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How do I get rid of Bing?

I have to be honest – this question threw me for quite a loop. But after I’d received it for about the third or fourth time it was clear I had to figure out what was going on.

My initial reaction? Bing’s a web site – “” – it’s not something you “get rid of”. If you don’t like Bing, well then just don’t visit that web site.

It couldn’t be that simple, so I must be missing something.

What I was missing, of course, was that what people were really asking about was the Bing toolbar.

I hate to say it, but terminology matters. A lot.

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So to be clear:

  • Bing: Microsoft’s search engine, available at “”  It’s a direct competitor to
  • Bing toolbar: software that is installed into your browser to add an additional toolbar to make using Bing easier.

You don’t get rid of Bing, you get rid of the Bing toolbar.

Fair enough, except that Microsoft, once again, doesn’t help when they use their own terminology incorrectly.

Getting the Bing Toolbar

One way to get the Bing toolbar is directly from Microsoft:

Downloading the Bing toolbar
The confusion begins right away as this one page uses three distinct terms to refer to the Bing toolbar:

  • Bing toolbar (on top)
  • Bing Bar (center title)
  • Bing (the “Get Bing Now” download button)

The last one is the worst offender. No wonder people are confused.

Since people seem to be surprised by the appearance of the Bing toolbar, I’m going to assume that it shows up in other ways as well. The most common culprit for toolbars in general is as a pre-checked “also install” option when you’re installing something else completely unrelated. In the rush to get whatever that is installed, people just click “Next” until the install starts, not realizing that in doing so they’ve also explicitly asked for the Bing toolbar.

Regardless of how, it’s installed.

Let’s get rid of it.

Hide the Bing toolbar

Here’s the toolbar in Internet Explorer after its default install:

The Bing toolbar

The easiest way to hide it is to click the “X” to its left:

Bing toolbar close button

Click on that and you’ll get this dialog:

Bing Bar disable Addon confirmation

As you can see it’s asking if you’re sure you want to disable the Bing Bar add on. “Bing Bar BHO” is just the Bing Bar add-on (BHO is Browser Helper Object). At the same time you’re given the option of disabling other add-ons that were part of the Bing Bar install.

Click Disable and it’s gone.

Gone, but not forgotten.

If you click on the Internet Explorer Tools menu, and then click on Manage Add-ons menu item you’ll see that Bing is still listed as a disabled, but present add-on:

Bing Bar listed in Internet Explorer's Manage Addons list

You can re-enable the Bing toolbar here if you wish. (You also could have come here to disable it in the first place.)

Uninstall the Bing Toolbar

As you can see above, hiding the Bing toolbar doesn’t really remove the Bing toolbar. For that we need to go elsewhere.

In Control Panel, click on ProgramsPrograms and Features to get to the Uninstall or change a program list:

Bing toolbar as shown in Control Panel

And there it sits. Even though we’ve disabled it, it remains installed.

Right click on it:
Bing with Uninstall option shown

And click on Uninstall.

After a few confirmations:
Bing toolbar Uninstall Complete

Final Thoughts about Bing and its Toolbar

As I’ve written about before, the practice of “drive by installs” of toolbars and other software is both annoying and sadly common. In my opinion, it’s really just another form of advertising in most cases. Whenever you install software, any software, you need to pay very close attention to all the options that are offered, and make sure that you are installing only what you want.

In actually downloading and installing the Bing toolbar for this answer, I was quite amazed at how much was downloaded. This is not a lightweight install, and for that reason if no other I would strongly recommend against it. It’s just not worth it, in my opinion.

However, that’s just my opinion. It’s also a safe toolbar – as long as you get it from Microsoft or other reputable source it’s not going to come with malware or the like.

Just make sure that it’s something you do want.

And if you get it somehow, and you decide you don’t want it, just uninstall it using the steps above.

Update: Getting Rid of the Bing Search Provider

I’ve added a new article on getting rid of one trace of Bing that the above article doesn’t address: the search provider. That’s the tool that powers the search box typically in the upper right of your browser window. See How do I
really get rid of all of Bing? for more.

Posted: August 28, 2010 in: Web Browsers
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110 comments on “How do I get rid of Bing?”

  1. Some toolsbars have to remain installed for the software to work. Such as the Zone Alarm toolbar. In this case all you can do is simply hide it but leave it installed

  2. One of the worst offenders I have found for installing this toolbar is from the following website:

    I was wondering how the Bing toolbar kept getting on to my system, until I found out about it being loaded with the codecs from this software install, and there is nothing in the install instructions about it.

  3. Not only Microsoft does this. I keep running across the same kind of thing with MacAfee, Yahoo, NCH. I just switch off all these unwanted toolbars and ignore them. In fact there’s also a whole list of search engines now on my Google search box that I also ignore. I also use Adblock, which is great, so I hardly ever see an advert nowadays. However I think it only runs on Firefox. Practically the only reason I open IE now is to delete the history (which persists in tracking everything I do on my computer). I’m seriously considering uninstalling it. However very occasionally I run across a website that doesn’t work properly on Firefox.

  4. As someone who prefers the attractivness of this toolbar (and Internet Explorer 8 to anything else)
    I personally can’t see why anyone would want to remove it.
    Google / Opera / Safari etc – may be faster, but they ALL look ameturish and TOO simplistic (cartoon like) for me.

  5. There is another example of Bing “infestation” that does not involve a toolbar: some months ago, in Firefox, Bing started popping up when an incomplete url is entered into the address box. For example, if I typed “New Jersey Lottery” and hit enter, formerly the browser would bring up the page it assumed I wanted. Now, I get a Bing page and I’m guessing some of your complaints may refer to this. I prefer the browser’s original behavior and would revert if I knew how or maybe switch to another search engine but it’s nothing I can’t live with in the long run.

  6. In some instances such as the Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Shockwave Player, and Java Install there will be a box that you need to remove the checkmark (click the box) or you will install the toolbar. I want the programs, just not all those toolbars.

  7. Another place that Bing lurks is in the “Manage Search Providers” option next to the Search Box.
    1)Left-click on the arrow to the right of the Search Box.
    2)Scroll down to “Manage Search Providers.”
    3)Left-click on “Manage Search Providers.”
    4)If your preferred search provider, e.g., Google, is there, make sure your favorite is the default.
    5)Delete Bing.
    6)If your preferred search provider, e.g.,, is not there, then in the lower left-hand corner left-click on “Find more search providers.”
    7)Choose a search provider. You can have more than one provider, but only one can be the default.
    8)In the window that pops up, check “make this my default..”
    8)Then click “Add.”
    9)Once you have more than one search provider, make sure one other than Bing is the default.
    9)Delete Bing.

    With Microsoft, nothing is ever easy.

  8. To many toolbars can also drag down your internet speed. I’ve had a number of people come to me over the years complaining about a slow internet, and the problem is all the toolbars, one woman had 5. With IE7 and higher its easy to disable most toolbars.

    Just rest IE. Open up Internet Explorer, click on Tools then Internet Options. When the Internet Options box appears. Click the Advanced tab. Under Reset Internet Explorer settings, click Reset. A box opens up – Then click Reset again. When Internet Explorer finishes resetting the settings, click Close then close again. Restart Internet Explorer.

    It might not uninstall them but it does disable them.

  9. I use Windows XP and do not have the trail described as Control Panel/Programs/Programs and Features. Is that A Windows7 item?

    Go to control panel’s add/remove programs.


  10. I don’t have the X beside the toolbar nor is Bing Bar listed in my program features. So how would I go about disabling and uninstalling this add on?

    Use the add-on manager in Internet Explorer on the Tools menu.


  11. Bing toolbar is a parasite if you get close to Bing it will attach itself to your computer. It has gotten on my computer twice and my wife’s once. It was very hard to geet rid of the first time, but I finally got it uninstalled. When my wife got Bing toolbar on her computer about 2 weeks ago, I went to Control panel to try to uninstall it. It was not listed as Bing. We finally found it. It was listed as Silverlight. It has changed names again. I can’t find it on my computer this time.It is not listed as Bing or Silverlilght either one. There is several listings of Microsoft, but I’m afraid to delete any of them for fear of deleting the wrong thing. Microsoft that Bing toolbar was theirs. They have even talked bad about it. They use to call a terrible Parasite that someone put on internet. I just want to know how to get rid of it now.

    Bing and Silverlight are two different things (though it wouldn’t surprise me if the Bing toolbar required Silverlight). Here’s an article on Silverlight: What is Silverlight, and do I need it?


  12. We tried “NO”, “NO THANK YOU”, and every negative response we could when prompted by Microsoft BING about installing this piece of trash. Nothing worked. It was installed anyway. Thank you Leo for saving our sanity and advising us how to get rid of this Microsoft maggot for good! Cheers!

  13. Hello, Unfortunately, there is no Bing listed in the IE Add on manager (or in the Firefox Add on manager either). There is no x to close the irritating toolbar, and although I can reset Google as my search engine, in Firefox when I click the Tab + to create a new tab I get a giant Bing searchbar in the middle of the page. And NO way to get rid of it that I can find… yet. It’s a pestilence! Like the Adobe Download Manager. Every time you turn around, there it is! Urk!


  14. Oh my gosh I just found it! In Firefox, it’s called something like Search 1.2 toolbar, and it’s in the Add on’s list. The description says something like ~search enhanced with Bing~. Uninstalled that, and no more giant Bing in the middle of my new tabs. Just comforting blank space. Ahhhh!

    Thanks, Leo! This helped me! I left a tip in your tip jar. Enjoy your latte!


  15. This is not my problem. I can ignore the BING searchbar if I choose to. I realize that. My problem is that when I open an email, the text of the email immediately disappears and is replaced by a bing searchbox. The only way I can read my email is to go to forward or reply and read the text in the outgoing mail. I cannot, however,open any links when I do this. It is as if BING has taken over my computer.

  16. SOME of us people like myself have windows 7 ultimate x64 that didnt download or visit any sites of bing BUT yet we have a bing search bar so how the hell ya get rid of it?
    all the information here has been useless

  17. Thank you so much Leo for the clarification on removing thisi Bing Bar. I was able to follow your clear instructions and uninstalled it from my Control Panel but…’s still on my home page screen, though Google (my preferred home page) is still up above. But Big occupies my whole screen and I hate it. Happen to know why though uninstalled it’s still on my screen? Thanks again! Adela

    It sounds like in addition to the toolbar Bing also set itself as your browser’s home page. Simply go to, then in Tools -> Internet Options -> General set your home page to be the current page (or explicitly set it to


  18. in reference to “get rid of Bing,” downloading bing was a prerequisite for going on line. I thought you would find it interesting to know I have a brand new laptop and I could not bypass the “download bing” window to get on line. So I was forced to download bing. ugh! thanks for your help 🙂

  19. I am having similar issues with Bing, where I receive a message every time I open IE8 that states “A program has corrupted……….and is attempting to reset default search engine to….blah, blah, blah”. Then the “Manage IE add ons” window opens automatically, but does not allow me to disable, much less remove Bing as a search engine option. I even re-installed IE8 last night and clicked “Install without Bing” and it is still there. None of the suggestions from this article are even available to me as the buttons to disable are greyed out and useless. Any other ideas? Getting quite fed up.

  20. I disabled the Bing toolbar, Uninstalled the toolbar correctly and under task manager it still has Bing Bar showing up when I start up my computer that disappears after a few minutes. In internet explorer I can still go to view, then toolbars and it is still listed. Yet when I go to uninstall Bing bar it is not listed under programs and features. How do I get rid of this thing???

    I’d be interested in knowing if Revo Uninstaller helps: Revo Uninstaller – Uninstall Things That Won’t


  21. got a new computer with Windows 7-did the uninstall, unchecked everything imaginable…yet there it is-the Bing Toolbar…what is MS up to with this tactic?

  22. My issue is different. When I go to AOL and try to open any email it immediately goes to a bing search bar and I cannot read any emails. Any ideas on this?

  23. Can’t get rid of Bing Toolbar BUT you ab click on the word Bing just above and to the left of the Toolbar THEN on the next page click of Preferences in the upper right hand corner…fill in the ‘fields’ as you like BUT most of all complete Search Language ‘limiting’ your search to some esoteric langauge like Serbian…you will NEVER et another Bing ‘take over’ as you use another Search Engine! I hate Bing!

  24. I have tried everything to get rid of bing search engine and have failed. Everytime I open msn e-mail, I scroll down and msn-bing search engine drops down at the top using up a portion of my screen as a wider drop down tool bar. On my 8″ laptop this sux. I really am dissatisfied with msn for letting this happen.

  25. Bing is coming up as my home page, I’ve tried changing it back to Yahoo through Tools…Internet Options etc…I’ve deleted the ToolBar software……I’ve deleted from Manage Search Providers and it still comes as my home page. Has anybody had this same problem? How do I get rid of it?

  26. I GOT RID OF BING by conducting Search and including all hidden files. It was in a number of them, Temp.Internet, Cookies and in Documents. I went to each area, manually deleted each file or cookie, closed down and rebooted and VOILA it’s gone. And my computer is much, much faster loading etc.

  27. In my tryings to get rid of Bing I got so far as:
    Under show:
    “all Add-ons” When I click there,Bing comes on next page showing windows 9 and telling me that if I click on downloag I will acept Bing.
    I do not dare .So how can I take Bing out.

    Microsof and Bing semms to be the same person. Help……please.

  28. Leo FYI, they have another name for it. In my computer it was called productivity bar. The word “Bing” is not any where to be found.

  29. This is a good answer to the wrong question. Firefox no longer requires typing “http: . . . etc” in the address bar. The browser anticipates where you want to go with helpful suggestions. If it doesn’t know, it defaults to a search engine. Mine has always defaulted to Google, which I like, but for some reason now defaults to Bing. I don’t like the Bing software, and I really don’t like that this function was highjacked without my knowledge or consent, and that I’m unable to get away from it. I now default to Chrome instead of Firefox to browse, though I like Firefox, and unless I can solve this problem, I’m just going to uninstall. I’ve tried every suggestion I have read about so far and can find no trace of Bing on my computer, but like hepatitis, it won’t go away from Firefox.

  30. I have uninstalled Bing, but it still appears bing maps and translator is still my accellerators. how do I get rid of those?”

  31. when I try uninstalling I get a box from AGV asking if I trust this program and then it looks like it’s trying to install not uninstall – what a nuisance this is – I assume I should just let it do what it’s doing and hope it’s uninstalling?

  32. my apologies…I did preview my comment but not till I submitted did I realize I hadn’t said it was the bing toolbar I was trying to uninstall and I didn’t thank you for having the answer to my question as to what it is and how to get rid of it!

  33. @Diane
    Many programs run the installer to uninstall the program, so it often looks like you are installing rather than uninstalling. If you allow the program to run you should eventually get an option to uninstall.

  34. None of this really helped. It was all for internet exploror. I have firefox. I also went to my control panel and did as instructed. Bing isn’t showing up. My E-Mail is {email removed} if you have any other ideas

  35. Nevermind about my previous comment. I figgered it out. I think what a lot of people are missing is that the bing toolbar is also titled the “Start Now” toolbar. That’s why I couldn’t initially find it.

  36. Your comments on Bing are good but they only apply to IE and I run firefox. Any suggestions? Bing bar is not showing up on my list of programs that can be uninstalled.

  37. I did a Bing search for google and got it, When I entered my google search, it just transcribed it to the bing bar. I’m ok now, but I believe Microsoft orchestrated this (shysters).

  38. thank you, Riku! that toolbar was so annoying and I couldn’t find it on my Programs until I saw your post calling it Start Now.

  39. I hate BING. It is useless. I don’t care for clicking on a story – thinking I am going to actually read the story I clicked on only to be lead to several hundred articles relating to the story to choose from. And these links all has “click here to see more” and IT takes you to hundred of links to choose from. I choose NOT to use BING and am about to choose NOT to use MSN all together.

  40. Unable to uninstall “bing”. Keep getting message “cannot remove bing bar right now. Try to uninstall later. ‘ I have been trying to uninstall for months. I have gone into programs and everything. Stii I can’t get bing off mty computer.

  41. when I highlight a name in an article to get more info on that name, a dropdown box appears and there is a box to click that says search with bing.
    How do I change that to Google?

    I don’t know that you can – I believe that’s provided by the Bing toolbar. You might try uninstalling that and adding Google’s instead, but can’t guarantee that it’ll work.

  42. I have Internet Explorer, OPTIMIZED for BING and MSN…Please tell me, HOW do I get rid of that? I just want Internet Explorer. Had NOTHING but trouble since Bing Showed up. Why would anyone want BING?



  44. I want to get rid of Bing that is at the top right side of the top bar in IE 8.

    In your figure in the section titled “Hide the Bing toolbar” in the picture this obnoxious Bing bit is shown just above and to the right of what you have circled. That is the “bing” I want to get rid of, but have not been able to figure out how to do this.



    You have Bing configured to be your search provider. That’s addressed in the last paragraph of the article you’re commenting on.

  45. hi Leo
    following the latest MS updates, the BINGBAR re-installs itself automatically, even after I’ve uninstalled it (TWICE!). Is there a way of stopping it from installing itself every time I remove it?

  46. I have a few iMacs but only one has the BING crud on it. Can, and if so, will you offer directions on removing BING completely?

  47. to get rid of bing permanently stop using IE and all forms there off.

    IE is a crap browser anyway, also IE even the new one has massive security holes at allow hackers to view your raw data sent to secure websites via https i.e. credit card numbers, addresses ect.


  48. i do not just hit next and it is not in programs in my control panel. i have looked everywhere to try and find how it got into my computer ( by the way i do not use explorer) and i use a google search i can’t get rid of and it brings ads with it. apples cost, too much any help will be appreciated.

  49. I have windows xp and was able to get rid of Bing tool bar in my add remove programs but I have a free registry cleaner Winaso and it showed over nine hundred files or junk left behind. The reg cleaner only lets you clean ten at a time so it will take me forever to get rid of them !

  50. @Neita
    Registry cleaners often do more harm than good. What’s the best registry cleaner?
    If you do feel you need to run a registry cleaner, a better choice would be to use one of the ones Leo recommends in the article in the above link. Most, if not all of those registry cleaners that claim to find hundreds of registry problems and offer to clean all of your problems for a fee are scams.

  51. First I removed Bing and Ask from Internet Options and they still came back. So I went to their websites and told them they were not to ever show up in my PC again, and that worked.

  52. I never did want Bing and I don’t know how I got it but it is on my computer. take it away. I don’t want it .

  53. I thought I had it made when I read this. I went to control panel then Programs, programs & features. Then came the punch line! Bing was not listed. I tried everything to bring it up, no luck. I have internet explorer 9 on windows 64 bit Windows 7 home edition. Do you have any other ideas? I have had ask leo for years on my computer. I just got a new computer monday, and I have not installed you yet.

  54. I find Bing to be the most annoying search engine out there. It is so intrusive because it shows up uninvited on my computer from a variety of unknown sources. It is for that reason that I refuse to use it. If they had simply been honest in promoting their product then I would have had more interest. But slimey tactics turn me off every time. No Bing for me — ever.

      • Hello. I am frustrated. My six month old mac computer used to search the Internet using Google. I have Google as my home page. New windows open to As soon as I search for anything, however, a new page loads and it is bing, and not google. is this a high-jacking situation? I have reviewed all my choices in the Safari preferences, and everything is set to Google. How can I stop this insanity? I dislike the bing searched. My work around is to first try the search, get a new window of the bing search, then search for, then get another search page, then type in my original search again. It is about five extra steps per google search. Help, please.

        • Sounds like it might be a hi-jack. Unfortunately, I don’t know of any solutions for Mac. In a PC these are often a result of PUPs or foistware, (potentially unwanted programs, although they are anything but potential) which piggyback along with freeware and people are tricked into downloading. You might try Googling something like PUPs Mac or foistware Mac.

  55. I cannot find Bing Bar in the Uninstall or Change a Program. I cannot find Bing under View Toolbars. I cannot find Bing under Add-ons. Because I cannot find it anywhere, I cannot disable or remove it. I use IE 11 and Windows 7. I also want to disable or delete Please advise because these two suck up a lot of space on my Homepage. Thank you.

  56. My issue is, I go to and type in what I’m searching, like I always do…then suddenly stupid Bing pops up as the search engine! I do not like Bing…I like Google…because “if it ain’t broke…”, well you know the rest. Any ideas on how to stop Bing from invading like the worthless worm it is?? It has seriously made me a lifelong hater of Bing – so whoever thought it would be a good idea to sneak it on people’s computers, is an asshole…

  57. Leo, It’s not a toolbar; It’s a page that has me – and likely others- frustrated. I did manage to go to “manage add-ons” and found Bing listed as the search provider, but the option to disable it is grayed out. There is another option to choose other search engines, and I installed Google, but the IE home page still comes up as Bing. I also went to “Internet options” and chose Google as my home page, but it STILL comes as Bing. I even went to the “general” tab (at “internet options”) 3 more times and can see that, indeed, Google IS listed as my home page. Nonetheless Bing is the page that comes up. Phooey!!

  58. I think it is CRITICAL to understand that disabling the toolbars is not an effective strategy when managing the add-ons…
    When attempting that strategy a variety of ways are available for components of the windows to reenable the toolbars…
    My CRITICAL 1st mistake was to be semi-friendly and simply disable rather than remove all toolbars not Google
    After 5 browser Hijacks in Dec. 2015 I finally snapped and DELETED ALL TOOLBARS NOT GOOGLE.
    The process really is very straight forward to manage add-ons from any browser–priority order, disabling simply a tad harder and ineffective.
    In the spirit of competition I think the environment should allow multiple toolbar choices but frankly this isn’t something
    that should be fought over like children with a light switch….I deleted Amazon, BING, Web Search(ambiguous data collector)
    All the search engines collect data—1 copy of data collection with Google is sufficient and I can manage Google–lose
    your focus with multiple toolbar providers and presto your information is everywhere(liberal government in glee!) Sadly
    toolbars are only 1 avenue of information collection invasion….novice users are sitting ducks!! LITERALLY Microsoft sends them to slaughter FOR SALE!!
    PRIVACY, FREEDOM TO CHOOSE are CRITICAL features that cloud services have ZERO RESPECT for, including HP(Microsoft partner)!! It
    is obvious that these browser hijacks are perpetrated in Microsoft updates with the browser staying disabled
    but somehow getting to the front, kicking away my chosen Google toolbar….I can only hope that the
    removal option works for the long term… As of today I still can’t guarantee that this won’t soon happen yet again!
    Microsoft has gone to extreme steps to eliminate the sanity of standard desktop environments in favor of apps controlled by 3rd party services…
    Windows 8 is leaving me defenseless….Is this a product of HP Windows information services abuse? Has someone mastered the code
    for forcing in false Windows updates at another friendly cloud services center or is it rogue states, perhaps terrorists?
    This is still an unsolved mystery as of Dec 2015 in my book…People must stand up against data collection with a LOUD VOICE!
    Please do write, complain at Microsoft forums OFTEN! Microsoft is not listening to it’s customers who are apparently over the barrel
    and please do insist on privacy, security that includes the user maintaining controls which are clearly understandable….
    Windows 8 is violating the trust of it’s users…Windows 10 will make wireless network security laughable, encourages your
    neighbors to spy on you by purchasing simple spy gadgets(madness at Microsoft!!) I am NOT seeking more ways to give away my information and
    I DO EXPECT Microsoft Windows to protect my privacy, protect the materials I download from review, protect my system
    from the materials I may rightly or wrongly download which may be good or bad….Who is Microsoft to choose?? ( Liberal GODs?)
    if I only there was a way to be sure, finally for real that data, applications would behave as expected… It is
    quite certain that the human race is put in jeopardy by too many computer systems in the first place! We are unloading
    our pockets for IT departments that will most certainly be the undoing of us all one day in the not too distant future…
    Bill Gates is a jerk! That feels better to say out loud, the door is wide open for the creator of a new Windows operating system that gets it…

  59. This is fine, but I never had bing on my p.c. that is on my desk top/ I recently had my lap top fixed, nows bing shows on
    both lap top and desk top.

    Had tried to remove it, deleted, nothing still there.. As I said never had it on desk top …


    thanks for the help

  60. That is my problem/ bing do does not show on program list/ I have put google as my search/or internet explorer/nothing
    works every time I ask for info. bing keeps showing up. Do I have to have bing in ordr to have google chrome? maybe that
    is. If so. I understand.

    • I use Chrome with Google as my search default and it works fine. So it’s not an issue with Chrome.

      I thing one thing you may want to check is where you “ask for info.” As an example: is owned by Microsoft. If you type in a search term in the “Search” field on that site it will always take you to Bing. To avoid Bing you would need to type the search term into the address bar (which would use your default) or go to and do your search there.

      Websites other than MSN may also be programmed to use Bing and it would work in the exact same way.

  61. I am a novice. But when I right click on the empty Bing search bar that appears, I am taken to Inspect ZElement.
    Clicking on headings thus brought up shows many references to Bing.
    Is there a way of “sterilizing” these references to extinguish this leach?

  62. I use Firefox. Recently Bing has got ahold of my search function and I cannot lose it. It snuck in with a word processing app that I downloaded. Help please. I dispise such tricks. Shame on Bill Gates, shame on MS.

    • It sounds like downloading that program changed your default search engine. It’s very easy to change back. In Firefox go to Options (Hamburger menu on top right of screen, and then Options). Under the “General” tab you’ll first find where you can change if Firefox is the default browser and what to set as the first window when Firefox starts.

      The next tab down is “Search” and you can set your default search Engine there. Simply switch it back to Google, or whatever you prefer, and you are good to go.

  63. I use Firefox, Windows 7, and thus far have found NOTHING online that helps reinstate the default engine back to Google. My best guess at this point is, based on the date Bing shows up in History, that it was hiding in a website or ad about investments researched four days ago. I very much wish a simple correction of changing the default back to Google had worked. It did not work. Nor does a Bing file of any description show up in Control Panel that can be deleted. Nor is there an installation of any kind in Control Panel of recent date. A full Kaspersky scan showed no problems. The next step, I suppose, is to completely reinstall Firefox to see if that gets rid of Bing. I will repost if I find a solution that might help someone else who’s had a similar experience to mine.

    • Click on the magnifying glass to the left of the search field, click Change search settings. Under where it says: Choose your default search engine, click and choose Google.

  64. Some of you are getting it, Most of you, even Leo, are showing fixes for a different question. The question was in fact “How do you get rid of Bing?”, not put it to sleep, hide it or use another program, or set another program as the priority instead of Bing.

    Bing was forced on us with the push for Windows 10. Bing keeps showing up when you don’t ask for it. I for one never use it and have no use for it. When I am searching for something it will pop up from time to time, I have to close it and get the program that I want to use, the one I always use, Not Bing!

    So I don’t want to hide Bing, or make it a non-priority program. I want it out of my computer so that it never gets in my way again.

    • But you can’t get rid of Bing. Bing is a website and a service that is going to exist even if you crawl into a cave and shut your eyes and hold your breath. All you can do is prevent your computer from using that service or from going to that website. As long as your computer is connected to the internet it will have the ability to go to, just the same as it has the ability to go to

  65. I know that I am not tech savvy. But you must be really stupid. I don’t want to get rid of a web site OR a toolbar! I want to keep the dammed search engine from obviating Google. I cannot get Google to search, all reverts to Bing. How can you claim to be some kind of tech guru and not even know what bing is that causes such headaches? You don’t look very smart from your photo either.

    • If you had read the article, you would have seen the Read More link to “How Do I Really Get Rid of All Bing” which would solve your problem unless you have some malware which resets the default search to Bing.

  66. Bing may be just a web site, they do a great job of planting themselves in my browsers and taking over the entire system doing it, pushing themselves to first place, even tho, at least with my requests concerning local business’s and in my research quests’, they have proven nowhere close to being as usefull as Google. I have followed all the measures suggested in several web sites to eliminate them from my PC windows 10, and my Windows 7 before this, but the next day or two, they are always back. Sorry for the terminology, but its hard to think that an unvisited ‘web site’ can plant their unwanted tool bar so securely into what is supposed to be a tighter platform from Microsoft. I don’t like Yahoo either, as Google has been the only search that seems to have all the info and depth out there at your finger tip. ( I hate the intense personal knowledge that Google has on everyone, but that is like the reality that any citizen may have an FBI file on them whether they like it or not) While Yahoo also has proven to be an insistent pain the ass as a search/tool bar, they haven’t been as tenacious as Bing. I cant help but wonder why they all bother since they don’t seem to be able to offer anything else to what is already available. Just saying.

    • Bing is Microsoft, and although you don’t specifically visit Bing’s search page, your computer is receiving updates from Microsoft, and some might reset Bing as your default search engine. They bother because they get ad money when you click on their sponsored search results.

  67. Leo I have bing on chrome and edge and can’t remove it. It seems that bing won’t let me do It. I also uninstalled internet explorer and that did not help. I went to control panel and bing is not listed. So Leo I’m stumped,

  68. Leo:

    Thanks for your information. I have used your posts and info for many years. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

    For me at least Bing has to be the evil on computers, some years ago, my computer was totally hacked?
    with a virus on the system, I thought was thru Bing/or Is Internet Explorer part of it?
    Even as of this day Bing continues to plag my desktop.
    Yeas I when to Systems etc found browser under adds On/ try to remove could not, was able to disable it but is there.
    If most people hate it Why Microsoft does not get rid of it?

    • It’s unlikely that the hack was through Bing. Bing is from Microsoft and receives regular security updates. This article might help you:
      How do I really get rid of all of Bing?

      As for why Microsoft doesn’t get rid of Bing, search engines generate a lod of advertising income for the search providers. They are trying to get a slice of the Google pie.

  69. I just scanned many of the posts about the Bing issue–and have experienced many/most of them. Mine arose when I changed from an old Dell with Vista Home Basic/Mozilla Firefox/Google Search setup to a newer Lenovo with Windows 10. I knew about setting default and did what I could. However, I was blocked from designating Google Search at every turn. At one point, I managed to get a screen that allowed me to ask for Google, but when I entered a search, the system slowed to a crawl and I finally noticed a pale pink on white notice at the bottom left corner that said (paraphrase), “Waiting for Google . . . .” And the wait was long every time–and I do a lot of research. Suddenly I felt that I had been invaded by an alien force! I tried many of your suggestions, nothing worked forever or even very long before I was right back. I finally figured out a work-around that is working for me, though it requires refreshing now and then. I started FireFox and the sites I always want to show up–Gmail, FaceBook to my timeline, and an empty screen. Then, in the empty screen, I typed in the URL line which gave me an empty Google Search screen. Once I got my usual sites on the page, I went to FireFox Tools Home and selected Use Current Pages. After doing that, starting FireFox always brings up that configuration when I start it. Instead of using that blank Google Search screen to actually search, I keep it on hand and simply right click and select Duplicate Tab. Then I use that tab to do the search, preserving the empty one to duplicate any time I want it. It saves one small step since I don’t have to type in every time I want to look something up. I have to admit there’s a little growly, grumbling troll crouching between my ears every time I realize I shouldn’t have to fight Microsoft for control of my computer, but at least I don’t have to deal with Bing popping up when I least expect it.

    • To accomplish that more simply, I would place a bookmark to in the bookmark bar of my browser. I keep very few sites on the toolbar, only the ones I visit almost daily. It would load as fast as your cloned page.

  70. Hi, My HP Scans are now opening into Bing instead of opening into Google, which it used to do. I hate the Bing hp scan, it is terrible, there is no File, Save as. I want back my HP Scans opening into Google please, it has File and Save as. I don’t know if I want to get rid of/uninstall/disable Bing because this is not my computer. (It is the work desktop).


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