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Is There an MSN Sign-In to Hotmail?

There’s now one sign-in to rule them all.

Microsoft's history with email and email addresses is long and reflects changing strategies within the company.
A photorealistic image representing the evolution and consolidation of Microsoft's email services into The image shows a computer screen with the login page prominently displayed in the center, surrounded by faded logos symbolizing their integration into The background subtly reflects a timeline, indicating the passage of over 25 years, with visual elements that hint at Microsoft's changing strategies in email services. This represents the journey from multiple sign-in platforms to a single unified access point for all Microsoft email accounts.
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I find it fascinating that after all this time, folks still talk about MSN Hotmail even though it hasn’t been called that for a very long time.

The path that got us here has been rocky and the reasoning somewhat hard to understand, but honestly, the new way is much, much simpler.

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MSN sign in to Hotmail via

Microsoft has consolidated all its email services under, replacing separate sign-ins for Hotmail, Live, and other Microsoft email addresses. Users of any Microsoft email domain now access their email through This reflects Microsoft’s evolving email strategy over 25+ years.

One for all and all via one

If you have a Microsoft-supplied email account, there is one and only one place to sign in to get your email:

There is no “MSN sign in to Hotmail” anymore. It’s all about

That’s true for all email addresses ending in:


And perhaps a few others. If it is (or ever was) an email address supplied by Microsoft, you now visit to access your email.

What about,, and others?

If you visit, you’ll be redirected to The same is true for

Well, technically, that’s not true. You can get to on these days, though that’s subject to change. For reasons known only to Microsoft, the domain is where they’re hosting email.

As for the others, and take you nowhere. Email accounts on those domains still work; you just need to go directly to yourself.

Why all the changes?

Microsoft entered the free email market when it purchased HoTMaiL back in 1997, over 25 years ago.

All the changes above represent 25+ years of strategy and marketing changes that affected what Microsoft wanted to promote and how.

Initially, Hotmail was placed into the MSN, or Microsoft Network, family of services. While the domain didn’t change, the branding was “MSN Hotmail” for many years. This name seems to have stuck since many people still refer to it this way today.

In 2007, a revamped Hotmail was introduced as “Windows Live Hotmail”, part of the Windows Live branding Microsoft was using across a wide variety of products at the time.

In 2013, Microsoft settled on today’s as the one place for all Microsoft-related email. The transition was phased in, so not all users saw the change at the same time.

Meanwhile, users of Web TV, which was renamed MSN TV and then shut down in 2013, were able to continue to use their existing email addresses via

In addition, Microsoft attempted to create a single sign-on service in the form of the Microsoft Passport initiative. That was eventually renamed Windows Live ID and later became the Microsoft account we know today.

Do this

Honestly, if you have a Microsoft-supplied email account, there’s nothing you need to do other than keep it secure and keep your recovery information up to date.

Microsoft has done a good job of maintaining access to even the oldest of email addresses throughout the years of changes.

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2 comments on “Is There an MSN Sign-In to Hotmail?”

  1. I still have Hotmail, if I try using outlook I have problems. Right now an entity unwanted has attached. to my calendars I cannot delete it like most unwanted things that pop up instead of delete it says decline which gets me nothing it is adding to Everyday in my calendars. Please tell me how I can get rid of it thank you.


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