getting that red “x”???? I use Hotmail via Safari on my mac. Help!

  129. I have a logo as an image link for the home page. It works fine in the latest versions of browsers but for some reason I get a red X on IE 8 or older.

    What is the best way to get an image link such as a logo to appear in older browsers?

  130. @Gerson
    You first need to determine exactly why it is reading the file
    location wrong. Right click on the image, select properties,
    and carefully read the path it is trying to find the image
    from. A very common problem is in having spaces or characters
    in the image name, or the image path. To make sure an image is
    readable across all browsers, and on all types of servers, you
    should have nothing but letters and the dash (-) in your file
    paths and image names.

  131. When I view a site with IE8 I get the red x, but if I open the same site with Google Chrome the pictures display fine.

    Any thoughts?


  132. Thanks to whoever posted accessing web pages through google chrome. I can finally see pictures on websites I have never been able to before.

  133. Creating a new user account, then copying over file settings in old account to new account resolved the issue for me on a customer’s computer. However, just switching to Google Chrome is a quicker/easier alternative.

  134. I have been trying to go on and and the images of the items do not load, it is not the red x but the other symbol which you say means its taking its time, but i have accessed these websites many times before and they hacve worked, the problem has happened for the past 3 days now and only on the 3 computers in my house, i can access on my phone but not here, any ideas?

  135. It shows a different icon. It sortof looks like the still downloading one but it doesnt really. It has red, blue, and yellow and green w/ a blue background, any help???

  136. i need help! my computer is doing a very strange thing. the comment written by celty is the same issue i am having but i cant seem to find the answer for it anywhere. i am not getting any red X or anything else like that. i am only getting white pages with the text and black lines. some images show and a lot do not. i have gone to the internet options in my control panel and checked everthything under multimedia. which i read would fix it. this did nothing to change the problem. it just started happening and i cant think of anything i did to make it happen. any ideas?

    I’d have you start by clearing the browser cache: What’s a browser cache, how do I “clear” it, and why would I want to?

  137. @Miffity
    Here are a few troubleshooting ideas:
    – Try using another browser and see if you get the same result. That will eliminate a browser problem.
    – Clear the cache as posted by Mark above.
    – Check your hardware, maybe the monitor plug is loose
    – Check and see if the problem is actually with the website… try to access it on another computer.

  138. I go to Netflix a lot. In the streaming section, all of the thumbnail images show up as blank white boxes. Also, some of the graphic buttons, like the delete button and “move to top” button in my Netflix queue do not show up. This happens in every browser I use in Windows 7. I have IE 9, Firefox 10. Everything is up to date, including Flash & Java. I have run CCleaner to clean up my cache. Still I get the blank white boxes. Most other sites display pictures just fine.

  139. i am using ie 9, windows 7, but have same problem with ie 8, windows xp. i have tried all fixes for the red x problem that i can find, none work. cant someone write a simple fix-it tool for this, like microsoft maybe. they have known about this forever, yet nothing has been done. the red x on all those sites cant be the designer of the site every time. i may be wrong, but it seems a programmer could remedy this with by asking for permissions from all secrurity programs to stop blocking all images. i know you probably cant, but if you could reply directly to me, that would be great.

  140. I have a question for Leo or whoever can answer it. I’m using an app to surf the net for dark markets and websites that you normally aren’t allowed tl look at in a normal browser. All of a sudden tho, every time I yu to look at another page, it ask me do I want to download it. Why doesn’t it just load the next page instead of trying to download it?

  141. All the browsers (Firefox, IE and chrome) some sites (IMDB, Flipkart) are only showing text but the images are not displayed. But the sites are loading perfectly in my friend’s machine. Please help. Can you tell me what is the problem with my laptop.

  142. Hello Leo. I am having all kinds of problems with opening up pages on just one site Fine Art America. The image take forever to open up and most of the time time out, and this error report showed up on one try:

    XML Parsing Error: unexpected parser state Location: jar:file///C:Program%20Files%20(x86Mozilla%20Firefox/browser/omni.ja!/chrome/brower/content/brower/aboutneerror/netError.xhtml Line Number 305, Column 54:

    I have had Microsoft technicians working for about 16 hours now, also the update all drivers, cleaned spyware, adware, malware, updated everything on the computer and still nothing works.

    All the other pages I visit work perfectly, and speedy. This is just related to the Fine Art America site and all the pages related to it. Here is the link.

    I you could give me any suggestions I would so thankful.

    Kathy Clark

  143. Similar problem but I think it stems from my router (DSL). I can’t get one specific website to show pics, no problem with hundreds of others. Cannot get on my PCOS XP, Laptop OS WIN7 or phone android KitKat if connected either hardwire or WiFi. When switch WiFi off & go thru cell on mobile data, no problem. Is it my router/ WiFi blocking? Or my ISP provider? Only a single website that 3 mos. Ago I could access!!

  144. PS: all 3 devices have different security (norton , webroot, etc) so no similarities there. Have allowed cookies, allowed website in security, etc…pretty much taken the measures you suggested… Weird

  145. I have a picture/video problem. As an example, on the headline news picture is there but there is no opportunity to scroll through what used to be a variety. Additionally the smaller pictures on the page are just gray boxes. I tried to go to a couple of news stories that had video but the video area is just a solid black screen. Any suggestions? Thank you.

  146. Good evening! I have tried everything in the list and what is recommended. My X’s, however, are black, not red. When I right click on the X, the copy option is not available. Some pictures show; others don’t. It looks like pictures that are native to the site show. If you look at a news site, the pictures related to the news agency show, but the ones that are loaded as part of articles are not. Thanks!

  147. I have a Motorola android pad. All of a sudden, there are no pictures on my facebook or yahoo pages. Even the google picture does not show up on the search page. My games are fine. My Husband says I must have deleted something, but the only thing I deleted was browsing history an cache. I tried rebooting to no avail. Did I do something wrong??

    • Facebook and Yahoo are both online. So those pictures won’t actually be stored on your phone. It’s possible you are having a speed problem and they just aren’t showing. The websites may be looking for the pictures in your cache, not finding them because that is cleared, and then not able to go on to the next step of finding them online because of speed or connection issues. Check your Facebook and Yahoo using a computer with a good connection and you’ll likely find them.

  148. I go to Google Images, looking for pictures of food, and I click on the images, and as the secondary page opens, the image I clicked on goes to black after 2-3 seconds. I can still click on the view image button and see the image. Same thing with the other pics they have to the right, I click on them, and then they go to black.

  149. having problems with receiving pictures or videos on Facebook? some of mine show up and the SOME of the others just have the x in the corner, but some don’t have anything, just blank, just started yesterday?

  150. I’m having problems with my Asus laptop. When I try to go to yahoo, the pictures disappear. there is no red X or anything, its just the picture are gone. Then when I try to go to another website, the pictures don’t also show up. the image’s box is empty, there is no pictures in it. And when I go to youtube, my videos won’t show up. its just a page that has bunch of texts in it, its not even youtube. if you could please get back to me, i’d be happy!

  151. Hi Leo when I try to shop online (with Asda) certain items will show up offline but as soon as I log in they disappear. Had hassle getting through to customer services (cut off 3 times) was eventually told that they are available and to try a different method. I tried my mobile and tablet, items showed up as 0p but as soon as I logged in they disappeared again. Can you or anyone on this forum throw some light on the matter.

    • I think you are mixing up “signed in” and “signed out” with “online and offline.”

      Keep in mind that if you are not signed into to a webpage then that page is very limited in being able to know who you are. Some shopping carts are very sophisticated in their tracking mechanisms and are able to track you fairly well when you are not signed in. Sounds like this particular website needs to have you signed in order to track you. So the solution is simple — Always sign into this website when you’re using it.

      And remember — When you are off line You will not be signed in and the site will not be able to track your orders.

    • I honestly have no clue. This sounds like behavior that is specific to that online store – only they could explain what’s happening.

  152. Im using for my websites, and I view it on the site viewer through wix it looks grat. However, today I tried to pull it up on my cell phone an android s8 and I can’t get any of my pics on my website to show up at all. Just blank space I typically use FIrefox a my web browser.

    • You need to check with wix to see if they claim to be mobile-friendly, and if so if there are any steps you need to take to make your own site mobile friendly. It’s a complex topic.

  153. Just wanted to say thankyou for this site. I have been trying to fix a problem for the last day and all the information I looked at seemed complicated and time consuming. I looked at your FAQs as you you suggested and there was the answer – took me 2 seconds to fix the problem.

  154. Hi Leo,

    My image problem is to do with my own website. When I upload images I cannot view them from any device using our home internet. Other people can see them, and if I use a data connection on my phone then I’m able to see them.

    I contacted my ISP and they removed content controls but it has made no difference, are you able to help?

    Thanks, Laura

    • Unfortunately there are a gazillion reasons that this could happen, and without knowing EXACTLY how it is you build, manage, and host your web site it’s almost impossible for me to say what might be going on.

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