1. Brittney

    I have been having trouble with getting my password on muzy I have been wanting to be a photographer and the pictures that I have fixed and plan to use on my portfolio is in that account I have tried so many times to reset my password im suppose to recieve it through my email to reset it but I havent got anything through my mail I even sent the creators a mail about my situation and still haven’t received anything. Is there a reason for this and if there is, is there any other way I can fix it. Please help.

    • Lester

      check your profile to see if you gave them your right email address. Their reply might also be getting caught in your spam filter. Otherwise there is little anyone can do for you, like you would have seen if you had read the article above.

    • Shalini Papkov

      well my accounts got hacked and I don’t know what I should do
      I will give you my email : {removed}
      the one that got hacked on Twitter, Instagram and Vine so I just need my pass
      I’m really losing a lot of followers that is bad plus I won’t even unfollow anyone I couldn’t log in and plus no one asked to hack into my accounts I got so MAD at my brother so it wasn’t him that hacked in it was someone else. If you are wondering how old I am I’m 14 years old and my name is Shalini Papkov so send me the pass to this Email : {removed}
      Plz send it to me

  2. Lester

    My main computer downloads all my email using gmail’s POP3 server and archives it on my local hard drive. I also leave it on the gmail servers. I also have several other computers and a smartphone that get my mail using gmail’s IMAP server. So if something happened to me, my family should be able to get into my email.

  3. Malia

    I’ve forgotten the password to my muzy account!
    I used my old email for that account and I also forgot the password for that. :(
    How can I hack my own muzy and get the password back?

  4. CodeMonkey

    I am a member of a social anxiety forum and I actually saw a thread where someone was boasting of hacking into her bully’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. She had intended to delete the data from these accounts and generally ruin the bully’s life. There were other members egging her on and encouraging her to do damage to the accounts. I stepped in and told her that what she was doing was illegal and that she could get into trouble with the law if she was reported. She did not seem to be at all concerned with her behaviour and was not worried about getting found out about it. A moderator then locked the thread on the basis that it was encouraging illegal activity.

  5. James B

    It seems to me that if you are planning for your eventual demise, then you should use an email program like Thunderbird to backup your email using IMAP. That way when you do pass away, your family doesn’t have to try to deal with Google, Yahoo, etc. They’ll have all your emails saved in Thunderbird.

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